Chapter 27

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Just to update you all on the last chapter: Kaden did find Allie, who has woken up and was in a shack with Micah. Kaden killed Micah, and was left with Allie who has grown to look like a sixteen year old.


Peter finally manages to pry Allie away from Micah's body, and when she wakes up, she screams the whole way to the pack hospital. But Peter doesn't let her go. Even when I try and take her. I only seem to scare her more.

"Don't, Kaden," Peter whispers, pulling Allie's shaking form closer to him. I know he's not trying to offend me, he just wants to protect his daughter. He can't help that she seems terrified just to be near me.

Allie's cries and screams seem to make the trip seem ten time a longer than it is, even if we're both running.

But finally, I catch sight of the pack hospital, and I quickly rush inside, Peter right behind me.

"Get me a doctor," I command to a passing nurse. She knows from past experience not to mess with me, and goes to get a doctor right as I ask.

A doctor comes forth only a few seconds later, the nurse not with him. He glances between my mate, me, and Peter, a look of concern in his aged eyes.

"Alpha?" he asks, seeming slightly out of breath. "Is Luna okay?"

As if on cue, a gut wrenching scream erupts from Allie, the sound tearing at my heart. I want so desperately to help her, but I don't know how. It's torture.

"No," I croak. I try and explain more, but my voice only comes out strangled, and I'm unable to utter a complete word.

"I don't think her mind is in the right place right now, doctor," Peter cuts in for me.

The doctor nods and motions for us to follow him to a room. We do, rushing to meet his brisk footsteps.

I close the door behind me when I enter. It slams without me meaning to, and the sound makes Allie scream again. I instantly feel like collapsing.

"Any indication what's wrong with her?" the doctor asks in a rush, grabbing a clipboard off of a table.

Peter nods, noticing that I'm not able to speak at the moment. "Her mate, Alpha Kaden, seemed to scare her terribly. She didn't want to be anywhere near him. But, she did want to be close to her brother's dead body,"

The doctor nods. "Well that seems normal to me. She's just upset after losing her brother," He turns to me. "Did you end his life?"

I nod, my face going pale.

"That is probably why she is scared of you, Alpha. Did she witness the act?"

I nod again.

The doctor sighs and goes to say something else before Peter stops him in his tracks.

"Doctor, that's not what's concerning me," he murmurs.

The guy's brow furrows. "Well what is then?"

"My daughter was speaking to my son's body like it was her mates. She used Kaden's name when addressing the corpse."

The doctor's face flips in a second. He goes from calm and composed, to worried and afraid all in one small flicker of time.

He rushes over to Allie, who is still sobbing and whimpering to know end. She shows no sign of stopping. And it hurts to know I can't comfort her, I can't do anything, just because she's afraid of me.

"Allie?" the doctor says in the most calming tone I've ever heard. Allie turns her head to him, before whimpering and turning back to Peter, crying in his shoulder.

"Allie, can I ask you something?" He tries again. And this time, Allie looks him straight on, though her sobs don't stop.

"Can you tell me why you're sad?" he murmurs.

Allie sobs even harder. "Kaden," she cries. "He's gone,"

The doctor nods, pity and concern wracking his face. "Okay, Allie," he coos. "Can you tell me who that is over there?" He points to me slowly.

Allie follows his hand movements and her eyes meet mine. She immediately tenses and turns away, tucking into a small ball in Peter's arms. He tries to hold her the best he can, but she's bigger now, and it's harder for him.

But it wouldn't be with me.

"He killed Kaden," she whispers.

The doctor sighs and stand up, running a finger through his hair. Then as best as he can, he picks up Allie's hand and times her pulse before checking her fingertips for any sign of something wrong. He ends his examination by shining a light in her eyes, and running a small tool over the mark I gave Allie.

When he's done, he turns towards me.

"Alpha," he starts. "I think I know what's happened to her,"

I nod, waiting for him to explain.
"There is nothing vitally wrong with her. But it seems that with the venom from your mark, and the terror of being kidnapped by her brother, her mind flipped on her. She assumed that Micah was you, since that was who was there when she woke up. And to her, you are the guy that killed her mate and best friend,"

My heart seems to break all over again. My mate thinks I'm dead. My mate thinks that I'm a killer.

"What can I do to get her back?" I murmur.

He sighs. "You're going to have to spend as much time As you can with her. Alone. I think the contact and interaction will help bring her mind back to normal,"

"Doctor," I sigh. "She almost has a panic attack every time I'm near her. I can't be alone with her. She'll scream her head off the whole time, it won't help,"

But the doctor is already shaking his head. "No, I think it will work, Alpha. If Allie starts to get scared, remind her of a good memory between the two of you, try and comfort her. Don't smother her, but let her warm up to you. She will, with time. Be patient with her,"

When he stops speaking, Allie screams again, as if sensing what's happening.

"Are you sure this will work?" I whisper. I don't think this is going to end well.

"I'm positive. Just trust it,"


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