Chapter 12

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Allie's POV

All I can feel is darkness. It's all I can see too. The last thing I remember is my best friend carrying me into the hospital and yelling at people to help me. My head hurt really bad, that's why he wanted to help me.

Kaden always does that. He always tries to give me what I want or need. He makes me feel safe and loved, and protects me from everything that scares me.

Kaden has been there for as long as I can remember. Even when I was just a little baby.

Well, I mean I'm still a baby, just not like I used to be. My mommy says that I'm growing really fast and soon I won't be a baby anymore. But even when I'm big like her, I still want Kaden to call me baby. And only him. Not Bubba.

Bubba came home earlier and I was very happy to see him. I thought he was happy too. But later on he threw me to the ground and I hit my head really hard. It hurt.

But Kaden saved me like he always does. He's my favorite person in the whole world. I don't want him to ever leave me. But he says he won't. Even when I'm big. 

I want to wake up and see him. But even when I try and open my eyes, I can't. But somehow I still feel like he's there. In fact, I know he's there. I can hear him.  

"Allie?" I hear his voice say. "Are you okay?" 

Yes, I want to say. But I can't find my voice. And I can't open my eyes. 

"Please wake up, baby," Kaden begs. "Please, just open your eyes," He pauses and waits for me to say something. And when I don't, I hear his breath catch. "I love you baby girl, I miss you. Please wake up for me. I can't live without you," 

I try with all of my power to open my eyes, or at least reach out and grab his hand, but I can't. I'm completely unable to do anything but stay still. 

Kaden POV 

When the doctor finally lets me go into Allie's room I bolt in thier with werewolf speed. She's laying motionless on her hospital bed, her hands spread out beside of her. Her short caramel hair is stuck to her hair with what I assume is sweat. But even in her pale state, she's beautiful. 

I sit down beside her bed and grab her hand. I feel small sparks shoot up my arm where I'm touching her. BUt she makes no move to show that she can tell I'm there. 

"Allie?" I whisper. "Are you okay?" I plead for her to respond, but she doesn't not in anyway. After a few seconds, I realize she's not going to. 

"Please wake up, baby," I beg. "Please, just open your eyes." She still doesn't say anything and I have to fight to keep my tears back. It causes an unattractive sound to come out of my throat. 

"I love you baby girl, I miss you. Please wake up for me. I can't live without you," 

Even with my words that come straight from my heart, Allie doesn't move. There's no sound, no twitch, no flutter of her eyes. 

I feel my heart break even more. And only Allie can heal it. 

And when a single tear drips from my eye, the only word I can mutter is; "Please," 


Hey y'all! I know that this chapter is shorter, but I really just wanted to show a little into Allie's mind and originally this chapter was going to only be Allie's pov, but I changed my mind and added a little more. I promise the next chapter will be back to normal, maybe a little longer. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the story right now. I know I am! 

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