Chapter 15

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"Yes, baby?"

"How come every time you touch me, I get shocked?"

I stare back at my little mate, a little shocked. I didn't know she could even feel the mate bond yet. I mean, I can, but she's so small, I'm surprised she can. How do I answer that question?

"Ummm..." I stammer over my words. I don't know how to explain this without sounding like some creepy guy who's mated to a baby.

Allie looks interested, curious, and confused. I know that I can't get out of this; I'll have to answer her.

"Do you know?" Allie asks, an underlying tone of shock in her voice. To her, I must seem like a know everything.

I nod my head, still faintly dazed. "Yes, baby girl, I do. I just don't know how to explain it,"

Allie looks thoughtful. "Okay, well... Just don't then," she suggests.

This snaps me out of my daze. Is she telling me not to explain anymore? Allie still practically has the mind of a small one-year-old and all toddlers do is ask questions. I should know, I used to spend all of my time helping my mother in the pack nursery. So if Allie is supposed to have the mind of a baby and should be curious, why is she taking back her question?

"What?" I ask.

Allie shrugs and presses herself to me, forcing me to hold her tighter. Not that I would ever object. 

"If you don't know how to explain, its okay if you don't answer," She buries her head in my neck. "Just tell me when you know,"

Allie says all of this so calmly and its hard for me to believe that technically Allie is only a few months old. But you would never know it if you looked at her, or if you just heard her voice.

She's more mature than half the people I know, and ten times smarter than than her stupid brother Micah.


"John," I call out to my Beta. I told him to be in my office as soon as I dropped Allie off at her house with her parents. I wanted to keel her with me all day, but she and she wanted to see her mom and dad. I couldn't say no to what she wanted.

"What's up?" John asks, peeping his head through the door.

"Go get Jack and come in here. We need to all talk,"

John nods his head, not asking for any further explain, and walks out of my office, only to return a few minutes later with Jack.

"Close the door," I command. "I don't want the pups to hear this," Unfortunately, my main office is in the pack house, not my house, and there's always stray people and pups running around.

Jack closes the door and him and John sit in the chairs in front of my desk. I sigh loudly and clutch my dark hair in hands, wishing I could pull all of my stress out by my roots.

"We have a problem," I state, finally looking up at my two best friends.

"What happened?" Jack asks before John can even open his mouth. "Is Allie all right?"

I nod my head in answer to his second question. "Yes, she's fine. For now at least,"

"What are you talking about, Kaden? What's wrong?" John questions, his voice filled with worry.

"When I was dropping Allie off my dad called. He said Micah got out of the cells you guys put him in,"

They both looked shocked and move to say something, but I stop them with a glare and a raise of my hand.

"I'm not mad at you guys, it's not exactly your fault,"

My wolf scoffs inside my head. I ignore him.

"But dad called my and said that Micah got away. I sent out search groups, but no one has found any sight of him yet. But they did find something else that I'm pretty sure he left for me..."

They both lean forward expectedly, waiting for my answer.

I reach into my pocket and pull out a small rip of paper that has been folded and refolded over and over again. Its covered in dirt and reeks of Micah's revolting scent.

"Its a note, and he didn't sign it or address it, but it smells like him, and it seems to be meant for me," I explain.

"What does it say?" Jack asks.

I hold out of my hand with the  paper in it and Jack takes it from me. I watch as he unfolds and reads the small piece of paper, a growl forming low in his throat.

When he's done, he passes the paper off to John and squeezes his eyes closed, trying to calm himself.

John lays the note back on my desk and has a similar reaction to Jack that resembles my down from when I first read it.

"He can't take her," John growls under his breath. "He can't have her,"

Jack stays silent but shakes his head over and over.

"I'll inform Peter and Lucy of this tomorrow. I want to see if we can move them and Allie to my house or here to watch over them. I don't want Allie to ever be alone, and I'll be staying with her most of the time. So that means you both will have to take care of the search for Micah and patrol. I don't care who does which,"

They nod, understanding how serious our current dilemma is.

"You can go now," I say softly. They stand and walk out of my office, most likely going to check on the patrol wolves.

When they are gone, I reach for the note and open it slowly, reading over it again.

You can't keep her guarded forever. Watch your back. I'm coming for her.


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