Baby Bieber by PlatinumTomlinson
Baby Bieberby Jasmine
"I don't think this is working out, Nicole." I heard his voice say over the phone. My heart dropped. " E-excuse me? Can we talk about this in person?"...
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The Feeling by justinn_bieberrr
The Feelingby Justin Bieber
*[5 in Bieber]* Daniella Vincent, who hopes to become a singer, receives a text from a random number. Her best friend Jess Summers almost forces her to reply to this mys...
  • fanfiction
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The Assistant *Being Edited* by JustinsForeignBae
The Assistant *Being Edited*by JustinsForeignBae
Leslie is 20 Years old and has just been asked by Scooter Braun to be Justin Bieber's new assistant. As Leslie begins her job she finds out that everything is not as ama...
  • bieber
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Mommy's Boy J.B & A.G by bocasbiebss
Mommy's Boy J.B & A.Gby Ariana Torrez
"Mommy" I hear him whisper from next to me. "Yes Jay?" I ask. "I-it hurts" he whispers again. He's never quiet like this unless he's nerv...
  • arianator
  • submissive
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fame. {slow updates} by kia0107
fame. {slow updates}by 🤯✨🏁
in which a newly famous singer meets justin bieber, the singer she hates. "when the fame and the money and the girls drive you crazy . . ." * highest rank in f...
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Justin Bieber ○ Dirty Imagines by swaggie_m
Justin Bieber ○ Dirty Imaginesby Maggy
The book needs major editing about the mistakes it has, soon enough i'll do the editing. Dirty imagines with our lovely Justin. Hope you'll enjoy them, xo.
  • kidrauhl
  • passion
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Texts | Justin Bieber Fanfic by sheniz_
Texts | Justin Bieber Fanficby sheniz
In which Justin Bieber accidentally sends a text to the wrong number. But this little message becomes something much bigger. - Unknown number: Hey Em! Last night was fu...
  • texts
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Justin Bieber BSM and DDM  by MoonCloud94
Justin Bieber BSM and DDM by Pinkcupcake101
This book is Justin Bieber brother sister moments and daddy daughter moments. Might not be as many daddy Daughter moments.
  • justin
  • cute
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INSTAGRAM (Justin Bieber) by Andrea_paulina
INSTAGRAM (Justin Bieber)by Andrea_paulina
@justinbieber started following you.
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The Boy Next Door by -kalonly
The Boy Next Doorby kara
Brooklynn Thomson, is a teenage girl from the big city known as New York. When Brooke's parents are gone a little too long on a business trip, her Aunt and Uncle force...
  • bls
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  • canada
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Daddy's Princess by abiisme
Daddy's Princessby abi♡
Justin Bieber protecting Ellie from an abusive Daddy Dom is nothing compared to the other challenges they face. Jason McCann (Justin's brother) is the most wanted crimi...
  • lovestory
  • justinbieber
  • fanfic
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4 Years Later by CamilleMoser
4 Years Laterby Camille
Il était parti il y a quatre ans sans rien me dire. Une semaine avant de partir il m'a embrassé puis je ne l'ai plus vu. Puis il a commencé à apparaître dans les journau...
  • jeune
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  • célébrité
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Kidnapped By Jason McCann by Life_for_Belieb
Kidnapped By Jason McCannby Madelynn 😊
Alex is a eighteen year who lives a normal life. Jason is worldwide criminal whose looking for love. When Jason kidnaps Alex, what will happen? Will she fall in love wit...
  • love
  • complicated
  • belieber
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Met Online by Unidentifiedxx
Met Onlineby Unidentified
| Hero56 is requesting your friendship - do you wish to accept or deny? | Cassidy Williams can't remember the last time she felt accepted and loved. Judged? Sure. Humi...
  • unidentified
  • highschool
  • jbff
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TEXTING MCCANN | Justin Bieber as Jason McCann  by jdbsangel
TEXTING MCCANN | Justin Bieber a i s h a
"I wish you never texted me that day" - A Jason McCann love story
  • justinbieberfanfic
  • fanfic
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toxic (j.b) by swagonyoushawty
toxic (j.b)by m.s
when love and false comfort blinded the hazy truth. "he loves me. It's just the toxic, it fucked up his sanity. I know he loves me, and that's why I need to stay. P...
  • justinbieber
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TRUE LOVE? ✓ by taehphoria
TRUE LOVE? ✓by let's be happy ¨̮
"sometimes people fall for each other, not because they're perfect but despite the fact that they're not." does Leah fall for Justin or do things get in her wa...
  • bieber
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One Drunk Message ⇒ justin & ariana by jarianass
One Drunk Message ⇒ justin & arianaby stan
when ariana grande, daughter of joan grande, receives a message from an unknown number.
  • belieber
  • wattys2018
  • arianagrande
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The Squad Diaries (J.B) by CumBizzle
The Squad Diaries (J.B)by ∞
Bieber Squad GC be Lit !! © 2016 by CumBieber
  • kendalljenner
  • poc
  • kendall
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McCann's |Jason McCann| by ayebieber_
McCann's |Jason McCann|by M e h a k
Jason McCann ( • Possessive • ) adj: [demanding someone's total attention and love] And Bridget Satterlee ( • Fear • ) noun: [an unpleasant emotion caused by the threa...
  • criminal
  • kidnapped
  • jasonmccann
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