Juliet's POV:

The day came.

I was shaking every second, i hardly said a word all morning. Jason was with me, and of course Rose. Justin looked hurt. He'd only been in there four days and i knew he couldnt stay any longer. It was killing him. He'd been crying, you could see it in his eyes, i felt hurt just looking at him.

Hearing the judge and everyone talking, their 'evidence' was given and it really looked bad. And then the judge said something 'If he didnt kill him, who did?' And that was an extremely good question. What happened next startled me as the doors suddenly swung open to a familiar face that i could never forget. Chantel.

I glared at her with wide eyes as she looked at me. "I killed him, when i got to the house Adam was perfectly fine, i watched Justin leave, Justin didnt harm him at all" Everyone gasped.

"And you are?"

After she told the judge everything, we had to wait but then she was asked why and she respeonded; "He betrayed me a lot and i wanted to get revenge, it wasnt mean to go that far but it did, he went for me! With a knife! We were in the kitchen and i had to protect myself so before he reached me i stabbed him"

"You bitch!" I yelled "Adams not like that! You were his friend! He wouldnt ever hurt you!" I screamed as Jason eventually shut me up.

"Court dismissed" I sighed as we walked out of the room and thats when i nearly pulled her apart.

"Keep it down or you'll get us kicked out" Jason spat, trying to pull me away, finally he did, but now, to Justin.

"Justin!" I squealed, wrapping my arms around him.

"I missed you so much, i've missed your voice, your kisses, everything, i cant stand another minute in there" He said, cupping my face.

"Your gonna be set free okay? I have no idea why shes stood up for you, us but she has and she gave a damn good statement in there so they're gonna lock her up okay? We're gonna get you out" I weakly smiled as i pressed my lips against his, deepening the kiss but we both knew it wouldnt last.

"Baby im gonna speak to Jason, stay there" I nodded as he walked off and Rose came over.

"I cant believe what you did in there" She giggled.

"Im glad i did, i meant it, Adam wouldnt do that, shes lying i know she is but i know they had history but i never thought it was bad enough to kill him and godknows why she had he was untouched when she went in there"

"Looks like she wants to repair what she broke"

"Well its too late for that"

"Uhm" She coughed, pointing behind as i screwed my face up in confusion but turned around anyway. I couldnt believe it.

Justin was down in front of me on one knee holding that small box in his hand, i gasped as i put my hand over my mouth.

"I wasnt kidding when i said i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you Julie and i know lately things have been up and down but after this im all yours i swear, marry me baby?" I knew it was coming and i hated the fact i knew that one day he would do this. Jason clearly got the ring to him today, that explains why he 'needed' to talk to Jason. "Julie?" I got snapped out of my trance and back to real life, he was waiting for an answer.

"Yes" I replied, smiling as he slipped the ring on my finger before he stood up, wrapping his arms around me, smashing his lips against mine. 

"You hesitated, do you really want this?" He asked me as he pulled back.

"Yes Justin, more than anything" I weakly smiled as i pecked his lips once more. "I love you and i really want this, i meant it too Justin" He smiled back. 

"Im so happy! We can choose your dress together and oh my god, when you have baby biebers running around the house can i come baby shopping with you so we can choose cute little outfits?" Rose squealed as i laughed and pulled away from Justin, turning around to face her but his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Rose calm down, your gonna have to wait a while for that"

"Aw why babe" Justin whispered in my ear.

"If you think im having kids at this age you gotta another thing coming"

"We can be young parents, think about it, please Julie" He pleaded.

"Fine" I sighed.

"Um Mr Bieber can you come back through with us please?" A man said to Justin as i turned back round to face him.

"See you soon, okay?" I told him as he nodded before pecking my lips once more before walking away with the officers. I sighed to myself.


The big moment come, the moment i'd been dreading all week.

Guilty or not.

The whole room was dead silence, Justin was sentenced first. As the judge stood up i watched as his mouth opened and listened to every single word.

"Both me and the jury have come to the decision and Mr Justin Bieber is guilty."


oh no oh no



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