Chapter 19

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She swallows, then I watch as a light red color tints her pale cheeks. "I wanna be marked,"

"Allie, baby, are you sure? I want you to be 100% sure that that's what you want,"

Me and my wolf want nothing more than to mark her right here, right now, her age not a factor. She's mine, and I don't care how old she is, I want everyone to know it.

But I have to make sure that she's sure. It will hurt her, and she needs to know that, but it won't hurt long. I think it's worth it, but does she?

"Yes, I'm sure. I want it," she assures me.

Maybe I shouldn't, and maybe it's too soon, but I believe her. If she says he's ready, she must be. But there's still one more thing she needs to know.

I hold Allie even tighter to my lap and kiss her hair carefully, trying to soften the blow if what's coming next to her.

"Allie, before I do it, I have to tell you something,"

She nods, and looks up at me, expecting. But she couldn't anticipate what I'm about to say, there's no way.

"Its going to hurt at first, baby. But not long," I murmur, studying her reaction with intent.

Allie pales at my words and ducks her self into my chest, shaking lightly.

Maybe she isn't ready....

"Baby, you okay?" I question, leaning down closer to her; I hear faint whispers escaping her. They tug at my heart and almost make me regret bringing the whole situation up.

"How bad will it hurt?" Allie whispers, lifting her head up to see me. Her blue eyes are brimming with tears and in reflex, I clutch her tighter.

I take my fingers and wipe the tears from her eyes warily, kissing her cheeks when they cease they cease to flow.

"It'll only hurt for a second, baby. Then it won't hurt any more," I try to make my words reassuring so they can calm her and me. I hate seeing her upset, even worse when I'm the cause of it.

"You promise?" she croaks. Her normal bell-like soprano voice is raspy, probably due to her crying so fiercely.

I kiss her head. "Yes, I promise. It isn't that bad,"

"Do you have a mark?" Allie questions, all fear out of her voice.

I blanch. "Um, well, no, but I know people that do and I trust when they say it doesn't hurt for long,"

She nods, accepting my answer do the time being at least.

And as she remains silent, I can't help but wonder if shell actually let me do it. It'll keep her so much safer if I can. But I won't tell her that, it'll just scare her even more.

"Can I mark you?" Allie asks randomly an completely out-of-the-blue.

I freeze and feel my face loose all color. I don't know why the thought makes me uneasy, but it does. I never would have thought that she'd want to mark me. Just the idea seems crazy. 

And isn't she too young to mark me? I don't even know if she physically can, much leas if I want her to.

'No, you want her to,' my wolf counters.

I guess in a way, he's right. I do want Allie to mark me, just not so soon. But if she has to mark me in order for me to mark her, then I'll let her try.

"I don't know if you can, baby," I answer her honestly. "But you can try,"

Her eyes light up. "I'll let you mark me, Kaden," she says.

I beam.

"But I want to go first," she continues.

My face falls slightly but I nod, and pull her up and out of my lap so she can see my neck. I walk her through what to do, since I know she doesn't know how.

I point to a place on my neck and she leans down. "You have to bite right here, baby. Okay?"

Allie hesitates. "I don't wanna hurt you,"

I almost scoff, before I remember who I'm talking to. "Don't worry about hurting me, baby. I'll be fine,"

She nods, but still doesn't move.

"Whenever you're ready," I murmur.

And before there's another moment of hesitation, Allie has sunk her teeth into my neck, breaking the skin and shooting flames of pain down every nerve in my body.

So she can mark her mate.

But as soon as the pain comes, it's gone. And all that's left is a feeling of serene calm, and a sense that I'm closer to Allie than before.

I turn to Allie who's looking at me with wide eyes. "Did it work?" She whispers.

I pick her up and kiss her forehead. "Yes, good job, baby. I'm proud of you,"

She giggles and kisses my cheek lightly, her cheeks flushing pink.
I smile and sit her back down beside of me. I move her hair off her shoulder and and kiss the spot where I'm supposed to mark her.

"Tell me when," I murmur.

Allie takes a deep breath, then so quietly I almost miss it, mumbles, "When."

Right after, I sink my teeth into her pale skin, shuddering at the sound of her broken scream. I know how much it hurts her.

I pull away as soon as I'm done and lift her into my lap, kissing the red mark over and over, trying to soothe it.

It seems to work, judging by the fact that Allie relaxes in my arms and slumps against me. When did she get so heavy?

I close my eyes, glad that I have a nw connection with my mate and that I can protect her more.

But I don't rest long because before I know it, Allie is tugging on my arm, harder than she ever has.

"Kaden," she whispers. Her voice sounds different. "Look,"

I open my eyes slowly and my mouth falls open at the shocking sight in front of me.


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