Chapter 28 - Blackmail

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Juliet's POV:

-5 days later-

Sneaking out, having fun in general. I really missed it. Adam who i did feel sorry for was completely clueless, that was until i got a text at 6pm.

'Having fun? Bet you dont want lover boy to find out, come meet me round the side of the hotel and we can sort this out;) tell no one'

With a picture of me and Justin kissing at the beach attached.

I couldnt let Adam know, i should have just come out with it, not like this. A part of me wanted to tell Justin about this but that could make things worse so i went with my head and went to meet this person.

It was getting dark outside but i could still make out the features, i felt like my whole world came crashing down when i saw Jason. A part of me wanted to run but of course, i couldnt. Adam went out with Rose to get a few things so hopefully this wouldnt take long. 

"Oh Julie, you and Justin at it again are we?"

"Shutup" I mumbled as he got closer, grabbing my wrists as he pushed me against the wall.

"You were trying to hide this from everyone, wasnt you?" He whispered in my ear.

I ddnt respond.


"No" I spat, trying to push him off of me.

"Shh babe stop trying to struggle" He whispered, nibbling on my ear slightly. "Oh and dont think about screaming, just listen"

I gulped. "I'll keep your little secret, on one condition"

"Mhm?" I mumbled, looking in to his eyes, a deep dark brown shining through, glaring in to mine.

"You, have sex, with me" I gulped at his request. "One night and no one has to know about that either" He began kissing my jaw, i was clearly helpless. "But you have to agree, i wouldnt want you putting a rape charge on me"

"What about assault?"

"Your a smart chick arent cha?" He chuckled lowly. "Justins lucky to have you y'know, please babe, let me pleasure you, no one has to know, it can be our dirty little secret, or would you rather Adam finding out, you'd be loosing him oh and Justin finding out about our little affair"

"I have no affair with you"

"Oh and whos he gonna believe sweetie?" I felt like crying but i couldnt, i couldnt be so weak. "So your gonna come to my hotel room with me, dont think about running for Justin because hes at the club and doesnt get off until 10pm and your gonna be a good little girl, agreeing with everything i say otherwise this can go wrong, got it?" I nodded, i had to do this.

Justin wasnt going to believe me, god i know he had hate for his brother but after last time, i just know he wont trust me again.

Getting dragged through the hotel like a toy, while trying to remain calm was hard. Once he unlocked the door to his room he threw me inside as i came in contact with the bed, my eyes looking up at the ceiling as i heard the door shut. Praying for Justin.

"Now sweetie if you do as i say, no one has to know, you've just got to be a good girl for me" What i was imagining made me feel sick but then it came back in to a reality.

After he kissed me and i didnt kiss back i could tell he was already annoyed. "Y'know Julie, i dont like hitting girls" He growled. "I told you to do what i fucking said"

I did it and i hated it. I couldnt help but cry but its not like he gave two shits. If it had have been some random stranger it would have been worse, at least he looked like Justin, but then now, i couldnt look at Justin the same way, even though it was his brother. Jason probably taped it when i agreed to do this so i couldnt really report it.

"Your secrets safe with me" He smirked, kissing my lips once more. "I'll be back in an hour, i want you out" He told me as he was getting dressed. "Justin always brags about your sex, well, now i know it was you fucking him and he was fucking right" He smiled. "Have a nice life" He said, slamming the door as i burst out in more tears that i didnt even think possible.

I couldnt tell Justin. Jason said he wouldnt tell. I done what he asked. Wether i believe him or not was a totally different story.

By my surprise there were no bruises hardly on me, a couple love bites but they could be classed as Adam's or Justin's, its not like either of them would care who marked me.

I did what he said and left, after having a shower and getting dressed. I couldnt wipe his touch off, his hands roaming my body, it made me feel sick and i hated it. As i returned to my hotel room, it was 9pm and Rose and Adam looked extremely worried, both sitting up, standing up when i came through the door.

"Where have you been?!" Adam yelled.

"Out" I whispered.

"You've been with Bieber, havent you?"

"Why the fuck do you always assume im with him?!" I yelled back.

"Rose can you leave us for a minute" Adam told her, looking dead at her.

"Fine i'll be at the bar, try not to kill each other" She sighed and left, slamming the door.

"Justin doesnt even finish at the club until 10 today so how could i have possibly been with him?!"

"How did you know he finished at 10?"

"He told me, y'know we do hang out Adam"

"You need to stop"

"Its my fucking choice who i hang out with" I growled.

"2 years ago you hated his guts! You never wanted to see him again!"

"Gee Adam grow up and move on, that was 2 years ago, i dont hold grudges for that long, Justin is my friend, hes a nice guy Adam, you should hang out with him so you can realize that too!" I screamed in his face.

"You'd rather hang out with me than him?"

"I never said that!" I sighed "We've got a week left here, after that i probably wont see him again, we're friends Adam like i said before, i love you, i love him as a friend, your my boyfriend, not him, i love hanging out with you, its just i used to see Justin everyday and that got blown up, i couldnt even get to prom with him, thats what i fucking wanted and it never fucking happened! Then you stepped in place! You gave me that, so who do you think i like more?" I rolled my eyes at him.


Aw :( Will Jason let it slip?


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