Chapter 40

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"Allie!" I scream, running out of my office, practically shifting just to get to her quicker.

I sprint down the stairs, catching sight of her near Jack and John, just like she's supposed to be. At least that much in my life is fine. Now I just have to fix everything else.

"Hey, what's wro-" Allie isn't able to finish her sentence before she's pressed in between my arms tightly. I hold on to her with all the force my body can muster, not wanting to ever let her go. How am I supposed to tell her that her mom is a danger to her?

"Hey," Allie croons softly. She reaches up and runs a sodt hand down the side of my face. "What's wrong?"

I groan and lean down, tucking my head into her shoulder, wanting to push everything away but her and hide. Is that even possible? I want it to be.

"We need to..." I trail off, remembering where I am. Jack and John are right behind us, and though I wish they couldn't, they ca hear everything that I say. I need to play this off somehow. In a way that won't leave them suspicious.

I lift my head again to meet my mates eyes. "Hey," I fumble, forgetting my words as soon as I'm out in the open again.

"What did my mom want?" Allie asks.

I fight quickly with my head to find the words. "She just wanted to tell me that she has set up a vacation for us. Its small, but we are to leave right away,"

Allie's eyebrow furrows, and I know she doesn't believe me. She's smart for someone who should technically only be a baby.

"All right..." She turns around nervously, eyeing my two best friend's with worry in her blue eyes. But in half a second, she turns back to me. "Did my mom say where the trip is?"

I nod, maybe too quickly. Jack raises a brow at my action.

"Yes, I have the location," I answer vaguely. Then, sending a hint to Allie, I add; "But it's a surprise for you,"

She plasters an obviously forced smile on her face and I'm instantly grateful that Jack and John can't see her face. They need to believe this story more than anyone.

"Well, fun," my mate cheers. "Should I pack?"

"Yes," I respond, starting to walk over to my friend's. "You go and do that while I inform Jack and John about taking care of the pack while we're gone,"

She nods, then rushes up the stairs, way faster than any human could.

"John, Jack," I start, stepping in front of them.

"Is everything okay, Kaden?" John asks.

I smile, wanting it to look as natural as physically possible. "Yes, everything is perfect. I just need you to watch over the pack while me and my mate are away,"

"How long will you be gone?" Jack asks?

I shrug. Lucy didn't clarify that, and I don't want to give them a date only to come back way later.

"I'm not sure. I don't know how long Allie will want to stay," I lie.
John leans towards me a little and whispers under his breath; "Where are you taking her?"

I shake my head and smile. Again, it's forced.

"Not telling. You might tell her,"

They both roll their eyes, but it's Jack that speaks. "You can trust us! We won't tell her,"

I somehow manage to make a small laugh bust from my chest. It sounds almost natural to me, so I hope it sounds the same to my friend's.

"Its not that I don't trust you guys," That part is true. "But I'm not taking any chances. I want her to be one hundred percent surprised. I can't afford to take any chances whatsoever." That part is true. I don't doubt that Lucy will keep to her word if I don't do as she says. And frankly, I happen to like my friend's and I'd prefer them not to end up dead as soon as I leave.

Not to mention Allie. There's no room to take risks with her in any way. She's my number one priority, all of the time, and her safety isn't any different. I will keep her safe. Even if it's protecting her from her mother.

"Well, fine," Jack huffs. He slaps my shoulder. "I hope you have fun anyway. You deserve it,"

I laugh lightly. It even sound fake to me. But if one of them take note, they don't let on.

"We'll take care of everything here, Kaden," John says. "Don't worry about the pack,"

"You know what to do?"

"Everything. I won't let anything happen. You just have fun,"

My shoulder sag. I trust my Beta and Delta. I know that there won't be any damage while I'm gone.

And besides, my focus needs to be on Allie.

My posture straightens when I hear footsteps coming down the stairs, followed by my mates vanilla mint scent. I turn to her.

"Ready?" I ask, eyeing the bags in her hands.

"Yeah," She walks closer to me, leaning in my side. "I packed you some stuff too, since you we're busy in here,"

Oh. I didn't even think about packing stuff for me. I guess it's good she did.

"Thank you, baby," I kiss the top of her head and grab a fee of th bags.

She smiles up at me and goes over to Jack and John, hugging each of them briefly.

"Take care of the pack, you two," She teases. "Stay safe,"

They nod and go to head to my office, I assume. Leaving me and Allie alone.

"Lets go," I say, grabbing her hand that isn't holding the bags.

Her brow creases. "Will you tell me what's really going on?" she whispers.

I remove my hand from hers and move the stray hairs from her face. "Yes, I will. I promise,"

She sighs and leans her head against my chest. "Kaden?" she murmurs.

I kiss her temple. "Yes, baby?"

"I'm scared. I know this can't be a good thing. I can tell,"

I wrap my arms around her as best as I can with my arms full of bags. "Don't be, baby. I won't let anything happen to you. You're always safe with me,"

She nods and leans away from me before tilting her head up. And I'm certainly no mind reader, but I can tell what's she's asking for without having that ability.

I lean down and brush my lips against hers carefully, still not used to the fact that I can actually do it.

She leans closer and pulls herself to me, smiling.

I laugh against her lips and pull away as gently as I can, leaning my forehead to her's.

"I can kiss you any time," I start. "Just not now. We have places to be,"

She groans. "Fine. Lets go. And explain on the way, please,"

I grab her hand and lead her to the door. "I will, baby. Just wait,"


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