Juliet's POV:

"Can we um get a dna test" Justin mumbled to the nurse as if he could read my mind. God knows what was running through hers, was i a slut? A whore?

"Yes um, we're going to need your dna and the other possible father" Justin nodded "Just bring him in one day this week and we can sort it out"

"Actually hes already here, hes already on the ward actually"

"Oh, name?"

"Jason McCann, so can we do this now?"

"Yes Mr Bieber, would you like to come with me" He nodded towards the woman. 

"I'll be back" Justin smiled down to me as i watched them walk off together. 

I had my fingers crossed Justin was the father no way in hell can it be Jason's baby but then what if it is Justin's and he doesnt want the baby? But i know Justin wouldnt go for an abortion because he doesnt agree with that. And what if it's Jasons? That will be like a bomb exploding.

"Back" Justin smiled as he joined me back on the bed. "How are you feeling?" He asked as i snuggled up to him.

"Alright, it hurts" I sighed.

"This means no sex for weeks fuck" Justin mumbled as i slapped his arm. "Ow what?"

"Your not saying your gonna go fuck some hoe are you?!"

"No babe calm down" He chuckled and wrapped his arm around me. "I'll just wait, promise" He said, kissing my head. "Does that mean i dont get any blow-"

"If your lucky" I didnt even look to see him smirking, he made me laugh. "Wheres Adam?" I asked him.

"Hes um, at the hotel, Rose is coming up later though" He smiled.

"Not Adam?" He shook his head. "Oh" I sighed. "He hates me, right?"

"No, im sure he doesnt, hes just touchy, he'll come round, i promise" I wish he was right.


Jason at first refused to give the DNA but after he found out it was me pregnant and he could possibly rub it in Justin's face that he was the father. He gave it, well a day on.

Rose had sadly gone back to france whereas i was stuck here. "We have the results" She said as she glared at all of us, yes, Jason too.

As she opened the enleope i had hold of Justin's hands. We sort of avoided the 'baby' subject but after this we'd have to talk. "Um, actually none of you are the father" Justin let go of my hand as i looked up to him.

"can you leave us alone for a minute?" Justin said to the nurse as she nodded and left.

"Its Adams" I blurted out.

"Well thats my fun ruined" Jason chuckled.

"Shut up" Justin growled at him. "More like get out"

"Oh before i leave your lucky i still fucking have my memory because now i know who done this to me"

"If you fucking go after her i swear-"

"Chill Bieber im joking, i just cant believe you did it" He said talking to me "Your brave, i'll give you that" He chuckled and walked out.

"What do you mean its Adams?" Justin spat.

"I still had sex with him too! I had too!" Justin sighed.

"Fuck" He spat harsly. 

"I dont want it"

"Are you crazy?!"

"I dont want the baby" I repeated.

"You cant just- get rid of it"

"I can and i will, i dont want his baby inside of me Justin, i dont really want a baby inside of me full stop, i turned 19 not that long a go, if it was your baby that would be a completely different story, you dont tell Adam, tell Rose but no one tells Adam"

"Hes the father, he deserves to know"

"He wont be a father for much longer" 


Justin sort of wanted me to keep the baby and sort of didnt. He knew it wasnt his child and it hurt him even more that it was Adam's but he doesnt agree with abortion. I didnt really either but i have no other option.

So i did, i had an abortion. But it was only after the baby was gone did i find Adam on the doorstep. Thankfully Justin was at the club.

"Your pregnant"

"Was" I corrected him.

"What do you mean was?!"

"I had an abortion" I mumbled.

"You killed our child?" He growled, he sounded incredibly angry.

"I didnt want it Adam"I spat. "Thanks for being so concerned with me by the way, i got stabbed if you didnt know"

"You got stabbed and that didnt kill the baby?"

"The nurse said where i got stabbed wasnt even near the baby so it didnt concern it, and who told you"

"Rose" bitch "I deserve to know about my child Julie!"

"Well there is no child anymore, go find someone that you can start a family with and have a child with them," I sighed.

"I cant fucking believe you! If it was Bieber's kid you would have kept it!"

"Actually no, im 19 years old, i cant be held down by a baby, i'd go against Justin, did you know he wanted me to keep this baby? As much as it would never be his child, he wanted me to keep it"

"Well your nice" I rolled my eyes at him.

"Im doing fine by the way, im recovering good" I added in.

"I didnt care"

"So you said when i got stabbed"

"Do you know who done it?" I gulped. I knew but i didnt say anything.

"No, Justin's getting back so you should go" I muttered.

"Right, i was just stopping in, im down for a business trip" I nodded .

"Bye then" I bit my lip.

"I hope you know i wont forgive you for this" I sighed as i watched him walk away. I dont really forgive myself.




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