Chapter 34

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After the talk with the doctor, my nerves haven't settled, and I still feel anxious.

Allie explained everything to the doctor, just like she had to me. He didn't understand why she could remember who I was so suddenly, but still had memories of me dying.

"It's a very strange situation," he admitted quietly to me.

"Do you know what could be causing it?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No, everything should be back to normal. I assumed that with the venom in her body, plus the trauma she went through, it was just brain damage. But I might be wrong, and it's possible that her brother did something to her while she was in his captivity,"

I remember groaning loudly. The whole situation is just so confusing and frustrating. I hate not knowing what's wrong. I can't fix a problem if I don't know what's causing it. And I can't figure out what's causing it if I barely understand the situation.

Allie however, seems perfectly content. She's happy just to 'be away from the scary guy', and have me back with her. I'll admit that I'm glad she wants me, but I can't help but feel like her emotions are twisted somehow. Like it's not really Allie that's thinking, but something else controlling her brain.

But I'd have no idea where to start to figure that out.

"How do you feel, baby?" I ask Allie as I drive her back to her house. She's been acting strange ever since we left the hospital.

She shrugs. "Better than I was earlier. My head still hurts though,"

I nod calmly, though in my head I'm practically writhing with worry.

Its just a headache. That's all it is, a headache.

"Maybe you'll feel better after you get some sleep," I suggest.

She nods, yawning. "I hope so," She closes her eyes and leans her head against the window, her breathing evening out as she drifts unconscious.


When I reach her house, Allie is knocked out cold. And not wanting to disrupt her sleep that could be helping her, I gently lift her into my arms and walk her into her house.

All the lights are off except for the living room ones, and Peter seems to be the only one home.

"Where's Lucy?" I whisper.

Peter shrugs. "Not sure. She didn't tell me,"

How strange.

"Was she upset?" I ask. "Over Micah, I mean,"

"I don't know. She didn't really have any reaction. I don't guess she was,"

I nod, starting to walk away and into Allie's room.

"Are you staying with her?" Peter questions, motioning to Allie's sleeping form.

"No. I have pack stuff to handle, and things to catch up on. I can't,"

He nods. "Well have a good night then. I'm going to bed," He cuts the light off and walks down the hall, closing his bedroom door behind him.

I continue on my way to Allie's room, kicking her door open softly with my foot. I don't bother cutting any lights on since I can see just fine without them.

I carefully place Allie on her bed- that is now too small for her since she's grown- and wrap the blankets around her, tucking them under her bare feet.

I kiss her forehead softly and start to walk away from her, out of the room. But I barely make it two steps before my mate is calling me.

"Kaden," she murmurs half- conscious.

I'm by her side in half a second. "Yes, baby? Are you okay?"

She groans and rubs her eyes with her fist. "Are you leaving?" she mumbles.

"Yeah," I admit softly. "I have to. I have pack work to do,"

Allie frowns as her eyes flutter open. "Can't you stay, please?" she begs, trying to make her voice sound younger than she is to persuade me.

I groan. "I can't, baby. I'm really behind on pack work. I have to catch up,"

She makes a haphazard attempt to sit up. "Why are you so behind? What were you doing those couple of days when I was stuck in the hospital with that guy? Weren't you working then?"
A red flag immediately flashes in my mind. She's still picturing me as another person. That's not good. How can I fix this?

"No," I admit. "I wasn't working then, but I have to now," I kiss her head again. "I'm sorry. I don't want to go, but I need to,"

Allie finally manages to sit up, and swings her legs off the bed to run into my arms. She tucks her head into my shoulder and grips onto my shirt with her fist like she's done since I first met her.

"You really have to go?" she murmurs.

"Yes," I respond gently. I really don't want to, but the pack is important, and someone has to run it to keep everyone safe. Its not my fault that it's me.

"Fine," Allie huffs, steeping away from me and walking to her door. "I'll just go with you,"

I grab her wrist before she can reach the door. "No, you aren't. You need sleep,"

Allie pulls out of my grasp. "I can sleep. I can sleep in your office. There's a couch,"

I groan. I'm not going to change her mind on this, I can already tell.

"Fine," I comply. "But you need shoes. Do you have any that fit anymore?"

She shakes her head. "I'll just burrow my mom's. We should be about the same size,"

I nod, following behind her as she walks out of her room and to a shoe rack in the house foyer. She grabs the first shoes she sees and I make a mental note to take her shopping something soon that way she'll have clothes and shoes of her own that will fit her properly.

She slips the shoes on and rushes to the kitchen to write a note for Peter before hurrying back to me.

We walk back out to my car and I think to myself how much time I could have saved if I didn't come here at all. But it's too late now.


We reach my house in less than ten minutes, and Allie sleeps the whole way. I carry her up to my office and place her on the couch, slipping the blanket over her. She doesn't so much as twitch.

I walk to my desk and start shuffling through news letters and reports on new pups before I hear a soft rustling from the front of the room.

My eyes shoot up to notice Allie getting off of the couch and walking over to me, the blanket still around her and her eyes half closed.

She climbs over the arm of my chair and settles into my lap, curling up into a small ball before closing her eyes again. She keeps her head rested against the crook of my shoulder.
I lightly kiss the side of her head, making sure she's asleep, before turning back to the papers in front of me.


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