Juliet's POV:

"Justin wait!-" I yelled, sighing as he was gone.

Fuck this.


Justin's POV:

As soon as i walked out no one was there, but we both heard it. Someone took a picture. 


Gabby's POV:

Soaking. All my clothes. Soaking. Little did i know Chantel wasnt feeling well and went home so i was a laughing stock. Justin, who i havent seen since the changing room incident is no where to be found. 

At times like this i sit alone in the field, far away from the others, its just really quiet there and peaceful. And i could do with drying out. I was laid on my back with my eyes shut. I didnt even want to go home, let alone the classroom for last lesson.

"Hey" I heard his voice and ignored him, after a few seconds a nut got thrown and it hit me right on my forehead and it did hurt. 

"Shit" I gasped, grasping my forehead as i shot up, glaring at him. 

"I thought you were dead, sorry"

"How did you find me?"

"I know every place in this school and plus i usually come here because the teachers cant catch me smoking" I rolled my eyes as he sat next to me.

"How come your dry?" I questioned, then realizing he had different clothes on.

"Because i keep spare clothes in my locker, you clearly dont"

"No because i dont expect to get attacked by you in the showers" I sighed "Do you know who took the picture?"

"No but i've gotta find out, sorry for walking out like that"

"No its fine, i've just been walking around, dripping wet while laughing faces have been circling me" I spat.

"Calm the fuck down its not my fault the picture got fucking taken"

"Your so fucking bipolar, one minute your apologising the next your biting my head off! I didnt blame you! But it clearly was your fault! I didnt ask for you to come in the showers! And this is my peaceful alone spot so would you get yourself out, you've got friends, go to them"

"My baby's off" He said, lying down as i stared at him.

"Baby? Your lucky i havent told her"

"If you fucking tell her everything dont expect to be breathing much longer" He growled.

"Arent you scared someones gonna see us?" I asked him.

"No, you picked your spot pretty well ratface" I sighed at his choice of words. "You wanna come round mine later?" He asked.

"I cant, you grounded me remember and even if i wasnt grounded it would be a no"

"C'mon Lawson stop being a pussy"

"You say that every fucking time! I lost my virginity to you! And my first kiss was you! In the fucking toilets! You made me smoke more than once, drink, and if my parents found out i'd be shot in a second and im not over exaggerating" I rolled my eyes.

"So? Who cares" He shrugged.

"Fuck you im finding a new place to think and be on my own and dont follow me" I spat as i grabbed my things and stood up.

"Julie!!" He screamed as i quickly walked away from him.

He cant do this.


What do you do when your grounded and you've got nothing to do? No brothers or sisters to play with. Nothing. My mother actually allowed me to watch tv so that was all i was doing.

It was 8pm, i'd eaten and was lying in my bed with my pijamas on and catfish on the tv. I jumped as i heard a knock come from my left side where my balcony glass door was. I slowly stood up and off my bed as i walked over and pulled the curtains back, it was Justin. I sighed and opened it.

"Go home Justin"

"Its fucking cold, i didnt walk 10 minutes for nothing" He said, pushing me aside as he walked his self inside. I growled and locked the door again.

"How did you even get up?!"

"Climbed smartass" He chuckled.

"Shut up if my parents hear you they'll"

"Kill you, i know, chill out" Chill out.

I was stood watching him as he took out a cigarette from his pocket and a lighter, i shot over and jumped on the bed, climbing on his lap as i took it from his hands.

"Gee i didnt realise you were so egar to have one" He chuckled.

"If my parents smell the smoke or even walk in i wont be the only one dying tonight!" I spat. "Hand the rest over"

"No" He smirked.

"Justin" I whined.

"I like this position" He grinned, his hands on my hips as i shuddered under his touch.

"Give them Bieber" I growled.

"Fine, since you asked so nicely" He chuckled, handing the packet over as i jumped off his lap and shoved them in a draw before turning and locking the door. "Now no one can interupt us" He smiled, patting the bed.

"Oh no i dont think so mister, who said you could sit on my bed in the first place?"

"I did" I giggled and rolled my eyes. "Nice shorts by the way" I sighed and wondered over to him as i crawled on the bed and sat next to him but not too close. "I dont bite" He chuckled, i didnt say anything. "Is it the fact me and you are on a bed?" He whispered as he shuffled closer and pressed his body against my side.

"Justin" I growled and stared at him.

"What?" He chuckled "Your cute when your mad"

"How come you didnt see that 2 years ago when you started bullying me?"

"I've always thought you were cute, dont get me wrong you can be an annoying piece of shit sometimes but its true, your cute" I blushed and turned away. "Aw babe dont get too happy im taken"

"Only if your girlfriend knew you were lying on her best friends bed"

"That would be a shame, definetly if she found out i did this" He grinned, taking me by surprise as he pressed his lips against mine. I felt the sparks fly yet once more as i deepened the kiss, his hands now cupping my face as i began to straddle him.

"She wouldnt be happy" I giggled, pressing my forehead against his. "Why are you doing this?" I asked.

"Doing what?"

"You hated me less than a month ago and now, look at us"

"You hated me too" He said, putting a strand of hair behind my ear as i shrugged. "I've always liked you, i never hated you, it was just fun to pick on you"

"But your scared they'll find out about us because it will ruin everything" He kept quiet "What? Because you've fallen for a nerd?" I said, sitting up on his lap.

"No no no, its just.."

"Its cool" I sighed "Thats everyones opinion of me, thats why im a little freaked you actually like me" He chuckled.

"Im sorry, please tell me you understand?" I nodded, if i was popular he would be shouting it round the street. "Oh and we've got a double date on friday"

"W-What" I chocked.

"Chantel rang me earlier, me you, her and Ryan"

"Justin mine and his kiss mean nothing, i dont like him in that way and i cant keep doing this to Chantel"

"Please babe, one date, it will be fun" I sighed.



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