Chapter 39

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"What does she want?" Allie asks as I run down to my office.

"I don't know, baby," I answer breathlessly. Lucy has been practically off the grid for  almost a week. Not even Peter knows where she is. So why am I the one she's trying to talk to all of the sudden? It doesn't make sense.

I fling the door of my office open, and run to the phone, yanking it away from John's grasp. He walks a few steps away to stand near Allie and Jack.

"Hello?" I breathe into the receiver.

"Hello, baby Kaden," Lucy's voice coos. What? Baby Kaden?

"Lucy?" I ask. "What do you need?"

There's a whisper of a laugh from her end. "Why, I think it's what you need, Kaden, not me,"

"I don't understand," I speak slowly into the phone. Allie's face drains all color as she stares at me. She can tell something's wrong.

"Of course you don't," Lucy admonishes in what I assume she tries to make a gentle tone. "But you will. However, I know that you aren't alone at the moment, and I need you to be. Tell your little friends and my daughter to leave you,"

I blanch. This is bad. I knew something was up with Lucy, I knew it was. But I didn't do anything. And now, something else will be my fault.

"I'm waiting, Kaden," Lucy pipes in. "My time is precious, and so is yours. Do what I've asked of you,"

My once pale face flushes with rage. Who is she to tell an Alpha what to do?

"I don't have to listen to you, Lucy. I don't know who you think you are-"

"Kaden," she growls, cutting me off. "Unless you fancy the idea of having a corpse for a mate I suggest you do as your told. I don't have time for games,"

There's an underlying tone of dominance in her voice that makes me listen to her, though it's the last thing I want to do. But if it'll keep and Allie and my friends safe, I'll do what she wants.

"John, Jack," I say. They lift their heads up to look at me. "Please take my mate away from here for now. And stay with her, she's not to leave your sight,"

They nod at me and each take one of Allie's arms. She tries to pull away from them, but they're too strong, and all she can do is wriggle in their grasps.

"Kaden!" she yells. "What's wrong? What are you doing?" Jack and John pull her out of the door. "No! Kaden!" The door slams behind them.

"Good boy, Kaden," Lucy says, her tone mocking me.

"What do you want, Lucy?" I growl. "They're not in here anymore, you can tell me,"

I hear her laugh. "I'll explain everything in due time," she answers. "But for now, there's something else I need you to do for me," She pauses, almost like She wants a response from me.

"What is it, Lucy? I'm listening, just spit it out!"

"Careful," she warns. "You aren't in any position to try and command me of anything. Your Alpha power doesn't threaten me,"

What is that supposed to mean?

"Now, listen carefully, Kaden. You aren't going to want to mess up on these instructions. First, I need to you tell your pack that you and my daughter are going on a getaway. You'll be away from pack territory for a few days. Don't tell anyone where you're going. I'll know if you do.

"Then, you and my child need to follow the directions that have been left in the top right drawer of your desk. They will tell you exactly where to go. You have 10 hours to get there. And if these things are not done, exactly like I have instructed, there will be consequences."

My brain is unable to form words. No way is this Lucy talking to me. Maybe she has an evil twin I didn't know about...?

"I still don't understand," My voice sounds way smaller than I mean for it to.

Lucy groans. "Just make sure that you and my daughter are at the place the directions lead you in ten hours, with no one following you or knowing your whereabouts. I'll b watching you," With those final eerie words, the phone does dead, and Lucy is gone.


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