Chapter 29

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Eventually, Allie cries herself out and falls asleep, though it seems to take her forever. She keeps mumbling in half consciousness, before waking herself up again.

But finally, she falls asleep completely, and after thirty minutes of quiet, I know she'll stay that way for a while.

I glance over to her unconscious form on the floor and notice that she's still curled up, her head resting on her knees. It looks highly uncomfortable.

So in a spur of the moment decison, I walk over to my mate and lift her up into my arms with ease. She's longer, and heavier than she was the last time I held her, but she's still Allie. Still my baby girl.

I manage to walk over to the bed without waking her, and I place her on the hospital bed as gently as I can.

She stirs a little once I place her down, but not enough to wake her up.

I lay her head back on the pillow and cover her up with the thin hospital quilt, hoping she won't get cold with the little protection it offers.

Once she's settled, I go to walk away back to my chair, but I can't. Its like my feet are glued to the floor, or more accurately, my heart to Allie.

So to try and calm my wolf and myself, I lightly kiss Allie's forehead, so softly that it couldn't possibly wake her up.

And then with a a final sigh, I walk back to my chair that's across the room from Allie's bed, an force myself to fall asleep.


Light flooding into the room wakes me from unconsciousness. I didn't sleep well, and I don't feel refreshed at all when I fully wake up. Its like I didn't sleep at all.

I glance over to the bed and take note that my mate is sleep asleep on the bed. She's quiet, and isn't stirring, but I doubt that her sleep is good based on the small furrow that forms between her brows.

It wasn't a good night for either of us.

I watch Allie sleep for a while until she starts to stir. She kicks the thin blanket away from her body and sits up, rubbing her eyes and yawning.

When she moves her hands away from her face, she scans the room until her wide blue eyes land on me. The reaction is almost immediate.

She scrambles to the back of the bed, forcing her way away from me, and when that distance doesn't seem to be enough, she rolls off the bed, landing on the floor with a loud thud. And I notice with caution that she doesn't start crying until she hits the floor.

Her tears awaken the protective side in me, and I rush over to my crying mate in a flash, by her side in less than a second.

"Are you all right?" I whisper, trying to sound as gentle as humanly possible.

Allie breaths in sharply, and presses herself further into the wall, her face pale and her eyes terrified.

When she doesn't respond I try again, noticing how there's a faint red mark on the side of her arm where she must have fallen.

"Baby, are you okay?" I reach my hand out to brush a piece of hair from my face, but Allie notices and swipes my hand away in a flash.

"Don't call me that!" she yells, tears running down her beautiful face. "You can't,"

Suddenly the doctors words from earlier come back to me: "Remind her of a good memory between the two of you," So I try and use that to my advantage.

"Why not?" I murmur. "I've always called you that, rememember? You never wanted me to call you Allie, always baby, and you wouldn't let anyone else but me call you-"

"Stop!" Allie cries. "That was Kaden, not you. You're not him! Stop trying to trick me and tell me you are!"

Even though her words cut straight to my heart, I keep on going. This has to help her come back to me.

"Allie, baby, I am him. I'm the same Kaden that loves you, I've always loved-"

Again, Allie cuts me off. "You aren't him!" she screams, turning to fully face me with blood shot eyes. "You aren't him," She breaths in and out heavily, looking like she might hyperventilate.

She turns away from me and whispers into her arms; "You aren't him, he's gone,"


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