Chapter 32 - Who done it?

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Juliet's POV:

I had only been a week since i got out of the hospital, i was currently cuddling with Justin on the sofa after telling him about Adam's visit. "He didnt try to hurt you did he?" I shook my head before there was a long silence. "Do you think we'll have kids one day?" He asked me.

"One day" I replied.

"And we can get married" I smiled at the thought of him in a tux while i walked down the isle, taking his hand in mine and a kiss on the lips saying 'i do'

"Mhm" Was all i replied, still in thought about it.

"It seems like a dream" He mumbled.

"But its gonna come true" I said as i turned my head to look at him. "We're gonna have that fairy tale ending" I giggled. "Me and you" I smiled as he smiled.


"Justin i need to tell you something" I blurted out as we sat watching tv. Its been on my mind since Adam brought it up.

"Yes princess?" He replied.

"You've been asking if i know who attacked me" I merely whispered.

His full attention was now on me as he turned his head to face me. "I know, well i think i know"

"Who done it? We need to report them" He immediately said.

"Well, i uh at first didnt know, i thought it was Jason but he was on floor as i looked, as i got brought into the kitchen, i heard his voice but i didnt recognize it, but i could tell he was canadian" I saw Justin freeze up as i bit my lip. "I didnt see him really, but then he asked me what i did to his son" I mumbled.

"H-He asked you that?" I nodded.

"I didnt reply, anyway he stabbed me and as i laid there i looked up and i saw his face and i saw where you and Jason got your resemblance from" All of the colour from his face had been drained as i saw his fists clench up.

"I-I mean it might not have been-"

"My dad did this to you?" He rolled his eyes. "The question is what the fuck is he doing in ibiza" He said as he stood up and over to his jacket, grabbing the car keys.

"W-Where are you going?"

"Too see Jason" He clenched his jaw.

"Im coming"

"You should stay here"

"N-No i wanna come"

"Fine, get in the car"


"What the fuck is dad doing here?!" Justin stormed through as i watched from the doorway.

"How'd you find out?" Jason asked. "Hey Julie" I didnt reply as i looked down.

"I found out because hes the one that fucking attacked Julie" Justin growled as he pinned his against the door "Was it planned or something?"

"No! Fucking no! I had no idea! He was meant to meet me at the hotel that day, i just thought he didnt show, i talked to him and he said he got caught up"

"Well he knew you were lying half dead on the floor but he didnt help you" Justin spat.

"Dad said he didnt even know i was fucking hurt" Jason growled back, shoving Justin off him.

"Well trust me he did because you the fucking reason he stabbed Julie!"

"Not my fault she hit me round the head with a bottle"

"Dont worry im not afraid to do it again" I yelled at him as Justin punched him in the gut.

"Where the fuck is dad staying?"

"In the hotel, floor 4, room 15" Jason groaned from the floor.

"Thanks" Justin said as he walked back over to me as i followed him out the door. "Im dropping you home then im gonna see my dad" Justin sighed as we hopped in the car.

"No im coming with you"

"Im not letting him anywhere near you"

"I'll wait in the car then" He rolled his eyes. 

"Fine" He said as we started up the engine again.

"I dont want you getting hurt" I mumbled as we pulled up.

"Trust me i wont be the one getting hurt" He weakly smiled as he pecked my lips. "I'll be back in 10" I nodded as he hopped out the car as i watched him enter the hotel. Idiot left his keys in the car.

Justin's POV:

As i knocked on the door i paced the hallways, it took a while but he opened the door. We must have just stared at each other for a few minutes until one of us said something.

"Justin?" He said with a weak smile on his face where as mine was a frown.

"Can i come in?" He nodded as i stepped inside.

"Jasons been telling me all about you and everything you've done"

"Did he tell you i've got a girlfriend?"

"May have mentioned it"

"Did he tell you that you stabbed my girlfriend?" I hissed.

"That was your girlfriend?" He replied, not even in shock.

"Yep"I replied. "Just for your information she survived and i know that she is scared shitless that your gonna come after her again, your lucky she is alive otherwise i wouldnt be just talking to you right now, and i know you saw Jason on the floor and i know you saw her hit him, wanna know why? He raped her, he fucking raped her, now im wondering how many other girls are feeling like trash now because of you"

Juliet's POV:

I dont care what Justin says, im getting out of this car.

The door was already open as i heard her voices shouting at each other, i merely stood in the doorway, just so i could hear it.

"Remember Jaxon dad?" I heard Justin speak up. "He had everything going for him, his whole life ahead of him, you must remember that night because you fucking killed him! I know he wasnt your own fucking son but you stabbed him to death! and that was the last night i saw you! You just ran off into the distance and now i find out your in contact with Jason"


"No dad, im fucking ashamed to call you dad actually, you dont deserve it, you left us with mom, i dont even think shes over Jaxon's death 10 years on, she fucking hates you, i fucking hate you, Jason is now exactly like you, well fucking done"

"How the fuck can i have a son like Jason and get you too" Just hearing that hurt and i wasnt even Justin. Imagining how that made him feel made me tense up.

"Your saying you wish i wasnt born?" I heard Justin mumble.

"Pretty much" I shut my eyes tightly, not wanting to hear anymore but i couldnt walk away.

Then i heard the gasp. I shot round the corner in the doorway to see Justin on the floor in a pool of blood, his father hovering over him, staring at me.



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