Chapter 31

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Allie doesn't wake up when she falls to the floor and for that, I find that I'm grateful for. It gives me the chance to hold her once again.

I quietly walk over to the side of the bed and pick her uo like I did the previous times.

She continues to whimper like she did before, and when I lay her down, I try and comfort her like I did earlier.

"You're okay, baby," I whisper softly to her in her sleep. "I'm right here, I've never left,"

Allie groans though her unconsciousness and reaches her arms out in a strange motion.

"Kaden, don't leave," she whimpers softly. I can sense the distress rolling off of her in strong waves. They seem to break my heart all over again.

"Hey, I'm right here, I won't leave you," I murmur into her hair. I kiss her head several times until she stops kicking and groaning.

"Kaden..." she whispers once more. "I love you,"

I think if I had any more tears to cry, I would. But I seem to be dehydrated from the run of finding Allie, and just from crying in general, so all I can do is sob tearlessly.

I pull Allie to me as close as I dare without waking her, and kiss both of her eyelids gently.

"I love you too, baby," I whisper. "I wish you still knew that,"


Allie falls asleep soon after that in my arms and when I'm sure she won't start kicking again, I move out of the bed.

I tuck her in like the previous night, and kiss her hair softly before walking back to the dreaded chair.

But I don't even sit in it this time, the last time I end I ended up a crying mess in it.

So before I let myself rest, I search though the room quietly, looking for any spare bottles of water. I know the hospital has some somewhere, I just hope they aren't out of this room.

I don't want to leave Allie alone, but I will if I have to. She needs water if she's going to get better, I have to find her some.

I look through all the shelves and boxes until there's only one set of cabinets left. I go over and open the first one and to my amazement I find what I've been searching for.

Three cases of bottled water.

Sighing, I grab a few of them and place them on the counter by my chair. I open the first one for myself, and sitting down in the floor in front of the awful chair, I drink.


I don't know how long I sit there, but after I while Allie stirs, and I hear her beginning to groan.

Its not even morning yet, I think to myself. And I wasn't being loud. Why is she awake?

"Hey," Allie whispers into the dark. "Are you still here?"

"Are you taking to me?" I murmur, standing up and waking closer to her.

She nods, and I watch as a slight tremor rocks through her body. She clutches he arms around herself and begins to shiver lightly.

"Are you cold?" I ask.

She nods, her teeth beginning to chatter.

Stupid hospital thin blankets.

"Are there any spare blankets anywhere?" she asks quietly, slightly leaving away from me.

"I don't think so," I answer. "I just looked through all the cabinets and I didn't see any,"

Allie nods, then looks back down at the bed, then up to me. "Where do you sleep?" she asks.

I motion towards the cursed chair. "Over there,"

"Don't you get cold? Or uncomfortable?"

I shrug. "I guess," If only she knew... I'll never sleep in a chair again in my life. I'd rather camp out in a mud puddle.

Allie again glances down at the bed, then looks up at me again through her long, thick eyelashes. "I'm cold," she states. "And you have to sleep in a chair. So to solve both of our problems, could you sleep with me?"

I notice that even though her voice doesn't waver, the idea of being that close to me scares her out of her mind. But if she wants me to sleep near her, I'll take it. Its with my mate, and it's better than the chair.

"If you want me to," I respond, trying to keep my voice calm and gentle.

Allie nods. "Just don't... Touch me, okay?"

I nod and start to lay down on the bed. "I won't. I'll stay on my side, I promise,"

"Thank you," she whispers.

I nod and settle myself into the small bed before noticing the blanket that has been tossed on me.

"Allie," I state, hating the way that I can't cal her baby and I have to use her real name.

But there's no answer. I take this that she might be asleep already, so I sigh, and take the blanket, draping it over her like I've done several times now.

Allie doesn't so much as twitch.

"Goodnight, baby," I whisper to her, even though I doubt she can hear me. "I hope you'll realize soon how I love you,"

When there's still no sign of movement from her, I sigh and turn over to face her back, laying my head on a spare pillow that she isn't using. I close my eyes softly and try and force myself to go to sleep.

But right before I do, there's a soft rustling from Allie's side of the bed. And the next thing I know, both of her arms are wrapped around my waist, her head resting on my chest.


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