Chapter 18

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"I'm glad you do, baby, because we are mates."

Allie looks at me, a little dumbfounded. I know its a lot on her small mind, but she has to find out at some point. Even sooner if I'm going to be marking her.

Allie runs her small fingers over the light stubble on my cheek. "Is that why you shock me?" she questions softly.

"Yes, baby girl," I answer her. Unconsciously I close my eyes an lean into her touch. The effects of the mate bond may scare her, but they have the exact opposite effect on me.

She takes her fingers and uses them to pull my eyelids back open, causing me to state straight into her blue ones.

I wait for her to say something, but she doesn't. And that scares me.

"How do you feel about that, baby?" I question as gently as I'm able. My wolf inside is howling just at the mere thought of losing Allie.

"Will we be like my momma and daddy when I'm big?" Her eyes are wide and innocent, and I can practically see the gears turning over in her head.

And before I can even think of something else, I'm responding in a way I never thought I would to my mate. "Not if you don't want to, baby. I'm fine where we're at,"

My statement is a lie and me and wolf both know it.  Right now I'm fine with being Allie's protector, her best friend. But I know that even though I don't feel it now, I will. And one day I'll want more with my mate.

"If you want to stay my best friend forever then that's fine," I continue against my better judgement. "Whatever you want, baby,"

Allie stays stock still, then glances at me through her dark, thick, eyelashes. "Kaden?" she questions.


"Momma said that mates have things that they do when they find each other, but she didn't tell me what. What are they?"

My breath hitches in my throat. This is what I wanted to do. Maybe second wants it too?

"Well, the first thing is the mark," I explain.

Allie raises a small, caramel colored eyebrow. "What's a mark?"

I pull her closer to me and kiss the spot on her neck where I  would mark her. Just so she can understand better.

"Its a special thing that shows everyone that you have a mate, and who they are. It shows up right here," I kiss her in the same space again.

Allie giggles and and leans into me. "Does every mate do it?" she asks, smiling up at me.

"Yes, most of them do," I respond.
"Why don't they all?"

"Well some mates don't like each other and they are rejected. But I'd never reject you," I kiss her forehead, away from the spot that's tempting me to claim her right this second.

"You love me, don't you?" Allie whispers.

I nod before she's even finished and kiss the top of her hair gently, still wishing that I could kiss her mark that isn't there yet.

"Of course I do, baby. I always have, I always will,"

She nods, then falls silent. But it doesn't last long and before I can mention marking again, my little mate speaks.

"Kaden?" she whispers softly.

I look down at her and she stares at me with her crystal blue eyes, hope seeming to rise in them.

"Yes, baby girl?"

She swallows, then I watch as a light red color tints her pale cheeks. "I wanna be marked,"


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