Julie's POV:

"Breathe" Rose told me as i looked at myself in the mirror, my makeup, hair, dress was all ready and on me. 

"Im really not sure about this" I sighed heavily.

"No Julie your not backing out now, whats stopping you? You love him as much as he loves you-"

"Adam, Adam wouldnt want me doing this if he was alive he'd be running through them doors and calling the wedding off, when we were little we promised each other we'd marry eachother and we'd grow old together, this wasnt supposed to happen, how can one day i have so much hate for Justin and the next im all over him, it shouldnt work like that,"

"Shutup Julie you love Justin, everything happens for a reason, Justin loves you and he wants to marry you and even if Adam was alive, this is your choice, if you really dont want to marry him then dont, live a lonely life, Adam is not coming back!"

As i glanced behind Rose i saw that Jason had entered the room. "How much did you hear?" I asked him in a mumble.

"All of it" He bit his lip. I tried to hold tears back as it would ruin my makeup and i would look a mess.

"I want to marry him, just both of you leave me alone" I growled as i pushed them out the door before slamming it and locking it.

Justin's POV:

"Your bride looks hot" I heard Jason's voice as he walked in the room, i turned to face him.

"Hands off shes mine and i suppose you didnt say that in front Rose" I told him as i knew Rose was going to be in the room.

"Mhm no, i didnt have time as we both got kicked out"


"Shes in a mood, she kicked us out"

"Fuck we leave in 10 minutes"

"She wont let us in her room, Rose is talking to the cab driver, your leaving here in 10 minutes with me while Rose stays and tries to get Julie out of her room."

"Fuck it" I spat as i pushed past him.

"Justin!" He yelled as i walked to her room, the door was locked.

"Julie open the door"

"No" I heard her sobs.

"Please baby, whats wrong?"

"Nothing just leave me alone" She shot back.

"Julie we dont have to get married if you dont want too"

"I've hurt you so much, theres things you dont know that you should know and i-i"

"Julie, whats wrong? Open the door" All of a sudden i heard the catch unlock as i slowly pushed the door open, she looked gorgeous.

"you know its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding"

"Its our wedding day, that will do, now please tell me whats wrong" I told her as i grabbed her arms, causing her to shake under my touch. She was holding her tears back so her makeup didnt run but a few tears slipped out.

"J-Jason, w-we, i-i didnt tell you i-i didnt want t-to hurt you" 

"Jason what?" I spat. "You did what with Jason?" I gritted my teeth.

"N-Nothing, like i-its not serious, just once- it wasnt even that big - you- you were on your way back from your so called meeting- when -you -you went to france a-a-and you left me with Jason a-and he blackmailed me s-so when i saw on the phone to you h-he told me what to say- while he t-touch-"

"He touched you? You let him touch you while you was on the fucking phone to me?! Im surprised you didnt fucking moan his name!"

"Thats because i wanted you! Not him!"

"You didnt tell me?!"

"Because its never happened again! He blackmailed me for finding the ring in your office!" She found the ring. "I-I-"

"You found the ring?" I asked more softly, deeply angry inside. "You knew i was going to fucking propose?!"

"Rose found it and i demanded she showed me! I didnt know it was the ring!"

"Thats why i tell you to dont go fucking snooping in my office! Its private!"

"The court papers! You dont tell me anything Justin! I was holding this back and i couldnt anymore we're getting married! I had to say something!"

"Im not sure i wanna marry you anymore maybe you should go and ask Jason for some support im sure he could do with a good fuck"

Juliet's POV:

"Justin!" I screamed as he turned around and i gripped his arm. "Please, thats it i swear, i didnt even enjoy it, i wanted it to be you, your all i thought about i-i"

"You know you said exactly the same thing when you fucked Adam and its bullshit, i've only had sex with you since we've got back together, only you"

"Justin what you said to me on the phone was all he did! I swear! Please dont do this" I said as my voice cracked. "I love you"

"Well you should have kept this in" He rolled his eyes before pulling out of my grip.

"Justin!" I screamed as he slammed the doorshut on his way out.

Why the fuck did i have to open my big mouth?! Then my tears flooded down my cheeks like a river as i slid down the wall and to the floor.

I looked up and saw Jason, he was speechless. "What happened?"

"The weddings off" I gulped "Justin knows about what happened on the phone and dont worry i told him it was blackmail because now he knows i found the damn ring" I sniffled.

"Where is he now?"

"I have no idea, oh and he thinks me and you fucked and that we're probably in an affair, i told him what we said on the phone, that was it"

"Fucking hell what if he tells Rose?!"

"What if he tells Rose?! I repeated. "Im not getting married anymore Jason! You wasnt even with Rose when you and me did that! My wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of my life and now its just come crashing down all because of you!"

"How can you blame me?! You let me fucking touch you!"

"I didnt really have a choice as you pinned me down!"

"Its not my fault you wanted me"

"Wanted you?!" I said as i stood up "Your the only one that can fix this Jason, and its not my problem if he turns a knife on you, you fix this Jason" I gulped "Now get out" I spat as i watched him leave without saying a word.



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