Chapter 8 - Blackmail

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Juliet's POV:

"Uh i dont feel incredibly well" I lied, wanting to get the hell out of here, i couldnt bare to be sat here a minute longer.

"Its getting late we should probably head back" Justin said as he stood up and grabbed his jacket, we all followed him to his car. "i'll drop you all home" He said as we got in the car.

"Justin dont you think i could come back to yours?"

"I think im going to be sick" I spat as i rolled down the window.

"Uhm my moms back tonight so no tonight, sorry baby" He said as he kissed her cheek. Ew. Maybe i am jealous. No. I cant be.

Ryan was dropped off first, me being the idiot i am, wanting to make Justin also jealous, i kissed Ryan, but he kissed back with a smile.

"See you at school" I told him as he hopped out the car, now i was alone with Justin and Chantel.

"You dont want Ryan getting your germs, do you?" You didnt seem to mind Bieber.

"He didnt seem to mind" I smiled back.

"Wow we got through a night without any arguments" Chantel said

"Its not over yet" Justin remarked.

"Why the fuck to you have to answer back to everything" I spat.

"Gee Lawson calm down, by the way if you wanna be sick do it out the window"

"Oh no it would be a shame if i threw up all over your leather seat covers" I growled back at him as i saw his knuckles turn white on the grip he had on the steering wheel.

"Gee i was wrong" Chantel sighed and rolled her eyes "Cant you just get a long?"

"No" We both said at the same time "Maybe if you hadnt of got yourself a boyfriend whos too stuck up his own ass it wouldnt be as big of a problem"

"And if you'd chosen your best friends more wisely i would actually be enjoying this"

"Oh c'mon Bieber dont act like you dont love us arguing"

"Bitch" I heard him mutter.

Finally he dropped Chantel home, she didnt look to happy leaving me in the car, she offered if i were to stay round hers but i declined as i was feeling 'ill'.

"Cut the crap i know your feeling perfectly fine" He spat as he started up the car and drove to mine.

"That didnt take a genius to work that out, i'd of forced myself to throw up over your seats" I told him.

Straight away he pulled over the car, we were on a deserted road, empty and dark. "No one can interupt us now" He said as he undone his belt and climbed in the back with me.

"Woah cant we go to your place?"

"I wasnt kidding, my moms home and theres no way in hell we're going to yours" He chuckled as he forcefully connected his lips with mine.

"Car sex" I muttered as he nodded. "Arent you worried about your leather seats?"

"They clean" He chuckled, going in to kiss me when i stopped him.

"You've done it in a car before" I glared at him.

"Not with you obviously and this is a new car so lets do it"

"First lets get this clear, while this little 'thing' of ours is going on, your not sleeping with anyone else?"

"No, well apart from Chantel" He went silent.

"Thats a first" I giggled.

"Well what can i say, your special" He told me as i gave him a blank look "What?"

"Special? Really Justin? Your calling the girl you picked on for two or three years, special?" He nodded. "I'll take that as a compliment"

"Shut your big mouth" He chuckled, reconnecting his lips with mine.


Yet again i was late for school. Running down the street as i missed the bus, i couldnt be late again, another hour after school. I dont think so.

Eventually i gave up and just stood, panting. "Need a ride?" I looked to my right and saw Justin.

"No" I replied.

"C'mon babe your gonna be late, get in, if i promise i'll keep my hands off you, will you get in?" I sighed and got in the passenger seat.

"The seats look brand new" He told me as i didnt dare look.

"Thats great can you just drive" I spat, sounding slightly rude.

"Gee thats harsh" He chuckled.

"Justin! I cant afford to be late for the 3rd time this week!" I yelled as he started to drive once more.

"Any closer to finding out whos got that picture?" He asked.

"No, they're keeping quiet" I replied.

"I've got a bad feeling about this"

"Thats why i said we end it" I confessed.

"End it? I dont think so" He laughed "Its fun sneaking around"

"Chantel is my best friend, i cant keep doing this to her"

"But you love it so stop doing this to yourself" He smirked at me.

"Shut up" I spat, knowing it was true.

"Go on then, rush off to lessons before Chantel catches you getting out my car" I rolled my eyes at him and grabbed my bags before slamming the car door.

"Ah Miss lawson, how nice to show up, one minute late" I could have hit her.

"Sorry, i do apologize" I rolled my eyes without her not looking as i took my seat at my desk, thankfully she let it slip.

It wasnt until later in the day when i found a note half put in my locker, i was confused at first but then i realised it wasnt only a note, it was the picture, of us, in the showers. With a printed note on the back.

'Guess who's each gonna have a copy of this next monday?;)'

This cant be happening.

"Hi" Chantel's voice made me jump. "What cha holding?" She said, trying to have a look.

"Nothing" I said, stuffing it in my bag "Honestly" I fake smiled "Lets go get lunch" I told her and walked off down the hall. Should i tell Justin?


Will she tell Justin? Before its too late?


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