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Okay. I feel like this is something I should say: This is an agegap story. The main guy meets his mate when she is a baby. The title is not DDLG, it is literal. If you do not want to read a huge gap (though it's only in the first fourteen chapters or so) then don't. I'm not forcing you.

That said, if you do choose to read it and it bothers you, don't comment that. I love reading opinions and such, but not when they're full out hate. Examples of this would be: "Ewww" , "I'm literally gagging right now" , "This is sick" or "Who reads this s***?"

It's highly annoying when half of my notifications are comments like this, and it makes it harder for me to read the nice ones. So for everyone's sake, please just don't.

Anyway, on to the other housekeeping stuff...

Please do not copy, or reuse, anything from my personal work. This includes but is not limited to, plot, characters, or fan fiction. Please consult me before using anything of mine.

Also, fair warning, I wrote this a long time ago, and it's all poorly written and disorganized. (My other works are better, I promise.) The chapters have so many grammar and spelling errors, and I'll try and go and edit them at some point, but it probably won't be for a while.

And as always, be sure to vote, comment, and follow. It helps me out a lot.

Thank you once again for giving this story a chance. I hope you won't be disappointed. :)

P.S: If you read the authors notes at the end of the chapters I apologize in advance. They make me cringe every time.

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UPDATE: I have written a new version of this story that is edited, revised, and frankly 5000 times better. So please, please, I encourage you to read that one instead of this one if you want to see a cleaner story. It's the same concept, characters, and plot, just much much better. It's listed under the same title as this work, and you can find it on my profile. Thank you. ♡

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