Chapter 10

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This chapter takes place right after where chapter nine left off. Allie and Kaden are both still the same age as they were


I stare at the door to the kitchen completely shocked.  How dare he threaten me? The Alpha? He better be careful and watch himself. I don't know who he thinks he is. 

He may think that just because he is my mates older brother he can talk to me how he wants. But he can't. His sister becoming future Luna has nothing to do with him and give shim absolutely no power over me. Or over Allie. He better be glad he didn't try and threaten her. 

A small tug on my shirt sleeve brings me out of my internal rant. I glance down at my small mate. 

"Yes, baby?" I ask, trying to calm myself down. My wolf wants to take over and teach Micah a lesson on respect, but I know that if I do that it won't end well. Allie did seem to love her brother. 

"Why are your eyes yellow?" she asks. Her voice is the smallest I've ever heard it, and I can tell by her tone that she's scared. Scared of me. 

She keeps her face tucked into the crook of my elbow, hiding as far away from my eyes as she can without me letting go of her. 

I sigh and lift her head of gently, forcing my wolf to the back of my mind where I know my eyes will stay their natural color. 

"Baby," I breathe. "Whenever my wolf wants to take control my eyes turn colors. You know about wolfs right?" 

Allie nods, almost a little sheepishly. "My daddy told me that him and mommy and bubba could turn into wolves, but I can't yet. Bubba said I'm too little," 

I kiss her forehead. "You'll be able to do it soon, baby. I couldn't phase when I was your age. But you know what's special about you?" 

Allie lifts her head. "What?" 

I smile. "You'll get to change faster than anyone ever could. You'll be all big and grown quicker than even I was," 

Allie grins widely, showing off her pearly white, square little teeth. "How fast?" 

I cradle her to me. "A little less than three years," 

I feel her frown against my arm. "That's too long," she whimpers. 

I pull her up in my arms a little but and sit down on the couch, Allie still in my lap. "No, baby, it's not. It's the perfect amount of time for you to learn and grow the right way," 

She forces her head down into the curve of my elbow again. "So, I won't be too little for you?" she murmurs. 

I kiss her soft caramel hair once, twice, three times. "No, you're perfect. You don't need to change for anyone," 

She finally lifts her head up to me and I'm welcomed by two bright blue eyes that make her entire face seem happier. "Except for when I get bigger, right?" 

I chuckle. "Except for then," 

"Come on, it's time for presents guys!" Lucy shouts. Peter, Micah, my parents, John, and Jack all file into the small living room. Me and Allie never left the couch, so we get to keep our spots instead of having to sit on the floor. Peter and Micah aren't so lucky. 

Lucy sits on the opposite end of the couch from me and Allie, while my parents take the other sofa, and Jack and John take the two chairs. Peter and Micah are left to sit in the floor by the huge Christmas tree. 

"If it wasn't for this stupid tree we would have more room in here," Peter grumbles. 

"And I wouldn't have to sit on the floor," Micah adds. 

"You're the one that wanted the big tree, Peter," Lucy says in a sharp tone. 

He sighs and rolls his eyes. "Well it's what Allie wanted, so I figured we could get it. I didn't think that we would have this many people over," 

Allie giggles into my arm, but no one hears it besides me. 

"So you're responsible for this, Allie?" Micah accuses. He stands up from his position on the floor and stalks over to me and Allie. I clutch her tighter in reflex. 

'Mine,' my wolf growls. 'Let me take control so I can keep him away from mate,' 

'No,' I respond back, using my Alpha tone that works on everyone but my wolf. 'We could hurt somebody if you take over, maybe even Allie,' He shuts up after that. 

But Micah still walks closer to us. And before I can even stop it, Allie is up in his arms being tossed into the air, her head barely missing the ceiling. 

"You made me sit on the floor, Allie?" Micah growls. It's a fake growl, I'll give him that, but it still bothers me, and I don't like him doing it. He's really close to hurting Allie. 

"Put her down, Micah," I growl lowly. The room falls silent after that. 

"She's my sister, Kaden," he spits back, holding Allie close to him. 

"And I'm her mate," My voice has gotten deathly quiet. If he wants to keep his limbs he'll give Allie back to me. 

"Doesn't matter," she retorts. "I'm her brother and I've known her longer," I see his arms tighten around my mate and I notice how the action causes Allie to whimper and squirm in his arms. It draws me over the edge and in half a second I'm leaping towards him, my only thought to get Allie as far away from him as possible. 


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