Chapter 3

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"What's on your mind?" Peter asks.

I swallow hard, hesitating. But I have to tell him this. He deserves to know.

"So, I had a visit the other day," I begin.

Peter raises an eyebrow. "Okay?"
"It was the Moon Goddess." I state.

Peters eyes widen. "Oh? What did she want?" He rubs his hands on his thighs nervously.

"She wanted to talk me about, Allie," I murmur.

He stares at me for a long minute. Then, seeming to recover, shakes his head and clears his throat.

"What about my daughter?" he asks timidly.

I sigh. This is the hard part. But it's also the part he should know more than anything.

"So, you know how Allie can do a lot of things normal babies can't, right?" I imply.

He nods. "Yes, I've picked up on that,"

"Yeah. Well, the Moon Goddess wanted to talk to me because of that. She said that Allie isn't exactly... Normal,"

Peter's forehead wrinkles in confusion. It doesn't surprise me.
"Not normal? What's wrong with her?" His voice is high, and desperate.

"She's developing faster than a normal baby would. Her brain and her body are both growing faster than normal,"

"How much faster?" ask Peter.

I frown. "She didn't exactly specify an exact algorithm..." My voice trails off. I want to tell him this, but again I don't. He could react with a ton of different reactions.

"Just tell me, Kaden! How fast is my daughter growing?" he yells, his eyes hinting at a black shade. He's struggling to stay in control from his wolf.

"She'll have the mind and body of a nineteen year old in three years," My voice wavers slightly as I tell him this.

"What?" he roars. "My baby will be nineteen in three years? How?"

I shrink back from his glare. "The Moon Goddess said it's because of the age gap we have," I explain.

This doesn't calm Peter. "And? Plently of mates have huge age gaps. Why are you and my daughter any different?"

I frown and look at the floor. "I don't know. She didn't say,"

Peter groans and runs his hands through his hair. "Do you know anything else?" He demands.

I nod. "Yes. The Moon Goddess said that it'll take Allie a year before a he reaches age six. Then another year to reach fourteen. Then the last year will be all the way up to nineteen. After that she'll be normal."

Peter crashes down into a chair, throwing his head in his hands. "I've heard parents say that time flies by with kids, but I never took that this far," he murmurs, almost to himself.

"I'm sorry Peter," I say, trying to calm him. I know its not an ideal situation, but all we can do is make the best of it. Him complaining about how fast Allie grows isn't going to make her slow down. All we can do is embrace this.

But my words do nothing to calm Peter down. If anything, they make him worse.

He stands up from his chair suddenly, practically sending it flying across the room. "You know what?" he hisses. "You should be sorry. If it wasn't for you, my daughter would be normal, and she wouldn't be leaving me and her mother for some Alpha in three years," he walks over to me, slowly backing me out of the kitchen. "So you know what else? I don't think I want you around her anymore. Maybe I can get this stupid growing curve to stop if you're away from her. So I don't want to see you on my property again, ever. I don't care if you are the Alpha of this pack, you will stay away from my daughter."

With those finally words, He grabs the hem of my shirt and pushes me out of His kitchen, dragging me to his front door through the living room.

On our way, I pass Allie, who smiles brightly when she sees me.

She stretches forward in Lucy's arms, reaching for me and whimpering when I don't come.

I try to, and I fight against Peter to go and comfort my mate, but I can't.

Before I can even stumble back to Allie, I'm thrown out the door by Peter, him slamming it in the process.

The sound echoes through the trees and even from outside I can hear Allie bust into tears that burn through my heart.

"Kaden!" she screams, causing me to freeze in my place. She said a word. Her very first word. And I missed it.

I missed her very first word.

I stumble to the door, about to break it open when a click registers in my mind. I look down at the door to confirm what I already know.

Peter has locked his door with the security system my dad required everyone install last year.

Silver frames.

A five-inch thick silver block coats the entire outside frame of the door. One touch, and the top layer of your skin burns off. There's no way I can get it.

But I can still hear Allie.

"Kaden!" she cries again. My wolf inside me is stirring, desperately trying to figure out a way to get to her.

But there is no way. I can't get through these silver frames no matter what I do. They were built that way.

And even if I someho manage to break though it, I'd be in So much pain I wouldn't be able to help Allie at all.

So there's no point.

I sit be the door and listen to the inside of the house. Allie is still inside crying, and from the sound of it, She has no intent on stopping.

Its the worst kind of tourtue I can imagine. But it's still not worth the silver. I don't want to worry Allie with me being injured when her door breaks. I won't do that to her.

So I sit there and wait, though I don't know for what, listening to the sound of Allies cries like a  lullaby.


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