Chapter 17

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"I want to mark her,"

I'm met by dead silence on the other end of the line. I can't even imagine what Peter's facial expression is right now.

But I don't think I need to, for his next words tell me all I need.

"No way! Not a chance!" he growls. "My daughter is too young for the mating process to be completed,"

I blanch at his statement. "What? No! I don't want to complete the entie process with her. I just want to mark her. I'm not ready to mate yet,"

"Damn right you aren't," Peter growls low in his throat. "Why do you want to mark her anyway?" He runs over the word mark quickly, almost like it pains him to even say the word. But I have a great explanation. I've already thought it out.

"Well, its all for her safety of course. With the mark, she'll be able to mind-link me if she's in trouble and we're separated, ans I'll be able to feel her pain if anything should happen to her,"

'We won't let anything happen to mate' my wolf assures me. I agree.

"Allie doesn't know how to mind-link," Peter says. "I doubt she even knows what that is,"

"I'll explain it and teach her how," I shoot back.

There's quiet on the other end. "I see why you want to do this, Kaden,"


"But you have to ask her before you do anything. You need to tell her that it'll hurt a first, and don't sugar coat anything jus because she's small. She needs to know at some point anyway,"

"I already planned on telling her all that," I say quickly. My wolf is itching to go see and Allie and claim what's his already.

"All right. But, if she doesn't want to, don't force her. I'll agree to me, Lucy, and Allie moving into your house or the pack house, but if Allie doesn't want to stay with you or be marked, I'm not going to force her,"

"I understand, Peter. Thank you,"
He snorts. "Don't thank me yet. We'll be over at you house in ten minutes. Be ready,"


Peter sticks with his word and in exactly ten minutes him, Lucy, and Allie pull up. Lucy gets out to unbuckle Allie from her car seat and before she turns her back to me I catch a glimpse of agitation on her face. She must not be too happy to stay here.

As soon as Lucy gets Allie free ae jumps out of the car and runs to meet me at the door, smiling widely.

"Kaden!" she yells, reaching her arms up in a sign that she wants me to hold her.

"Hey, baby girl," I coo softly, kissing her hair. "Miss me?"

She nods before tucking her head into my neck, gripoubg my shirt tightly. She's been doing that since she was first born, and I wonder absently I'd she'll ever outgrow that habit. I kind of hope that she won't.

"I missed you more," I murmur into her soft hair.

Two confused blue eyes meet mine and Allie scoffs. "No! I did!" she presses.

I chuckle and kiss her forehead softly, deciding not to press the argument.

Peter and Lucy walk in the house carrying bags of clothes and items. I direct them to a spare room on the third floor, completely away from mine. I'm on the second.

Before Peter closes the door he looks at me. "If she's okay with it, I wish you the best of luck. She doesn't have a high pain tolerance,"

I nod and walk down the stairs, coming into my room and closing the door. I want to be away from Peter and Lucy. I want just me and Allie.

"Is this your room?" Allie questions.

I nod and sit down on my bed, Allie in my lap.

"Its pretty," she admits.

I chuckle. "Thank you, baby,"

Allie doesn't respond after that and we grow into a small stretch of silence. When I can't take it anymore, I decide I need to tell Allie what I want to do and get it over with. She either says yes, or no. Its that simple.

"Allie?" I question.

Her head shoots up hut she frowns.

I smile, recognizing her discomfort and kissing her hair. "Baby," I coo.

She smirks and snuggles closer to me.

"I have something to tell you," I start.

Allie's eyes grow wide but she nods.

"Do you know what mates are?" I ask.

"Yeah, momma said they are too people who love each other a lot,"

I smile at her small explanation. "Yes, that's true," I pause and glance over at my mate. I can't believe I'm about to have this conversation with a girl that looks like a five year old. But she's still my mate and she's worth it.

"You love me, don't you baby?" I asks softly. Even at this level I'm afraid of her rejection.

But it doesn't come. "Of course, your my best friend,"

My heart clenches, and I force myself to take a grounding breath. "I'm glad you do, baby, because we are mates."


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