Chapter 21

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Please read the Authours Note at the end of this chapter. It's important!


Waiting is torture. Sitting outside of Allie's hospital door, only a layer of silver protecting me from my mate.

I thought that when Peter kicked me out a few months ago, it was terrible. I missed Allie's first word, her first steps, everything. But none of that has even a tenth of the pain that this separation brings.

My mate is locked in a hospital room with three doctors that I don't know. When they kicked me out her heart was giving out, and I don't know if they we're able to save her or not. I don't know what'd I'd do if she's dead.

I couldn't make it.


Time goes by slowly, and I can't hear a thing through the silver that blocks the door. All I have to cling to is a small hope that the doctors would have told me if Allie didn't make it. Not a single one of them has left the room yet, so I just have to hope. She will be fine.

But it's hard to fully convince myself of this, and my words are not reassuring in any way.

Groaning loudly, I through my head in my hands, pulling at the roots of my hair.

"Having problems over there?"

I'm startled back from the firmiliar voice that speaks to me from across the room.

I lift my head and growl on instinct. But Micah just laughs.

"You aren't scaring anyone with that pathetic growl, Kaden. Especially not me,"

His words send a strea of rage through my veins, and I suddenly can't contain it any more. He is the reason that I thought I had to mark Allie. And if it wasn't for him she wouldn't be in the hospital right now hanging onto her life by a thread.

The thoughts string together in my head causing all my self control to explode all at once.

I growl and lunge towards Micah, my intent to rip his throat out and make him suffer like his sister has to.

But he catches my intention a second too fast, and I miss him by an inch, giving him the chance to grab a hold of me and pin me to the hospital door.

My back screams in contact, the silver immediately burning through my clothes and heading straight towards my skin.

"Not so big and tough now, are you?" he snickers, laughing in my face.

I try and squirm to fight him off, but even with my added Alpha genes and strength, I can't shake him away. The silver has torn away all the strength I once had.

Micah, noticing my pain, shoves me harder against the door, and I have to force back the scream that wants to erupt from my throat.

"You see," Micah says slowly, dragging out his words to torture me. "I could kill you right here, right now. It'd be so easy. You wouldn't be able to stop me, and I'd get away before any one else found out. But... I don't want to do that. Not yet,"

He sighs, deep in thought. "And besides, my sister has seemed to take a liking to you. And even if she's not my favorite person in the world- she doesn't hold that title by a long shot- she does like you, and I don't want my parents on my back about how I killed my sisters mate. I'd never hear the end of that,"

He throws his head around, popping his neck. "Anyway... I think I'll let you go for right now. But next time, I won't,"

His words slide straight through me, and even though I know it's stupid, I can't help but say something back.

"If you're going to do it eventually, why don't just do it now? You think a few months is going to make Allie less upset when I'm gone?"

He laughs without humour. "Please. Allie won't be alive in a few months. She won't have time to grieve."

And with a final push of my body the door, he releases me, and is sprinting down the hallway, leaving me injured and worried on the floor.


So, this book has a lot of comments, which I am grateful for. But, not all of you are in the same place when you read, so I get comments from all different places in the story.

And here recently, I've seen a lot of comments bashing Allie and saying she has "too much attitude", or "it's her brother, why can't he hold her". Though these comments don't offend me or anything, I just want to clarify something and explain why Allie acts the way she does.

From almost birth, Allie has had Kaden who spoils her rotten. She has seen her brother once, and that was when she was first born and hadn't started advancing quickly yet. So it makes sense for Allie to cling to what she knows, and she seems sassy because she's used to getting what she wants, when she wants it.

Another thing I'm seeing a lot of is comments about Kaden marking Allie, or him wanting to. For this, I agree, Allie is too young. But Kaden has a perfectly good reason for doing what he did, and I want to make sure everyone understands that in case I didn't explain it clearly.

When mates mark each other, the become much closer and it opens up the mind-link and the ability to feel each others pain. Kaden knows that Micah is coming for Allie, and in his mind it's only logical to mark Allie that way in case of on emergency, he'll know.

I want to let everyone know that these comments don't bother me at all, and I am in no way offended or upset. I think it's great that you guys are commenting, and that you have your own views on my story. I just wanted to share why I wrote wat I wrote, that way everyone can see my view point, instead of thinking that I made Allie a spoiled brat or Kaden a creep for no reason.

I hope this relived some confusion or irritation in some of you guys, but regardless I just wanted to explain my thoughts on the different opinions.

The next chapter should be up tomorrow and I'll do my best to make sure it's fully edited before it goes up.

Have a great weekend!

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