Chapter 20

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"What happened?" Allie whispers. Her voice doesn't even sound like the baby I've known for these past few months.

She's staring at me with blue eyes that have grown darker, and I don't know what to do, or what to say to answer her. I'm just as confused as she is.

"Kaden, what's wrong with me?" she murmurs, her voice shaking. I catch a lone tear fall from her eye.

And that seems to break me out of my trance. I realize that something is happening to my mate and that's she's afraid. I have to protect her, comfort her. And quickly.

Without saying a word, I scoop her body up into my arms and bolt out of my house and to the pack house. I don't bother with telling Peter or Lucy because frankly, I don't think it's important right now. Allie needs medical help, and that's something that neither Peter or Lucy can give her.

Allie grips onto my body as I run into the pack hospital, scaring the nurses wh I happen to be in the lobby. They stare at me in fear.

"Go get a doctor," I snarl loudly. And unlike last time, they listen to me and go right away, each of them running through the halls or dialling numbers on phones.

I wait impatiently for someone to come when a sharp pain runs through my chest. It spreads, reaching out towards each of my limbs all the way down towards my toes.

"What is-" I start to mumble to myself. But I can't finish my statement, due to the sharp agonizing scream that leaves my mates lips.

I look down at her to see her clutching her chest tightly, whimpering from the pain that eating her away. I know she's not being over dramatic either, I can feel how bad it is.

"Kaden!" she wails, making my heart rip in half. "Make it go away!"

Allie now has hot, slick tears coursing down her face and she's panting from loss of breath. The sight of her in pain, somehow hurts me more than the actuall fire in my body.

I'm about to run and get a doctor myself when three of them burst through the door, their foreheads creased in worry and concern.

"Alpha, is this the future Luna?" one of them ask.

'Why is that important right now?' my wolf hisses. 'Tell them to help mate!'

"Yes," I snap. "Tell me what's wrong with her,"

The second doctor looks Allie over before meeting my eyes, holding his arms out. "May I?" he croaks.

"No," I growl. "I'm going back with her,"

They nod and motion for me to follow them to a back room, away from all the normal chaos of the hospital.

Allie screams and thrashes the whole way, calling out to me and begging for someone to take the pain away.

"Its okay, baby," I coo, trying to comfort her. "It'll be over soon," She seems to find some comfort in my words even though they aren't true. I don't know how long she'll be in pain, or I'd she's really okay. But see shouldn't have to worry about that right now.

"Lay her down, Alpha," one of the doctors demands, motioning to a table.

I do what he asks.

As soon as Allie is out of my arms, she screams louder, and the doctors swarm over her, checking and probing each part of her body. I have to resist the urge to growl since I know they're only trying to help my mate.

"How's her pulse?" one doctor roars.

"Too fast!" another yells. "Her heart's going to give out!"

Every muscle tenses in my body and in a flash I'm beside Allie, trying to keep th doctors awa from her.

They don't, however, seem to be scared of me, and they push past me anyway, hooking my mate uo to some huge machine that I've ever seen.

"Pump the medicine through now," one of them instructs.

A slow gargle sounds through the room, slowing Allie's heart rate, though not by much. Not enough.
"What's wrong with her?" I yell. Why can't they fix her? That medicine isn't working, try something else!

The doctors ignore me.

"SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY MATE," My voice is lethal and loud, making the doctors stop in their tracks for just a second.

One doctor places a hand on my shoulder carefully while the other two continue to work. "Alpha, we have to run some test on your mate to confirm what we think is wrong with her. We need you to wait outside," He opens the door, expecting me to leave.

"No!" I snarl. "I'm not leaving her!"

The doctor shoots me a sympathetic look before closing the door in my face and locking it. But he doesn't lock it normally.

He uses silver frames.

'Why did you tell everyone to install these?' my wolf yells at me, possible even more upset than I am.

I ignore him, and cut off the link so he can't reach me anymore.

I throw my head in my hands, forcing back a scream. My mate is in the hands of three doctors that I don't know, and I can't even be with her to make sure she stays safe. I feel like the world is collapsing around me.

I just want her safe. That's all I've ever wanted.


So, please do not hate me for not explaining what happened to Allie in this chapter. I had every intention to, but my word count was close to 1000 and I try to keep all chapters no longer than that maximum.

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