Juliet's POV:

 “God baby you are still so wet” He chuckled while he opened my legs even further. "Didnt Adam do enough earlier?"

“Oh fuck you” I frowned but smiled at the same time, just because I couldn’t help it. Just because I tried to seem offended but I couldn’t. He looked so good right now, with his swallows damp from sweat and his hair all messy. 

“Oh but I will” And there he was, all cocky and arrogant. “You look gorgeous by the way” And there he was again, all sweet and gentle. I smiled as he slid his index finger along me and licked it seductively. He was the death of me.

He teased my entrance with his cock, rubbing it against my pink nub and getting himself wet from my orgasm. I roamed my hands along his broad chest. I was still so sensitive but I could feel the heat starting again. “Oh stop teasing you idiot”

“Okay” He laughed. And we were laughing, till he placed a hand beside my head and slowly entered me. His lips formed an “O” shape and I closed my eyes. Everything was passionate from then on. We started moving slowly, I buckled my hips and he pushed deeper till he hit my g-spot. I let my head rest against the pillow and let myself moan. Justin grunted while he enclosed his lips on my nipples.

He lifted me by the waist and he sat on the edge of the bed while our bodies where still attached. I straddled his hips and started moving up and down. His hazel eyes didn’t leave mine and I could see love and lust and desire in them. He grabbed my hips with one hand and smoothed my thigh with the other. I pushed his humid hair off his forehead and rested my forehead on his. I began moving my hips in circles while we looked straight in each other’s eyes. I attached my lips to his, he smelled like mint and aftershave and it was so intoxicating. He bit my bottom lip and released it, and I heard him swearing when I clenched my walls. “Shit Julie”

My chest was rising and falling. I breathed and felt, and tasted and smelled and lived Justin Bieber in that moment. He was mine and I was his.

“Are you close?” He exhaled in pleasure while his hips started to fasten its rhythm. I was fragile and didn’t have a lot of strength to keep moving so he took in charge of the pace our hips moved.

I felt that burn again on my belly and moaned. “Oh baby, I just, I can’t… I can’t hold it” My eyes closed from the pleasure.

“No baby, no, open your eyes, I wanna see your eyes” He pleaded, and with all the strength I gathered I opened them. “I love you, I love you” He whispered and I had to read his lips to know that he was actually saying it.

He moved my hips faster and faster each time while his thumb started rubbing my clit and I clenched my walls while I quivered and whimpered above him. “Shit, just like that, let it go” His eyes didn’t leave mine and once I had come I hugged him tightly and patted his hair because we weren’t having sex, we were making love.

“I love you too”

"Please dont leave me" He mumbled out of no where.

"Im never gonna leave you, whats made you say that?" I asked him as i turned to face him.

"Adam," He said as he stared at me "I get worried your gonna pack your bags for good and leave like last time, but this time you wont come back"

"Justin" I sighed as i cuddled up in his arms. "That was a stupid little mistake, Adam really wants me but im not gonna let him have me, got it? I love you, you idiot" I giggled and pecked his lips.

"You promise you wont ever do it again?" I nodded "Okay because if you do, im done okay? I love you so i would let you go and be with him because he'd be the one making you happy because i clearly couldnt do that and-"

"Justin shut up, you make me happy, you do treat me like a princess"

"And please dont ever say you feel worthless again because your my world and i hope you know that" He said, putting a strand of hair behind my ear before he groaned. "I never thought i'd have such strong feelings for you Julie, back in high school, fuck, i guess you had every right to cheat on me considering what i'd done in the past"

"Justin please just shut your mouth, i love you, i love everything about you"

"Do you know what Jason said to me earlier?"


"He said i was identical to my dad" I sighed.

"And you believe him?" He shrugged "Because i dont, i think you can get really angry and you can build it up then you just blow, you never hurt me Justin, not physically anyway, i still trust you, i still love you, your not like your dad, i promise you, the only thing you got from him is your looks, Jason doesnt know what hes talking about, i do, i know you, you've changed since high school, your not a stuck up jerk anymore" He laughed "And thats good Justin, im here to stay, got it?" He nodded, wrapping his arms securely around me.


Surprises coming..

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