Chapter Six

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I watch my angels face as she sleeps in my arms. She's as light as a feather, but I can feel her warmth spreading through every inch of my body, starting from where her head is placed against my chest.

She breaths in slow even rhythms, not at all stirring.

She's as calm as can be.

I don't know how much time passes before Peter and Lucy walk in, and frankly, I don't care. Any amount of time I get ri spend with my mate is special, and I'll always treasure it.

And I don't let Her go, even with her parents wak in and sit in the Two chairs beside my hospital bed.

"How are you feeling?" Lucy asks.

"Better," I respond, not taking me eyes from Allie.

Peter sighs. "I'm so sorry, Kaden. I overreacted and I never meant to harm you by using the silver frames, I just wanted to protect my daughter and-"

I cut him off with a glare. He shuts up immediately.

"I don't need your apology, Peter. I appreciate it, but it's not needed. What happened is in the past now, and I'd much rather focus on what's going to happen in the future. Mainly how you will not be able to keep me away from Allie. I'm telling you now that that will not happen. Not now, not ever. Understood?"

Peter flinches back from my hard glare and Alpha tone. I didn't mean to use it on him, But he needs to know that I mean business, and that no one will separate me from what's rightfully mine.

"Yes, I understand," he murmurs.
"Good. I am open to certain arrangements dealing with Allie, and I know that I won't be able to see her all the time. That's fine. But you will not try and keep her away from me, and if it's my time to see her, I will."

Peter and Lucy both nod at me, their faces slightly pale.

"I can work with that," Peter vows.

"You'll have to," I growl. "Its not up for negotiation,"

Inside, I know I'm being too hard on Peter, but my wolf is still angry at him for keeping Allie away from us, and right now, he's in full control. I can't stop him from saying the truth: Even if it is a little harsh.

"Yes, we understand," Peter says, grabbing Lucy's hand.

"Great. We need to set up times I can come and see her. She's growing very fast and I don't want to miss anything, so I want to see her often. Maybe not everyday if it's not possible, But definitely several times a week," I say.

Peter and Lucy look at each other, their eyes going glassy meaning that they're using their mind-link. I can't help but think that in a few years, that'll be me and Allie.

"How many days are you willing to be away from her?" Peter asks.
"No more than two," I answer. I really don't want to spend any away from Allie, but I know that I need to give her parents some time alone with their daughter.

"What is your busiest day with the pack?" Lucy asks. "Maybe that would be a good day for us to have with her alone,"

I immediately shake my head. The packs busiest days are my worst days, and I know I'll need Allie to cheer me up when I'm stressed.

"I want Mondays," I say. "I'll need her then,"

Peter and Lucy nod and dint ask for an explanation on why I want Allie on Mondays. And even if they did I'm not sure I'd give it to them.

"Well, are there any other days you know you'll want to see her on?" Peter asks.

"Fridays," I answer without pause. I'll want to end my week with a good note.

They nod and has their mind-link again. Then they turn to me.

"Are you fine with Sundays and Wednesdays being just us three?" Lucy asks.

I nod. "I think I can work with that,"

Lucy breaks into a huge smile and gets up to hug me around my shoulders as beat she can. At least She tries to. Its not exactly the easiest thing with Allie still on my lap.

Lucy steps back and Peter shakes my hand. "I hope we can move past our earlier disagreement," he says.

I nod stiffly. "It's already forgotten," My wolf scoffs at my words but I ignore him. I have to try and get along with my mates dad.

Peter nods to Allie. "Thanks for watching her. I know she'll be safe with you,"

"Always," I vow. Allie will never be in harms way as long as she's with me. I won't allow it.

"Lets take her home, Peter. She's tired," Lucy says.

Peter nods and gingerly lifts Allie, trying not to wake her. It doesn't work.

"Daddy?" Allie asks softly, rubbing her eyes with her little hands. "Daddy where's Kaden?"

"I'm right here, baby," I answer before Peter can.

Her head jerks up and she jumps back in my lap, hugging me tightly. I squeeze her back and kiss her head.

"Come on, Allie," Lucy says. "We need to get home,"

Allie whimpers. "I wanna stay with Kaden,"

"Not today, sweetheart," Peter says.

"Please, Daddy?" Allie begs, looking at him with wide blue eyes.

He sighs and shakes his head. "Not today. But we'll Come back so you can see him tomorrow, okay?"

Allie perks up and nods eagerly. "Yeah!"

She turns back to me and hugs me once more, using all the strength She can in her little body.

"Bye, Kaden," she gurgels. "I wuv you,"

I laugh at the sound of her still baby-sounding L.

I kiss her head once more and lean down to whisper in her ear. "I love you more, baby girl," More than you will ever know.


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