Chapter 23

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I stand to my feet immediately to greet the doctor.

He shakes my hand and nods at me. "Alpha Kaden,"

I nod at him in return before going back to my chair and grasping Allie's hand once more.

The doctor stands at the foot of the bed, looking over a few papers in his clipboard. He frowns at the sight, before turning back to me and Peter, his face pale and ashen.

"I've ran several test on Miss.Brooke here," he starts, running a hand down his face. "And it doesn't look great,"

My heat sinks.

"Its not as bad as I originally thought, but it isn't good either,"

I hear Peter sniff, a sign that shows he's hiding his tears. I have to admit that I'm doing the same thing.

"The mark that Allie bears is yours, correct, Alpha?" the doctor asks me.

I nod. "Yes, its mine,"

He looks back to his clipboard, nodding slowly. "It looks like when you marked her, the venom didn't mix well with her body. She's still very young, and even if she appears to be older, she's not. Werewolves bodies are ready to be marked and mated at sixteen. Allie isn't anywhere near that, in real time or in her fast growth,"

He pauses, sighing, before giving me a hard glare. "Her body is trying to resist the mark, as it's not ready for it yet, and that is taking all of her energy away. Her body currently, isn't capable of doing much on it's own, which is why you see so many wires and tubes attached to her. We have to keep her heart beating with a system, and make sure she stays hydrated with an IV."

The doctors words make me feel like a steel brick has been dropped in the pit of my stomach. This is my fault. My fault. I did this to her. I knew I shouldn't have, but I did anyway.

I feel like I might throw up.

"When Will she wake up, doctor?" Peter asks softly. "Any clue?"

The doctor shakes his head. "I have no idea. There is no indication showing when she'll awake. But if I had to guess, I don't think she'll wake up at all,"

My heart breaks, shatters, and falls, all at once. I don't think she'll wake up at all. How could I do this?

"Thank you, doctor," Peter croaks.

I don't think she'll wake up at all.

The doctor nods and walks out of the room, not saying another word, or sparing me another glance. He must hate me right now. But I can't say I blame him.

I don't think she'll wake up at all.

A small, strangled moan leaves my lips as I throw my head on the bed, tears finally escaping and sobs racking my entire frame.

I let this happen, and now Allie has to suffer from it. I should have known that it was too early, I should have listened to Peter when he told me not to do it yet.

But I didn't. And now look were it's gotten me.

Thinking to myself, I vow silently that if Allie wakes up, I'll always think things over. I'll always get a second, third opinion, and if they both disagree with me, I'll listen to them. Clearly I can't make decisions on my own.

I don't think she'll wake up at all.

"Kaden," Peter says softly. "Don't blame yourself, its not your fault,"

I throw my head up off the bed. "Not my fault? How can you say that? All of this is my fault? If it wasn't for me Allie would be happy and safe right now, awake and healthy. This is all my fault!" My tears start to fall again. "All my fault,"

I fall back down, but instead of my head falling on the bed, it falls on Allie's arm. Its cold, and still, not at all like my mates usual self.

I cry into the crook of her elbow, murmuring unintelligible words under my breath.

I hear Peter stand up from across me, followed by his footsteps and the closing of the door.

He's left me alone with her.

"Allie, please wake up," I wail, my body shaking, and shivering from the sobs that overtake me.

"I can't lose you."


Hope this chapter was not as depressing for you all as it was for me to write. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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