Chapter 37

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Just a reminder: Allie currently has the mind of/looks like a 16 year old. Its important in this chapter!


I swerve into my driveway, parking the car faster than the fastest man can blink.

I throw open my door, before running over and grabbing Allie, slamming the door and locking my car in the process.

"Kaden, my stuff," Allie murmurs, glancing over my shoulder at the car. She wouldn't be worried about them if she knew someone was following us in a human mall. Of all places!

"The car's locked," I hiss lowly. "Its fine,"

Allie flinches back from my hard voice and I immediately calm down as I step into my house. I lock the door swiftly behind me, triple checking to make sure it's secure.

"I'm sorry, baby," I croon, kissing her forehead. "I'm just worried and on edge,"

"Why?" she whispers, looking up. "What happened?"

I sigh, rubbing my temple. "Are you tired? Do you want to sleep?"
She eyes me carefully. "Don't try and change the subject," she commands. "Tell me,"

Groaning loudly, I give in. "Fine. But I'm not talking about this here," I start walking towards the staircase.

"Where are we going?" Allie asks.

For some reason, my brain catches up with my feet, and I stop, changing courses all together. "My office," I mumble.

Her brow furrows. "Why did you hesitate? Where were you gonna go?"

"My room," I sigh. "I need to lay down,"

Allie flashes me a ghost of a smile. "Go there then,"


Allie curls up into my side on my bed, waiting patiently for me to explain what happened at the mall and why we left so abruptly.

"I saw someone -a werewolf to be exact- running around behind us. Behind you. Maybe I shouldn't have freaked out so bad at first, for all I knew it could have been a random kid playing a joke on the humans in the mall.

"But I watched them run, and each time they passed, they got closer to you. And your safety isn't something I'm willing to ever play around with, so when I saw them getting within reach of my mate, I got us out. And I left the car and got inside so quickly because they followed us.

"Whoever it was left the mall when we did and ran behind is the whole way here. I lost them when I pulled in, but I wasn't about to risk anything. I'll never risk anything when your involved," My arms tighten around her.

Allie tucks her head into the side of my chest, breathing in softly. She doesn't speak for a moment.
"You know you don't have to be so careful around me, right?"

I'm immediately taken aback. I pull her head up so I can meet her shining blue eyes. "What are you talking about?"

She sighs. "I'm not a weak little baby anymore. I know since I've grown so fast you might still want to treat me like I am, but I'm not, Kaden. I can watch out for myself,"

"I'm not trying to treat you like a a baby, Allie," I breathe. "I just want you safe: however it has to be done,"

She glances up at me from where she's burrowed in my chest again. "Nothing bad has ever happened to me, Kaden. I'll be fine without you constantly micromanaging me,"

With her words, something in my mind snaps. She just doesn't understand.

I pull away from her, partially pushing her in the process. She stares at me, wide eyed. I'm never done something like that before. Not to her.

"You just don't get it, Allie," Her eyes grow even bigger at me using her real name. "You think nothing really bad has happened to you, but you're wrong. You were in a coma for almost two weeks, Allie, and I had to sit there with you, wondering if my mate would ever wake up again.

"I had to watch you be in a catatonic state again, after I marked you. And then, you were just gone. You were taken away from me. And I know that for some reason you can't remember that, and your think that I left you, but that isn't what happened at all. You were taken, and I had no idea what to do to get you back.

"You don't understand how horrible that was for me. To not know when I'd see my mate again, or if she was okay, or where she was. It was terrifying to think that I'd never see you again, and even when I did, I still felt like I lost you. You didn't remember me for what felt like forever. You were just, gone,"

By the time I've finished speaking I'm in tears. I'm full on crying, which isn't like me, and the only other time I can really remember doing it was when Allie was in the hospital the first time an she wouldn't wake up.

The tears flow freely from my eyes and I can't stop them, even if I'm trying to.

But when I feel Allie climb into my lap and wrap her arms around me, the urge to cry suddenly goes away, and I feel so contented just to hold her in my arms. The only place I know she can stay safe.

"Don't cry," Allie whispers, using her soft hands to wipe my face. "You don't need to. I'm fine now. And even if I can't remember what You want me to, I'm not leaving. I never want to leave you, ever. Don't worry about things like that,"

I pull my mate closer to me, breathing in her scent that calms me and my wolf down. She smiles at me, her blue eyes looking the same as I remember them being the very first time she smiled at me.

I smile back at her, and watch in confusion, that soon turns to understanding, as Allie's head moves closer to mine, inching its way through the air. And I realize maybe a second too late, what she wants, and before I'm even able to react, Allie's lips are on mine.


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