Chapter 25

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As soon as my mind catches up with me, I'm over at the bed, clutching the sheets, willing Allie to be hidden under them.

"No, no, no," I murmur quickly. This isn't happening. It's not, no, she's fine, she's just with the doctors somewhere.

I catch a small amount of Allie's scent over by my chair, but I can't follow it after that. There's no indication that she was ever in this room at all.

And that's when my heart sinks.

If the doctors took Allie, I would know. Someone would have mind-linked me, and I would be able to follow her scent.

But right now, I can't. And with that, I know that Allie was taken by someone else. Someone who possibly wants to hurt her.

"No!" I roar, clutching at my hair by the roots. I knew I shouldn't have left. I knew not to. Why did I not just stay with her?

This is my fault. Just like everything else.

I feel my knees start to buckle, and for a second, I'm worried that I'll hit the floor and not have the strength to get back up.

So before that can happen, I sprint out of the room, mind-linking my Beta, Delta, and the doctors that Allie is missing. Then I inform my parents, before grabbing my phone from my pocket and dialing Peter's number.

It rings once before Peter picks up the line.

"Kaden?" he asks. "Everything alright?"

"No," I croak, unable to say more. I feel like hyperventilating. The reality and severity of the situation, finally sinking in.

I hear Peter's sharp intake of breath. "What do you mean? Is my daughter okay?"

"No," I whisper again. "She's not,"
"What?" Peter screams. "Kaden, tell me right now: What has happened to my daughter?"

My body finally seeming to break down, a single tear falls from my eye, staining my cheek.

"She's been taken," I murmur, my voice cracking.

"What?" Peter whispers, his voice sounding just as broken as mine. Just as broken as I feel. "What do you mean? How?"

I sigh and close my eyes, feeling the world collapse on top of me. Allie held me together, and now she's gone. I have to get her back.
"I left her for a few minutes, just to go get some food and fresh air. But when I came back, she was gone. She wasn't in her bed, and there was no trace of her anywhere," I explain.

"Did you try and follow her scent?" Peter asks, sounding vaguely frustrated.

What kind of question is that? What kind of mate does he think I am? Of course I tried that!

"Yes, Peter, I did." I choke out.


"There was nothing. No scent leading anywhere. The only thing I could smell was a little bit of her near my chair, where she was laying on the bed. That's it,"

He exhaled heavily. "Did you check for another scent?"

Honestly? Why wouldn't I do that?

"Yes. There was nothing out of the usual there. Just my scent, my mom's from earlier, and yours and the doctors from when you where in there." I explain to him.

There's a slight pause on the other end of the line. "Wait," Peter starts. "Who's scent?"

My brow furrows. "Mine, my mom's, the doctors, and yours,"

"Why was your mom in there?" he asks, a little hesitantly.

"To make me get out and get food." What is he getting at?

"Was she with you the whole time?"

"Yes," I growl. "What are you implying? That my own mother tried to kidnap my mate? Please,"

"Calm down, Kaden," Peter sighs. "It was just a wondering thought. I'm just worrying about my daughter right now,"

"And you don't think I'm worrid about my mate? I'm about to send half of the pack out just to try and find her!"

"Kaden," Peter scowls in his voice. "I understan you're  worried. I am too. I'm just trying to think through all of the possibilities."

I sigh, starting to walk outside the door. "I have to go Peter," I explain. "I need to set up groups to go and search for Allie. You're welcome to come if you'd like,"

"Where are you meeting?" he asks.

"Outside the pack house. Ten minutes."


After explaining everything to the pack about the Allie situation, everyone seems eager to help out. And that's a good thing. I didn't want to have to force people to help me find my mate, and their future Luna.

"I've split you all up. You are to do exactly what the leader of your group says. And if you find anything, anything at all, I am to know about it immediately. Understood?"

My four groups nod. Me, John, Jack, and Peter are all the leaders office each group. That seemed like the best way to split things up and cover more ground. All I can hope is that my idea works.

"Be careful and safe out there, guys," I say. "I don't want to lose another pack member,"

With that, I start running, shifting into my dark wolf and commanding my group to follow.


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