Juliet's POV:

This was not my ideal night. It got even better when my parents came up and told me they were going out for dinner and mine was in the fridge.

Justin did come, sadly. "You cant stay long because i have things to do" I told both of them.

"You could of just come mine" Justin said to her as he joined her on the bed, i rolled my eyes in disgust.

"I thought we'd all have a movie night, i just wanna stay incase May calls or something" She shrugged.

"Im fine honestly"

"What did May do?" Justin asked as i could of hit Chantel round the face.

"Oh she said things to Julie, thats why she was upset, so i promised her i'd stay and cheer her up" Justin glared at me as i tried to avoid his gaze.

"I guess we can stay then"

"Im gonna get a drink quick, pick out a film but dont play it until im back" Chantel said and hopped off the bed, leaving me with Bieber.

"What a pathetic excuse"

"Justin she knows" I spat.

"What do you mean she knows?"

"Bryce was at the restaurant, it was him and they've got some fucked up plan together and we've got to do something about it, this is an act, she knows" I sighed.

"So you forgive me?" He teased and stuck out his tongue.

"No i fucking meant what i said Justin" I said, still standing in one place.

"Aw babe dont be like that" He chuckled as he jumped off the bed, walking over to me slowly, i backed away until i was pinned against the wall 

"Your girlfriends downstairs" I gulped.

"You said she already knows so" He shrugged, i was over powered with his touch, just melting in his hands. As we slowly lent in the door burst open causing us to pull away as fast as we could.

"Chosen a film?"

"Just looking" Justin said. "Found one" No doubt it was a scary movie.

I hated scary movies, Justin chose saw. Chantel i know is alright with them, but not me, i could shit my self any second. Justin chose to sit in the middle of us, him and Chantel all cuddly as i had my eyes shut most of the time, refusing to take a look at the screen.

Justin soon noticed as 30 minutes in to the film his hand was on my thigh, i pulled my hands away from my eyes and glared at him, mouthing 'get off' but he didnt take any notice. Chantel gets involved in films too quickly, by that i mean she doesnt take note to anything that goes on around her.

"Justin" I growled.

"Shh" He whispered as his finger tips tried to undo the buttons on my jeans.

"Stop it" I mumbled back as i pulled his hand away. "I dont want to do this anymore" 

"Babe i know you cant resist this" I chuckled slightly at his comment 

"You broke our deal"

"What if i promise i wont do it again" He whispered, bringing his hand back to my jeans, pulling my shirt up slightly as he traced patterns on my bare stomach. "Please, i didnt mean what i said, i need you"

I took in a deep breathe and looked at Chantel, her eyes glued to the screen. "I really need you" Just as his hands were about to dip in to my panties i broke away.

"You both have to leave, right now" I ordered as i quickly done up my jeans and hopped off the bed.

"W-What why?" Chantel asked as she broke her gaze away from the tv from my sudden out burst.

"Because i said you couldnt stay long and i've just realized i have a massive project due tomorrow which i havent even started so both of you just leave"

"Fine" Justin said, getting up "C'mon" He said to Chantel as they both looked at me and walked down the stairs, i watched them go out the door and shut it as i let out a massive sigh.

Justin's POV:

"Shit i left my jacket in her room, im gonna go and get it then im gonna head home, i'll see you at school" I told her, leaning in for a kiss but she turned her head so i kissed her cheek.

"Fine" She said, not sounding very happy.

Chantel's POV:

How stupid does he think i am? 

Juliet's POV:

I didnt have a project due tomorrow thank god because all i could think about was Justin, i got changed in to my pijamas which consisted of a crop top and shorts as it gets incredibly hot at night in my room.

I was laid out on my bed as i heard the patio door open, i shot up on my feet as i saw Justin, i sighed. "Justin i thought i told you to-" I got cut off by his lips against mine, cupping my face powerfully.

"Im so sorry, i really need you Julie, i never thought i'd be here with you, sneaking around with you but its fucking fun, May was just a stupid kiss, she kissed me first and i just got caught in the moment, i'd rather it was you, trust me, i dont even need Chantel when i've got you, you help me, i dont know if you've realized this but i get angry really easily, but with you im just free like i feel so calm and no one else can make me feel what you do, only you, only you" He mumbled the last part with his forehead against mine.

"Just kiss me" I spat harshly.

"You dont have to ask me again" He chuckled, smashing his lips against mine as i jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist as we fell back on the bed. "Has anyone ever told you how hot you are?"

"Only you"

"You know why?"


"Because your only mine, no one elses, not Ryan's, not Chaz's, mine, your not a slut, or a whore, if anything your my slut, my whore and for Chantel, we'll find out what shit her and Bryce are up too, shes too dumb to do it on her own" He smiled, attaching his lips back to mine.


Aw, will they get that picture in time?


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