From Me To You

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This message is way over due, and before I get into everything I want to apologize for that. This all should have been said much sooner, but it's always been put on the back burner in my head, so I have never gotten around to it.

But anyway. I want to just say a big thank you. To every single one of you amazing and wonderful people who are reading this right now, here is me thanking you. For voting, commenting things that make me laugh, sticking up for this story when it gets hate, and just flat out reading it even though it's terrible.

I can't believe that I didn't make a post like this when this story hit a million. And when it hit two I still didn't, and I didn't for three either. And even though it hasn't quite hit four million yet, I want to say thank you.

And also, thank you to those that are reading the new version as well. It just recently hit 35k, and that's so incredibly awesome to me. I appreciate all of you so, so much.

This is kind of getting rambly (is that a word?) now, and I don't want to become annoying or bore you all, so I'm going to leave this here. I love you guys, thanks for everything.

-A x

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