Chapter 43

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"I don't want, Allie," she murmurs. "But I want your title,"

I stare at the mother of my mate in complete shock. My title? I'm the Alpha, it's in my blood. Why does she think she can have it? She must be crazy. She has to be.

"I want that pretty little Alpha title to be in my name, not yours," Lucy continues. "It needs to be claimed by its rightful owner,"

"The rightful owner is me," I snarl. I know for a fact this pack is mine, it's been in my family for longer than I can remember.

Lucy tips her head back and lets out a high, ringing laugh. I shudder from the chilling sound.

"That's where your wrong my baby, Kaden," she says. I wait for her further comment, But it doesn't come, and I figure that she mist be waiting for me to say something else.

"You'll have to explain that, please," I hiss.

Lucy smirks and begins walking in a semi circle again. "You see, you're family, the Taylor's, and my maiden family, the Creek's, have known each other for a very long time. Long before me, or you, or any of our close relatives. However, during the time they were close, an argument sprouted between my ancestor, the Alpha at the time, and your ancestor, the current Beta. Your ancestor murdered mine, blamed it on a rouge, and took over the Alpha power when no one else was left.

"Therefore," she continues. "The Alpha title is mine, and you have to give it up. I want it."

Lucy stares at me patiently, a small smile decorating her horrifying face. I can tell she wants a reaction out of me, but I can barely process what she's told me, let alone freak out over it.

Lucy's just told me that the power I hold isn't mine. I have Beta blood in me, not Alpha. And my mate, who's supposed to be my Luna, has Alpha blood in her. How could something like this happen? And more importantly, how does Lucy know when no one else did?

"How did you find out about that?" I question, raising a brow on her direction.

Lucy shrugs, still smirking like a clown. "It doesn't matter where my information came from," she tells me. "All you should be concerned about is that precious title you where, is rightfully mine,"

As Lucy speaks, my mind runs blank, and I can't think of anything to get me out of this situation.

"Kaden," Allie whispers from behind me. I jump slightly, having forgotten that she was even here.

"What?" I whisper back to her.

"Cat got your tounge, baby Kaden?" Lucy asks, not hearing the exchange between her daughter and I.

"Shut up," I hiss. She just smirks to herself.

"Please, take your time. Whatever you say can't change the facts,"

I growl loudly at her, but direct my attention back to my whispering mate.

"Even if what she says is true," Allie murmurs. "She can't become Alpha. She has an older brother, I've see pictures in my house. If the title belongs to anyone but you, it's him,"

It takes a moment for Allie's words to sink in. But when they do, I realize what this means, and I've never been more thankful for my mate than right this second.

"Lucy," I start. "I believe what you're saying,"

"Good." She nods. 

"Though it may seem a little far fetched, I don't doubt your words," Lucy smiles widely, and I can tell she thinks she's won. If only she knew... "But, my title still isn't your's, and you still aren't going to be Alpha,"

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