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14 Nights In Emeliano's Bed by Emelradine
14 Nights In Emeliano's Bedby Nora Campbell
Forced to spend two weeks with a monster like Emeliano Alfredo, Innocent and determined Rebecca Lewis's life, changed for the worse. ⚜⚜ Traveling back to the town where...
  • force
  • goodgirl
  • wattpad
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Addicted by meghnagoli
Addictedby meghna
I pushed her against the wall, catching her off guard. "Why do you do this to me?" I snarled and slammed the wall next to her. Her eye contact never wavered. ...
  • althea
  • teenfiction
  • shy
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Perfect Scars by mahumsheikh
Perfect Scarsby MahumSheikh
HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in BILLIONAIRE #1 in POSSESSIVE #1 in MYSTERY #3 in ROMANCE ''Don't you dare step into my room again.'', he growled as he pinned me to the wall. ...
  • hate
  • crime
  • romance
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The Alpha Stole My Heart by yoted1
The Alpha Stole My Heartby yoted1
Abbey is a cute, innocent 17 year old girl who has to live in a tiny town located somewhere in Alaska. She's always had to be prepared for anything seeing as she was bul...
  • alpha
  • mine
  • hot
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The Immortal Emperor's Wife by QUAD00
The Immortal Emperor's Wifeby QUAD00
Most Impressive Ranking: #1 - fantasy #1 - yandere - updated 20/12/2018 ...
  • yandere
  • agegap
  • romance
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The billionaire want me ♡ {Completed} by LovelyShifah
The billionaire want me ♡ {Complet...by Shifah
"Give me your hand." He ordered and i looked at him confused. He sighed before taking my left hand. I gasped when he suddenly put an engagement ring around my...
  • pregnancy
  • possessive
  • romance
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BOSS LOVE LESSONS [completed] by mightygoat
BOSS LOVE LESSONS [completed]by Mightygoat
Aomine Axton is smart, ruthless, arrogant and controlling. A CEO and a player who builds a hotel empire across the world, and owning the world's biggest chain of branded...
  • controlling
  • arrogant
  • boss
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My Twin Mates by Speech_error
My Twin Matesby Speech_error
Flicker never wanted a mate, especially an alpha one. She strongly believes that with an alpha mate, she would lose all her freedom and independence, two things that she...
  • twinmates
  • possessive
  • werewolf
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Married to the god of war  by malinacaleverra
Married to the god of war by Malina E. Caleverra
Ever since her mother's death, Adelaide Emelry has been living with her abusive father, who also happens to be the king of Soleria. Despite living in a royal palace, Ade...
  • possessive
  • heartbreak
  • dominant
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The Stalcaire Coille by ChaiTeaCat16
The Stalcaire Coilleby Chai Roberts
The Stalcaire Coille. A well known myth that the small town of Coille was named after. Also known as The Forest Stalker in English, it's told to be over seven feet tall...
  • mystery
  • stalker
  • beast
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His Good Girl by Yummy260592
His Good Girlby Yummy260592
I look out the window behind him and take both of his hands in mine. Should I tell him? Would I open up old wounds that I've tried so hard to heal, for him? I look into...
  • possessive
  • drama
  • chicklit
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Levi's Protection by fo3v3randalwayz
Levi's Protectionby fo3v3randalwayz
Willow Reynolds never expected to be attacked, or expected to be saved by a gorgeous bad boy in a north face jacket, or expected to be tied up and kidnapped by her bad b...
  • kidnapping
  • gắng
  • boyfriend
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His To Protect  by iimsensitive
His To Protect by Lolita
Sadie Duncan is a quiet, socially awkward girl who spends most of her time alone in the only place that seems safe for her, her room. No one really seemed to pay attenti...
  • innocent
  • sad
  • childhoodsweethearts
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The Werewolf Clash (Completed) by WatersAnna
The Werewolf Clash (Completed)by Anna Waters
Highest ranking - #1 in Werewolf #2 in Attraction "Damn Bella, why the hell are you so stubborn?! You are my mate and if I want to mark you, I will fucking mark you...
  • fantasy
  • hate
  • rouge
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When The Devil Fell In Love To An Angel [SLOW UPDATE] by VeliusWings
When The Devil Fell In Love To An...by Velius
Sawada Tsunayoshi, the hot and sexy nerd inside the campus who aced all of his class without a sweat. Every guys and girls fancies him but the problem is he's too innoce...
  • gore
  • yaoi
  • boy
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MY MASTER! |✔#1 IN BLACKWOOD SERIES [Editing] by blessingmahapa
MY MASTER! |✔#1 IN BLACKWOOD SERIE...by blessingmahapa
"Feisty, I like you already" he said. "Arrogant, I hate you already" I snapped. "You have a foul mouth for someone who is meant to be a Lord's...
  • blackwoodseries
  • romance
  • abuse
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Madam Mafia by anonymousteengirlxo
Madam Mafiaby Nana
Rose Amor is the school nerd. She wears big black glasses and keeps her long black hair in a ponytail. She stays out of drama and keeps to herself. She knows that's the...
  • youngadult
  • passion
  • drama
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His Victoria by applepiexpancakes
His Victoriaby annie
Victoria Kalie Maurice, despite having a terrible truth about herself, she just lives her life to the fullest as if nothing is absolutely wrong. She just can't let the t...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • jealousy
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Forced marriage (Not edited yet) by sarahs29
Forced marriage (Not edited yet)by sarahs29
"I'm gonna make things clear". He said walking slowly toward me as I took a few steps back. "I was forced into this too.". My back hit the wall as he...
  • marriage
  • possessive
  • gap
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Sugar by ktk446
Sugarby Hi
"Hey, sugar." C O V E R B Y // @daisiesxflowers
  • werewolf
  • dominant
  • romance
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