Chapter 14

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Kaden's POV

I stare with my mouth wide open at the sight in front of me. Allie, who was passed out more than a minute ago is now sitting up straight and staring at me.

Without thinking, I lunge towards her and cradle her in my arms, determined to never let her go again.

She wraps her small arms around my neck as best she can and holds on to me as tight as I am to her. Its comforting to know She wants me too.

"I missed you," I murmur into her hair. "Never do that again. You scared me,"

Allie lifts her head slightly and smiles at me. All the sadness an anger from The past two weeks fades away when Allie looks at me. I can see her crystal eyes clearly, and I know that ahs really all right.

"You're head doesn't hurt anymore does it?" I ask, starting to get nervous again and almost running out the room to grab a doctor.

But Allie takes her small hand and grips my arm before I can, trying to pull me back to her. "I'm fine," she says. Her bell-like voice comforts and calms me immensely, so I sit back down beside her bed, clutching her hand that disappears in the size of mine.

"Where is my bubba?" Allie asks me, maybe a little sheepishly. I can understand why.

"I don't know, baby," I answer truthfully. John and Jack took him somewhere, and as long as that place isn't near Allie, I don't care.

"Why did Bubba get mad at me?" she asks. Her little eyes start to get glassy and my heart contracts for my mate, she shouldn't be upset over a jerk that threw her on the floor.

So to comfort Allie, I pull her on My lap and wrap my arms around her, kissing her hair over and over. She leans into me.

"He wasn't mad at you, baby," I explain. "Micah just doesn't like me, and he got upset with me. Not you, baby girl, never you,"

She tucks her head in my shoulder and holds on to me like she'll die if I let her go.

"Bubba, doesn't... Like you?" She stammers.

I shake my head. "No, baby, he doesn't. But he loves you," Even if he has a dangerous, rude, unusual way of showing it.

"Does Bubba not like you because I like you more?" The tone of her voice is completely innocent, and by that tone I can tell that she's telling the truth. She really does like me more than her brother.

'She likes us more than anyone,' my wolf insists.

'That might be true,' I respond.

I look down at Allie who is looking at me expectedly. Waiting for an answer.

"I think your Bubba doesn't like me because he knows I don't like him,"

Allie makes a face, scrunching her nose and mouth up. "Why don't you like him?"

I almost laugh at this version of Allie. The curious one who keeps asking tons of questions. But I'm not complaining, I like her voice.
"Because he tried to take you from me, and he almost did," My voice falters a little at the end of my statement, thinking what I would have done if Allie never woke up. I would have eventually died, I'm sure. I need her as much as I need food, water, or air. I can't survive without her.

Allie lifts her head to get a better look at me and states right into my eyes. Her blue one's are wide, and strong, and in that moment, I realize how quickly Allie is really growing. She's changing right before my eyes, and my time with this baby version of Allie is coming to an end.

And soon, she'll be big, and grown, and we'll be like real mates. As long as se doesn't reject me.

'Don't think like that!' my wolf scolds, trying to hide the fact that the thought upsets him. And to tell the truth, the idea hurts me too. Its the first time I've really thought about Allie rejecting us and just the mere thought makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. I wouldn't want to be in a world where Allie doesn't love me.

But right now, she does. And I'll just have to hope that she'll stay that way even when she's older and not a baby that needs me.

But Allie's next words melt away all of my doubts and I realize Once again how much I love this little girl.

"He can't take me from you. No one can. I love you, Kaden," Her words are strong, and I have no doubt that She means them whole heartedly.

I crush her gently to me. "I love you too, baby girl. I always will,"

She smiles against my chest. "Kaden?"

"Yes, baby?"

"How come every time you touch me, I get shocked?"


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