Chapter 35

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Somewhere in the night I end of falling asleep, Allie still on my lap. I wake when the light shines through my open window and when my phone rings loudly.

I groggily reach for it and answer, having to clear my throat before I'm able to speak.

"Hello?" I rasp into the phone.

"Kaden?" Its Peter, and he sounds worried. "Is my daughter with you?"

"Um, yes," My brow furrows. "She left you a note before we left last night. Did you not get it?"
Its silent for a few beats on Peters end. "No, I didn't. There isn't any note from her," Another pause. "Are you sure She left one?"

"Yes, I'm pretty sure,"

Peter groans loudly through the phone connection.

"Has Lucy came back yet?" I ask, changing the subject to what I hope is a lighter one.

But I can tell immediately that my plan doesn't work, and when Peter speaks, his voice is hard and glazed over with some unknown emotion.

"No," he hisses. "I haven't heard from her since she left,"

This confuses me. Why would Lucy, Peter's mate, be keeping things from him? It must be really important if she hasn't told him... But if it's that important, why don't I know about it? I'm the Alpha, Lucy's Alpha, I should known if something is happening.

"And you still don't have any idea where she could be?" I ask, my voice slightly worried. I don't understand this... Not at all.

"Not a clue," he states coldly. "But I guess if she wanted me to know, I'd know. Whatever it is probably doesn't concern me anyway,"

How does he sound so calm? "This doesn't bother you at all? She's keeping something from you, Peter. And you're okay with that?"

"Kaden," Peter snarls. "I can take care of myself and handle this own my own. You take care of your mate, and I'll take care of mine,"

Okay... I guess older werewolves can still get possessive. Interesting.

"Are you sure, Peter?" I know I could help him figure this out, I'm sure of it. I like Lucy as much as anyone, but something about her latest activities just doesn't set right with me. "I can send Jack or John out to look for her and-"

A sharp growl cuts me off, and it takes me a few seconds to register the sound coming from Peter. It causes Allie to stir a little in my arms.

"I told you once, Kaden, I won't say it again," I feel like, judging by the tone of his voice, he's close to shifting: and his wolf is definitely in control right now. "I can handle Lucy. I don't need you or your little friends help, understand? She's my mate, and I don't need you worrying about her when you have your own to take care of. Now, as long as my daughter is safe with you, I'll be going now. Stay out of my business from now on though, Kaden. I'll call you if I need help,"

The line goes dead.

What the heck?!? What did I say that set him off?

I think I must sit still and completely shocked for several minutes. I don't even know where to begin to start comprehending that conversation. Is it possible that Peter is in on whatever Lucy is doing and just doesn't want me to know? That would make sense, I guess. But what could they be hiding from me. I have a gut wrenching feeling that whatever it is, it's not good.

Allie sitting up pulls me back to reality. She looks up at me with groggy blue eyes, and smiles when she catches me looking at her. I still haven't gotten used to how she looks now. The once tiny baby that I used to could cradle, is now the size of an average sixteen year old and talks like one as well.

Her hair is much longer, and she has a full set of perfectly straight adult teeth. Its hard to picture the three week old baby that I first met being the almost fully grown teenager in front of me.

"You're staring at me like it's the first time you've seen my face," Allie comments, grinning.

I shake my head to clear it. "Oh. Sorry. I just dazed out for a second there,"

She laughs, getting out of my lap and placing her feet on the floor. "I noticed,"

I watch as he walks to the couch, and notice that the pants she's wearing ride up to mid-calf. They look too tight, as does her shirt, and I know immediately that they're too small.

"Hey, baby?" I call, getting her to turn to me.


"How would you feel about going shopping for some better fitting clothes?"


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