Juliet's POV:

Nothing to be nervous about today, nothing at all.

One more lesson before lunch and that was maths, as it was the last day we could sit where ever we wanted, i glanced at Chantel as she quickly looked away and dragged Bryce to sit next to her, that should be me.

Justin didnt move from his spot as everyone found their friends and took their seats, there was just me standing like an idiot in the middle of the room, on my own. I just quickly slipped in to a seat, no one next to me.

I turned round to see Bryce and Chantel on their phones, talking, probably arguing about the photo so it didnt bother me, what bothered me was the fact i lost my best friend.

10 minutes until the end of the lesson when everyones phone went off, even mine. All at the same time as everyone pulled their phones out, miss couldnt stop anyone so i did too, i felt my insides turn as i pressed play only to see me and Justin on the balcony last night and there was no mistaking it was us.

Bursts of laughter came out and my name, also Justin's. All the nicknames i was ever called, Justin getting slated in front of everyone as i turned round to him, he looked awful, angry, upset, so many emotions in his face and Ryan, he just simply looked at me with a hurt feeling on his face.

Justin stood up and without a word stormed out the classroom as our teacher had already watched the video. Chantel, smirking at me as i got up and chased after Justin.

"Justin wait!" I yelled, runnning as i grabbed his arm but he snatched it back.

"Did you know about this?! That why you wanted to go out on the fucking balcony?! Just because i said i didnt care!"

"You said you didnt care when we were on the balcony!"

"Who knows you could of text Chantel or something!"

"You were with me!" I screamed. "But the truth is you do care, dont you? Because im a nerd, im all smart and ugly and you cant be seen with me because your mr popular! You said it was cool! You didnt care! I just got humiliated in front of my class! I was expecting you to stick up for me! At least us!"

"Well you thought wrong, just fucking leave me alone Lawson and do be spreading shit either because trust me, it wont be pretty" He said and turned his back.

"Your so fucking bipolar Justin!" I screamed as he stopped and turned around.

"What did you just call me?" He asked calmly.

"Bipolar" I said with no stutter, fully confident.

"You think im bipolar?"

"Your so down to earth, caring and loving one minute the next your ending this! Your such a dick! You've always been a dick! You never change! You cant change Justin! Go find someone that hasnt got my baggage"

"Woah your still upset over that?"

"I dont know if you've realized Justin but im a very insecure girl, i cut because of you, im surprised you never noticed my scars, i was such an idiot, why the fuck didnt i push you away?! You treat me like shit sometimes and then you just come back thinking its perfect and like nothing happened, well it did and it hurts, if you wanna carry on being Mr popular then be my guest"

"It was fucking clear it was me in the video"

"Boo hoo say i drugged you or something, i dont give two shits and you dont give them about me either, just for the fact i've now lost my best friend, she hates my guts, Ryan now knows the truth and you, you just love yourself, you dont care about anyone but yourself! Fuck you with the only mine shit! I was never yours and im never gonna be" I wiped a tear from my eye as i heard the lunch bell go, i threw my bags over my shoulder and walked away.

Walking past the classes everyone was either staring, laughing or calling names, mostly 'slut', 'whore', 'bitch'. I couldnt stop the tears from falling as i ran across the grass to my spot behind the trees, thankfully Justin wasnt there.

I sat down and picked the flowers, picking the petals, being an idiot 'He likes me, he likes me not' I did that over 10 times until i got not. Luckily i had a mirror as my mascara had run and i looked a mess.

I had one more lesson and that was art. Justin was in that class also, same class as maths basically. No one talked to me, apart from laughs and still some nicknames called. Chantel jsut couldnt wipe the smirk off her face and Justin, he didnt show up.

I couldnt wait until that lesson was over, art was my favorite subject, but not today. I didnt see Justin the rest of the weekend but my facebook was full of hate, Mays could have been the worst message there.

such like 'Why would Justin want you'

'Your hot, wanna fuck?' It wasnt just the school that saw the clip either, it was on youtube.

'Ew Justin must have been fucked up in the head to sleep with you'

I acted towards my parents as i was fine, but later in the evening i jsut broke down in front of my mom. "I've done something really bad" I whispered.

"Is it do to do with Justin?" I nodded.

"And Chantel" I added.

I didnt explain everything, definetly not the video, i'd be killed, i just said there was a picture of us in the halls at school, knowing my parents would never get the video as they never use the internet hardly.

"Justins in the wrong here sweetie, not you, just leave Chantel, shes not good" She said, hugging me. 

"I really miss him" I mumbled, wiping my tears. "I really hate him but i miss him"

"I know, im sure he misses you too, he'll come around"

"Hes like a bug he just sticks to you and you cant shake him off even thought you dont want him there, he doesnt miss me, hes the bipolar one, hes fine one minute the next hes ripping my head off, i just got humiliated in front of the whole school and if he wasnts such an idiot he could have stopped that"

"Hun he made it worse for himself"

"He hates me, hes all popular and theres just me, they're laughing at him too, its probably why he left school early" I sighed.


Aw:( Will she forgive Justin?


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