Chapter 22

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The doctors finally let me into Allie's room about an hour after Micah left me groaning on the floor.

But as soon as I see Allie, all thoughts and worries of Micah are stripped away: All I can see is her.

And even though she's beautiful, like always, the sight of her is horrifying. Never in my life has anything scared me so much.

The body of my once very small mate, has almost tripled in size, her figure resembling that of a twelve year old, not a five year old anymore.

Her skin looks to be much more durable than it was before, and it's not nearly as pale as it was just yesterday. She has a warm golden tan that almost matches the color of her hair.

Its longer, but not as long as I thought it would have been after the drastic grow up. I think that the doctors might have cut some of it off, just to help them examine her better.

With my mouth still gaping open at the sight of this new Allie, I stumble over to beside her bed, grasping her bigger hand in mine. Though it has grown, mine is still much larger, and engulfs hers.

I brush a small strand of hair that has fallen over her forehead back, and wait for her to stir in response to my touch. But she doesn't.

The thought throws me back to when I was in this position before with Allie, her lifeless and still beside me, not having a clue when she would wake up. Or if she would at all.

And at that, I'm suddenly gripped with a fear so strong, that maybe Allie won't wake up this time, and I'll be left to live without her, to run my pack alone.

Some of the pack members have been murmuring that my mate has made me weaker, that when I first took over Alpha position I was much more strict and contained. And they aren't wrong.

At first, I was strict, and forceful, and whatever I said was done, no questions asked. But that was when it was just me. I didn't have another person constantly consuming my thoughts and making it hard to focus on work.

Ever since I've met Allie, my world drifted to her. I didn't care about the pack like I used to, it didn't seem to matter to me. I was just so happy to know that I had found my mate, something that felt like it was truly mine.

I've had a lot  of things in life, and I've been very lucky. But I've always had to share. Even with the pack, it never felt like it was truly mine. But Allie is. And I can't just ignore that.


I sit with Allie a little longer before the door creaking open startles me. At first, I think it's Micah, and I freeze, ready to shift in a heartbeat if I need to.

But I don't catch his scent, so I calm down, thinking it's probably a doctor coming to check on their Luna.

But I'm wrong again. The door opens fully before shutting again, leaving Peter standing in the middle of the room, lanky and awkward.

I wait for him to speak.

"Um, hello," he says quietly.

I nod in acknowledgement. Where is Lucy?

"I came to see my daughter," Peter explains quickly.

"I figured as much,"

He nods and walks to the opposite side of the bed as me, sitting down in a chair.

"She doesn't look too good," he murmurs, mostly to himself I believe.

"Are you referring to the several tubes an wires hooked into her body, or the fact that she's grown faster than we thought?" I snarl.

Peter pales. "Both, I guess," He pauses ans swallows. "How did this even happen?"

Now it's my turn to pale. "I'm not sure exactly... But I think the venom from my mark caused it,"

I can tell Peter has to force back his growl. So I change the subject quickly. I don't want to get in a fight with him right now.

"Where's Lucy?" I ask.

Peter sighs and runs a hand through his hair before waving it around in a quick gesture.

"I'm not sure. She's somewhere," he says.

"Did she not tell you?"

He shrugs. "Not exactly. She just said she had something to do. I just let it go,"

My mouth drops open. "She had something to do? More important than seeing her daughter in the hospital?"

Peter seems to understand my confusion and slight twinge of anger. "I told her She could just do whatever it was later, but she wasn't having it. Apparently it's very important,"

Peter exhales heavily again, and in that moment he looks so much older than I know he really is. I feel bad for the guy.

But I can't dwell on my pity for long, because as soon as me and Peter stop talking, one of the pack doctors that worked on Allie walks in, his face deathly serious.


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