Chapter 13

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Kaden's POV

It's been almost two weeks since Allie blacked out. My wolf and I are restless, both wanting our mate back. All I want to do is hold her to me and never let her go, kiss her soft baby hair, and tell her how much I'll always love her.

The doctors tell me that all of her vitals are fine, and she should be okay. They say she hasn't woken up yet because of her size, and because her body is working double time to grow so fast, her immune system isn't up to where it should be.

"Alpha," a random doctor says to me one day. "You should really go and get some rest, Luna will be fine,"

I growl and shake my head. "I'm not leaving her," And I haven't. I refuse to leave my mate's side. Even when She wakes up, I won't let her away from me. I need to make sure she's safe.

"You need to at least eat, Alpha. I can have someone bring you some food..."

I growl even louder in the back of my throat. "I said no. I will eat when my mate eats. Now leave,"

My voice is lethal and hard and the doctor goes white as a sheet before hurrying out of the room. When the door swings shut it's just me and Allie left in the room, her position still unchanged. I can't help but wonder how much longer it'll be until I get to see her beautiful blue eyes again.

Allie's POV

I hear Kaden arguing with a doctor. The guy keeps telling him to go and rest, but Kaden won't listen. He keeps growling like he did at Bubba. But it doesn't scare me. I know Kaden wouldn't ever hurt me.

But I wish that I could wake up all the way and tell Kaden to get some rest. I don't want him to get sick from not eating just because he's waiting for me. I mean, I appreciate all he's doing for me, but I want him to be healthy. To stay healthy.

And besides, when I do wake up I want Kaden to be able to play with me again. If he's sick, he can't do that, and that wouldn't be very good. He needs to stay healthy.

When the doctor leaves and I hear the door shut, my room falls silent. I wonder for a small minute if Kaden left. But surely I would have heard if he did.

Suddenly, I feel a shock jolt up my arm. It doesn't hurt exactly, but the feeling is strange. Its not like anything I've ever felt before. I wonder if Kaden would know what it is....

The object touching my hand moves away for a moment and the shock disappears. When the object comes back, so does the jolt. It takes me a minute to understand, but I'm almost 100% certain that the interesting source of electricity is Kaden's big hand.

My theory is confirmed when I hear his gentle voice. The one he only ever uses with me. I wonder why that is?

"Allie, baby," he breaths. "I love you. So much. I hope you can understand how much I love you, and miss you. I know that you're small and young, but you can already comprehend so much. You amaze me every time I lay eyes on you, every thing about you is special," He breaths in deeply and I feel a small drop of water fall on my hand. Kaden isn't crying, is he? I hope not. "Which is why you need to wake up. So many people miss you, baby girl. Your momma and daddy, my parents, the whole pack, and even if he has a weird way of showing it, Micah. And more than anyone is me. I need you, baby. I know you don't get that yet but I do. And I'll explain it to you one day. But please... Just wake up,"

Kaden's voice cuts off abruptly and it's replaced with a horrifying ripping sound. Well, it's not like a ripping, its more like sobbing. It sounds like my cry after Bubba threw me down.

Once I can identify the sound, I can figure out where it coming from. My favorite person in the entire world, Kaden, is crying. For me. I made him cry. And just the thought brings tears to my own eyes. I can't hold them back.
I feel a small one run down my face, slicing through my skin and leaving a trail of salt water behind.

And Kaden notices.

"Allie?" he says, his voice slightly raspy. "Baby, are you awake? Can you hear me? Baby, please," He's begging me now.

His voice hurts me in a way I never knew was possible and I use every last ounce of my strength to force my small eyes open. It feels like breaking open something that's been shut with super glue, but I manage.

My eyes flutter open softly and I meet the warm gaze of the only person I know I never want to leave me.


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