Chapter 1

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Graphic at the top made by the wonderful HopefullyAliveSoon


Kaden's POV

Today is my 18th birthday. I'm glad. I've waited for so long to find my mate, and today I will. I'll be able to run my pack along side of my mate, my Luna, my soul mate.

I couldn't be more excited.

"Kaden!" my mother screams.

"Everyone is here! Come down!"
I give up on trying to fix my messy black hair and run down the stairs, smiling the whole way.

My parents, Alpha Josh and Luna Sarah Taylor of the Midnight Lane Pack, have invited everyone from our pack to my party. Most of the people I haven't even met. That's why I'm so hopeful in finding my mate.

They've even gone out of thier way to bring in people from other packs, just to make sure I find my mate today.

If I find her, we will both go through the ceremony making us officially Alpha and Luna the next morning. It's tradition in our pack.

When I walk down the stairs, In met with my parents at the bottom. They smile brightly at me.

"Good luck, son," my father says to me.

"Thanks, dad," I hug him and turn to my mom.

"My little baby," she croons.

"Your all grown up now. Makes me feel old," a he wipes a fake tear off her cheek and I kiss where her hand once was.

She smiles. "I love you, Kaden. Good luck."

"Thank you, momma," I hug both of my parents once more, very tightly and make my way out to the crowd.

I talk and mingle with several pack members and introduce myself to ones I don't know. But I still don't find her. She seems to be hidden. Or maybe, not even here at all.

The thought makes my heart sink, so I quickly dismiss it. I don't want to think about that.

After an hour or so, I've made my way through the whole crowd with still no luck.

"She's not here," my wolf whimpers.

"I know," I whimper as well. I was really counting on seeing her.

I go to make my way back to my room but before I can even reach the steps, I hear a small cry, followed by the best smell of vanilla and mint.

I turn my bead towards it.
"I'm so sorry, Alpha John. Me and Lucy didn't mean to be late, but Allie here just wouldn't calm down,"

A pack member I've never met before stands with who I assume is his mate and a small baby. They're talking to my parents, apologizing for being late to the party.

"Oh, it's fine, dear," my mother aasuers them. "If you still want to see him though, he's somewhere around here."

They nod and both turn towards me, sending the smell even more my way.

"Mate!" my wolf yells.

I don't have time to process who It could be before a loud cry erupts from the room. The small baby in the man's arms has it's little face scrunched up, crying it's eyes out.

"Go help mate!" my wolf growls.

"Mate is the baby?" I ask, confused. No, that can't be right. That's not right. There's no way.

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