Chapter 41

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In the back of my mind, Lucy's words ring loudly. I only have ten hours to get Allie and I to this strange location. And judging by the directions, I need more than that.

The directions that were somehow placed in my desk drawer, are eerily vague, and even over looking the time issue, I don't know if I'll even end up at the place I'm supposed to.

As I try and un-code the handwriting, I tell Allie everything her mom told me. She clings to my free arm the whole time I speak, and her face grows paler with each word.

"My mother really said all that? To you?" she asks.

"Yes, she did. I wouldn't make that up,"

Allie opens and closes her mouth countless times, seeming to loose her words before they even come out.

"I don't understand, Kaden," she finally whispers. "Why would my mom say something like that? What does she want?"

I stop walking for a moment, pushing back the voice that's screaming at me. Saying I'm running out of time and I can't afford to stop.

But for just this sliver in time, I ignore my voice of reason.

I pull my mate closer to me and turn her so she's facing my body.

"I don't know what she wants, baby," I start softly. "But you don't need to worry about it. I won't let her hurt you," I kiss her forehead. "She has to get through me first,"

"That's what I'm worried about," Allie moans, burying her face in my chest. She wraps her arm around me and clings to my shirt. "I don't want you to get hurt just because you want to protect me. That's what really worries me about this, Kaden,"

I hug her even tighter, though I'm not sure how its even possible. "Don't let your mind worry at all. Let me do that, and I promise you, we'll both be fine,"

Allie makes a low groaning sound that's barely even audible.
"This isn't going to end well, Kaden," she whimpers. "You're going to get hurt because of me, I know it,"

I gently take my hand and lift Allie's chin up to meet her crystal blue eyes.

"What did I tell you?" I start softly. "Don't worry. It won't do anything but get us or me into more trouble. I need you to trust me, baby,"

Allie sighs and tucks her head away again. "I do trust you, one-hundred percent, but-"

I cut her off gently. "There's no but's to this Allie. You either trust me, or you don't,"

I wait patiently for her answer, and watch as she slowly lifts her head again.

She stares up at me. "I do trust you, Kaden. With my own life,"


It grows dark as we continue to walk, and I can almost swear I hear a clock ticking somewhere behind me. But of course, every time I turn around, nothing's there, and I know it's all in my head.

"Do you know how much time we have left, Kaden?" Allie whispers in the dark. I feel her form shaking beside of me.

"Not long," I murmur. "Not long at all,"

My mate tenses at my words. "Less than an hour?"

I nod, then shake my head. "Less than five minutes,"

"But we're almost there though, right?" Her voice breaks slightly as she speaks.

"I think so," I answer.

Allie quotes after that, and I follow the directions as best I can in the dark. And in what feels like forever but can't be more than three minutes, we come up upon a small, beaten down, little shack; One that resembles the one Allie was kept in.

"Is this it?" Allie whimpers.

I don't answer. But instead pull her along with me, right through the front door.

When I walk through, the moldy floor boards squeak, and it's somehow even darker than it was outside.

"I don't see her, Kaden," Allie murmurs.

"Or smell her," I agree, sniffing the air.

"M-maybe this i-isn't it," Allie replies, trying to sound strong, but her voice breaking. I can't even break away from my confusion to comfort her.

"It has to be," I'm about to start walking again, when footsteps stop me. I can tell who they belong to right away.

"No, this is the right place," Her evil voice sneers. "I'm glad you could make it,"

"Like we had a choice," I mutter.

If Lucy hears this, she ignores it. Instead, she steps into the small amount of light there is in the shack and smiles at me.

"Hello, baby Kaden."


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