Chapter 42

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"Hello, baby Kaden,"

"Lucy," I hiss, pushing Allie behind me on instinct. 

"Yes, Kaden. That is my name, if I do recall,"

"What do you want, Lucy?" I snarl. I hate all of this talking- around-the-issue stuff. She made a big deal of getting me here, I know she wants something... But what is it?

Lucy starts walking a circle, swaying her arms around as she talks. "Oh, that's such a small issue. Can't we wait on that for now? If much rather stay and..." She pauses, titling her foul head to the side. "Chat." she finally decides on saying.

"I didn't come here to chat with you, Lucy. I know you want something. Just tell me what it is, and if it's in reason, you can have it. As long as my mate is kept safe," As I speak, I feel Allie lean farther into me, as if she's trying to hide from her mother.

How low has Lucy sunk to have her own daughter afraid of her?

"Oh," Lucy immediately perks up. "I almost forgot. My child is here as well. How lovely,"

I have to bite back my growl, and I can almost swear it's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Just watching the way Lucy's mouth turns into an evil smile at the mention of Allie makes me want to rip her apart. And if my wolf had his way, it'd already be done.

"Just get to the point," I spit at my mates mother. "Why am I here?"

Lucy waves her hand as if to dismiss the idea. "Oh, those small details. Where do I even begin with them?"

A thousand responses run through my mind, but I choose to stay quiet and wait for Lucy to say something. It might be the smarter thing, any way.

"Well you see," Lucy begins. "There's several different things that I'd like to say to you right now, none of them that you'll like. So how do I tell you?"

She pauses again, ruffling her hair.

"Oh, I know just the right place," She smirks devilishly. "You see, baby Kaden, I don't like you. Not in the slightest. But I loved my son. My very precious son, Micah," Her eyes get glassy, and for a moment I think she might cry. But in a heartbeat he whips her hand up to wipe her eye, and sniffs, shoving that thought out th window.

"But you went and killed him. You slaughtered him in cold blood, leaving me without him. And through all the pain I felt, you felt nothing. You never liked my son, and once he was gone, you had your mate all to yourself again. While I was alone,"

"You weren't alone," Allie whispers from behind me. "You had dad, and me," Lucy doesn't seem to hear Allie's words, and if she does, she doesn't acknowledge it.  

"You're wrong, Lucy," I say, cutting her off before she can start to speak again. "You weren't alone, and I went through plenty of pain after I killed Micah. Sure, it wasn't from his death, but from what he did to my mate, his sister. You lost a person you loved, not your other half. That's Peter for you, and he's still alive. Does he even know where you are?"

Lucy snarls at my words and steps forward as if she'll attack me, but seems to remember something, and steps away again.

"He doesn't matter, Kaden," she snarls. "I didn't bring you here so you can talk about My husband,"

"So did you bring me here so you can complain about Micah's death, then?" I tease darkly. Allie shivers behind me, and I reach behind my back to squeeze her hand. She seems to relax slightly.
"No, I didn't," hisses Lucy. "I brought you here so I can reclaim what's really mine,"

My immediate thought is tha she means Allie, so I reach both of my arms to grab her. Lucy can't have her, no one can.

"She's not yours," I growl. "She's mine,"

Lucy laughs without humour. "Oh, it's not her I want. I could care less what you do with her,"

At het mom's words, Allie let's out a choked sob from behind my back. I know her mother hasn't been the greatest, but its still her mom, and I can't imagine how it must hurt to hear those words from a person who's supposed to love you no matter what.

"If it's not Allie that you want, what is?" I ask hesitantly.

Lucy smiles at me, and it's wider, brighter, than any other smile she's given me. But it's also cold and evil, and chills me to the bone.

"I don't want, Allie," she murmurs. "But I want your title,"


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