Chapter 26

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The other fifteen people in my group shift right after me, trailing not far behind.

In the distance, I hear the three other groups start their search, just going in a different direction than my and mine.

"Keep all of your senses alert," I command to my group through the mind-link. "I can't do this alone,"

They all say some form of understanding back to me. It makes me feel a little better, though not by much. I won't be fine until I have my mate back and safe in my arms.


We run for what feels like forever, with no result. There's no sign of my mate anywhere. And not just that: There's no sign that at wolf has ever been through this trail. I know that we aren't anywhere near her.

I'm about to turn around and go a different way when someone starts speaking to me through the mind-link.

"Alpha," they say. The voice is not one I know well, but I can tell that they are from Jack's group. "I found a trace of your mate,"

At this, my ears perk up, and I'm immediately alert, wanting to go and reach my mate, wherever she is.

"Where?" I growl.

"Near the north end of our territory. Almost by rougues land," he explains.

I howl right away, signaling to my group to turn around and follow me. They do so without question.

"Alpha, Jack wants to know I'd we stay and wait for you, or I'd we continue our search,"

"Go ahead and keep looking," I state. They might find her quicker that way. "I'll be there soon,"

He gives me his okay before cutting off our communication. I start running in the direction of Jack's group, going faster than I ever have in my entire life.

I'm getting closer to Allie, is all I can think at that exact moment. I'm going to get her back.


"Where is she?" I demand to Jack. "Have you found her?"

"No, Alpha. But I'm still following her scent,"

"Move," I growl.

I start running towards the scent of my mate, it getting stronger with each step I take.

Finally it seems, I come across an old brick shack, one that is reeking of Micah's scent.

I should've known it was him that took her.

Without another second of thought, I burst through the door, searching frantically for my mate.

My eyes land on hers immediately, but they aren't the same ones I remember. She looks completely terrified, and I can only hope that it's not directed towards me.

And other than that, she's older again. She now looks like a sixteen year old girl. Not the small twelve year old I was expecting.

"Well, well," a firmiliar voice sneers. I growl. "Looks like you came to save your little mate after all,"

Micah stalks over go Allie, circling around her shaken frame that's practically glued to the chair she's on.

"Too bad she doesn't want you,"

I growl and lunge for his throat, not even giving it a second thought.

Micah tries to shift, but fails miserably, and when I'm done with him, he's left a lifeless pulp on the dirty wooden floor.

But I can't even enjoy the satisfaction of seeing Micah dead for long before a loud sob comes from the front of the room.

I turn my head to see Allie crying uncontrollably.

Catching sight of a pair of shorts on the floor, I shift back, slipping them on quickly before running towards Allie gathering her in my arms.

I cradle her close to me, even if she is slightly bigger than she was.

But to my absolute horror, Allie screams when I touch her, and squirms, reaching out towards her dead brother on the floor.

She jumps out of my arms and leaps towards Micah, grabbing onto his shirt like she used to do with me.

She shakes him restlessly murmuring under her breatg, "No, no, no, wake up, please, wake up."

I feel my heart shatter. I didn't know she would be this upset over the loss of her brother.

I walk over to her slowly, seeking to comfort her.

I reach out to pull her into my arms, before she shifts away from me, screaming bloody murder.

"No!" she yells. "Get away from me!" She kicks and screams at me until I'm well away from her.
But when I am, she goes right back to Micah, crying a river into his shirt and holding onto it like she won't live without still holding a part of him.

I'm mortified.

Right then, the door to the shack burst open, revealing a dirty faced Peter, dressed only in shorts like me.

Allie sees him as soon as I do, and let's go of Micah's shirt with one hand to reach out to her dad.
"Daddy," she breaths, choking on a sob. "He's gone,"

Peter walks over to his daughter and sits beside her, slinging an arm around her shoulder.

"I know, sweetheart," he consoles.

He lets Allie cry for a few more minutes before reaching down and trying to pick her up.

But she doesn't seem to want that, and she screams and trashes, kicking Peter to let her go.

"No!" she wails, reaching back out towards Micah. "Kaden!"

My heart seems to stop. She called for me. She wants me again.

It's the best thing I've heard in a while.

I rush over to her to try and grab her, but she fights away from me, seeming terrified just to be near me.

"No! Get away!" she yells. Me and Peter both seem shocked by her reaction, and as a result, Peter drops his daughter, watching as she crawls back to Micah's body.

"Wake up," she whispers. "Kaden wake up,"

Me and Peter both stare at her in shock, watching as she cries her eyes out, right before she passes out on the floor.


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