Chapter 4

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When I wake, my pain is still fresh on my mind, and other than that, all I can think of is Allie. How I missed her first word, which just happened to be my name.

And who knows what else I missed? Allie is growing really fast, and in nine hours of me sleeping, she could have learned to walk already!

I'm missing everything.

I groan and sit up, noticing right away that Peter hasn't taken down the steel frame from his door.

But when I shift slightly, I notice something else from the corner of my eye.

My head turns sharply towards the window, and I catch a glimpse of My little mate: her face squished against the glass, and her tiny palms placed on either side of her head. Her blue eyes are wide as they look out of the glass.

She seems to be looking for something, and I know when She finds it based on her reaction.

Her eyes flicker to me and she smiles widely, now having two bottom teeth instead of just gums. Another thing I missed.

But I hide my frustration from Allie, knowing she would want me be happy to see her. And I am, of course, I'm just upset I wasn't able to see her last night, when She needed me, and when a he was changing so much.

And her teeth aren't everything. Her hair has gotten thicker, and she's learned to support her own weight without someone holding Her.

And judging by how Peter and Lucy still seem to be asleep, Allie must have gotten out of her crib and to the window all by herself: Which is agian, something I missed.

Allie lifts her small little hand, which is slightly bigger than yesterday, and waves it at me.

I wave back at her and smile, before crawling over to the window to see her better.

She giggles at the sight of me crawling.

"Am I funny?" I ask, trying to keep my voice down so Peter can't hear.

She nods eagerly. "Kaden," she gurbles, tapping on the window where my face is. I realize that she must be trying to touch me, But can't because of the glass. I don't think she understands the concept quite yet.

"I can't go in, baby," I whisper, trying to explain to her without betraying her trust of Peter. Some girls don't have a dad, and I don't want Allie to be one of them. A girl needs her dad, and if she's lucky enough to have one, I won't take him from her. Even if he's trying to take her from me.

Allie frowns and drops her hand. "Why?" she squeaks. Her voice is a soft, high pitched soprano that sounds like ringing bells.

Inside, my wolf is happy that he got to hear Allie's second word since we missed The first. I agree with him.

"Because there's a window in my way," I say.

Allie frowns, then points to something I can't see. "Door?" she questions. She must have been pointing to the door.

"It's closed," I shrug.

Allie sighs and I can tell she's getting frustrated very fast. "Open," she says, pointing to me.

"You want me to open it?" she nods. "I can't, baby,"

"Window?" She's not giving up. She's determined to find me a way to get to her.

"I can't open that either," Thoughh the windows don't have the lethal silver, they are locked with silver, which would hurt me and possibly Allie if I tried to open it.

Allie sighs and throws her hands down to by her sides. She starts climbing down the stool she's sitting on until I hear a soft thud on the floor.

But I'm not the only one who hears it.

Peter and Lucy's door swings open revealing a very groggy and tired Lucy, who looks worried.

"Allie?" she calls.

Allie's head shoots up and she points to the window, trying to tell her mom something. "Mama," she says. "Kaden,"

Lucy's eyes go wide and she turns to see me looking through the window. She turns pale and rushes over to pick up Allie, shutting the blinds on the window in the process.

As soon as I hear the click of the blinds, Allie starts screaming. And it's ten times worse than yesterday.

"Lucy? What happened?" Peter's anxious voice booms through the house.

"I don't know," she moans. "She was fine until I closed the blinds,"

"Why'd you do that?"

"Beacause Alpha Kaden was out there! You told me to keep him away from Allie so I did," Lucy explains.

I hear Peter sigh. "Allie," he coos, probably trying to hold her. "What's wrong, sweetheart?"

Allie doesn't stop crying. "Kaden," she cries, followed by a series of grunts and whimpers.

"Did he do something to you, baby?" Peter ask.

My wolf angers from Peter thinking we would ever hurt our Mate.

"He weft," Allie whimpers, crying again.

My wolf feels pride at our mate wanting us, but also feels sad due to how upset she is. And we can't do anything about it.

"Peter," Lucy says. "Maybe we should just let Allie see him, she won't stop crying until she does,"
"No!" Peter yells. "I don't want him near my daughter!"

After Peter's yelling fit Allie cries louder and I hear a sharp thud on the ground, followed by Lucy's scream And Peter's cry of shock.

"Allie!" Lucy yells.

My wolf finally looses It, no longer caring about the thick silver coating the door.

I ram into the door, half-way shifting to break through it. My skin burns where it touches, but I don't stop. All I think is Allie's hurt, Allie's hurt, Allie's hurt.

I finally get the door busted down and I crawl over to Allie as best I can with my bleeding body. She tries to reach me but can't, and I keep fighting to get to her, though I'm barely moving at all.

The last thing I hear is Lucy's terrified demands to call the pack doctor before my vision goes black.


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