Chapter 2

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In this chapter Allie is 1 month old, and Kaden is still 18 :)

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Kaden's POV

Today my special little mate turns one month old. Though it's just a number. She's already way ahead in development, though she still looks like a one month old.

My parents, a few members of the pack, and I are all headed over to the Brooke's house for Allie's little party. Her parents didn't think she needed one, but I insisted.

When we get to the house I'm practically jumping with excitement. I haven't been able to see Allie in three days. Even though my parents are fine with the whole mate situation, Allie's parents aren't.

Well, her dad isn't. Lucy doesn't mind, but Peter is adamant on keeping his daughter away from me. He thinks that by the time she's my age, I'll be too old. But I know something he doesn't

Something that will make him like me a little more.

And I plan on telling him today.

When my beta, John, finally stops the car I'm the first one out.
I bolt to the door, speeding through the yard that's covered in pastel pink flowers. (Allie's mom likes to garden)

I knock loudly on the door and shifts on my feet, anxious to see my mate again. Its been too long.
The door finally opens showing Lucy holding a squirming Allie in her arms. The second she sees me she reaches.

My heart melts as I take her from her mother.

Allie smiles at me and grips on to my shirt, making small happy baby noises at me.

"Hi, baby girl," I say, kissing her soft baby cheek.

She giggles.

I walk through the door and sit on the couch, watching as everyone else files in, holding presents for Allie. But she doesn't notice. All she looks at is me.

"I've missed mate," my wolf says.
"Me too," I respond.

As the last few people file through the door Lucy comes and sits across from me.

"She's been fussy these past few days," she tells me. "This is the calmest I've seen her all week,"

I smile proudly. "Have you missed me, baby girl?"

Allie coos, stretching her arms to me.

I kiss her forehead, causing her to giggle again.

"Alright, alright, let's get this party over and done with," Peter announces, coming into the room.

Lucy smacks his shoulder. "Be nice, Peter," she scolds.

He rolls his eyes. "Lets just open these presents so everyone can leave,"

Lucy groans while everyone else laughs slightly. My mom picks up the first pink package and hands it to me.

I grab it and show it to Allie, who claps her hands. Another thing she shouldn't be able to do yet.

But she can.

"You wanna open it, baby?" I Ask her.

She smiles her gummy smile and tries to pull on the paper. She barely rips it.

"Here," I say, ripping all the paper off. "I got it," I pull everything off the package revealing a pink baby teether.

Allie coos and reaches for it.

I take the packaging off and hand it to her.

She sticks it in her mouth and chews right away.

After ten or more presents, everyone is ready to leave. But I still need to talk to Peter. I can't leave until I do.

"Lucy," I call. She turns her head towards me. "Do you think you could hold Allie for a minute? I need to talk to Peter,"

"Of course, Kaden," She reaches for Allie and takes her from my arms.

Allie starts to whimper right away and her eyes scan through the people frantically, searching for me.

When they do, she reaches out towards me and starts to cry.

I go over to her and kiss he forehead softly. "I'll be right back, baby," I assure her. She quiets down a little. "Just stay with Momma for a minute, okay?"

Allie stops crying, seeming to understand my words. She still shouldn't be able to do that, but of course being the special girl she is, she can.

Leaving Allie with Lucy I walk out of the room and into the kitchen where Peter is sitting.

"Mind if I talk to you for a minute?" I ask.

He nods. "Of course, Kaden."

He motions for me to sit down, and I do, preparing myself for the news I must share with him.


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