Juliet's POV:

I was sat on the sofa, watching tv as i heard my name being called by Justin. "Julie!" He yelled as he stormed through as i turned my attention towards him. "Why the fuck have you gone through my draws?!" He spat.

"I-I- Rose- we-"

"Fucking hell i told you not to go in there!"

"Well i know about the court papers, mind explaining that?" He sighed, rolling his eyes. "When were you gonna tell me?! Once they'd locked you up?!"

"Im not getting locked up" He growled. "Adam reported the assult as he likes to call it, i gotta go in, im sure i'll get off"

"Sure?! How can you be sure?! This is not good Justin!"

"Calm down, they can only lock me up for a year at the most"

"Justin i need you!" I yelled "I dont want you sent down! Not because of him!"

"Well you dont have to worry about him anymore" He paused as i stared at him "Dont go in my room again, okay?" He said as he plopped down on the sofa next to me.

"What do you mean anymore?"

"Nothing, he got my message" Justin smiled, kissing my head, wanting to believe him but sadly, i didnt.

A few minutes later, the news came on as my whole body froze, i could tell Justin's did also. 'A young boy by the name of Adam hopkins, 21, found earlier today, dead at his home in france, we are undergoing a postmortem to figure out how his death was caused, his family are devistated, friends awaiting information too'

I turned my head towards Justin as his eyes were still at the screen, i bit my lip, trying to hold my tears back as i spoke. "What, did- you do?" I said through gritted teeth as he shuffled in his seat, not saying a word. "There wasnt even a meeting was, there?" I growled.

"I-i didnt kill him w-when i left he was alive"

"You fucking beat him up again!?" I screamed "Lying to me! Fucking business meeting my ass! thanks to you my best friends dead!" I screamed.

"Julie i didnt kill him i swear, i left him, he was still alive, i couldnt tell you, you'd only stop me like Jason tried too, fucking hell i beat him up but i did that for you!"

"I dont need you looking out for me Justin! He looked out for me! He loves me! How would you like it if someone killed you because they loved me?! He messed up! If you got killed the first time you fucked up you wouldnt have been able to break my heart the many times after! He understood me! I could go to him for anything and hes not even here anymore! Your going down for this, for life"

"Fucking hell calm down, no one knows i hurt him"

"No one knows?! Justin you beat him up! Your going to court! Your gonna be their number one suspect!"

"But i didnt fucking kill him!"

"Thats not what they're gonna see!" I screamed as i wiped my tears from my eyes, within a second Justin's arms were around me, as i tried to escape, his grip was too strong.

"Baby, you believe me right? Whoever came to see him after i'd left, they wanted him dead, he was alive when i left, i swear baby, i left a few broken bones but that was it, i was looking out for you, if i knew this was gonna happen i wouldnt have gone in the first place, but no matter, he'd be dead now" I flinched at his words "Because someone, other than me, wanted him dead."

Justin's POV:


"I told you to fucking stay away from my girl" I growled as i kicked the door with my foot, slamming it shut as my hands gripped his neck, shoving him against the wall.

"I didnt, -i-i- swear"

"You kissed her, remember that?"

"She pushed me away, Justin she told me she loved you and she walked off, that was it! I get it!"

"Its taken you long enough, but funny because i dont believe you"

For the few hours i had left with him, a leg and an arm was broken, punches to the face and to the stomach, leaving him on the floor in the kitchen, he stared up at me with wide opened eyes. "I would stop talking if i were you, you wouldnt want me to rip out your vocal chords, now would you?" He shook his head "Good"


Juliet' POV: 

I was dreading the day but i knew it would happen.

"Justin Bieber your under arrest" It hit like a bullet waiting to happen.

"For the murder of Adam Hopkins" watching him being dragged out the door, nothing i could do to stop it. Broke my heart.

"Jasons gonna stay with you for a few days until my court day and hopefully i'll be realeased, im gonna prove i didnt kill him, okay sweetie?" was the last i heard of his voice before the line was cut.

Crying in Jason's arms was the last thing i thought i'd be doing 6 months ago. "What if hes gone for years? They're gonna lock him away"

"Dont think like that, Justins gonna get out of it, i dont know how but he is"

"You promise?"

"I-I promise" He hesitated before but he eventually said it, squeezing me tighter for support.

I didnt want the court day to come. i can just see it, hear it. 'Gulity' And it made me feel sick. Just the thought of it made me feel ill. It wasnt supposed to be like this. 

"You know he done it for you, right?" I nodded at Jason's words.

"I thought you was supposed to be bad, not soft and cuddly" I giggled as he chuckled.

"Thats yours and Justins fault" He smiled "But i dont mind, i can still piss you off"

"First Adam and now if Justin gets locked away im gonna need someone, not in like a relationship.. like-"

"Friends with benefits?"

"No" I giggled "Like just best friends" He groaned. "And you Mr need to get yourself a girlfriend, i suggest Rose" I grinned.

"She doesnt like me"

"Oh, so you do like her?" He shrugged.

"Shes cute i guess but like i said i dont do relationships, i dont know how it works, what if i mess it up?"

"I'll help you"

"Oh yeah because your relationship with Ju-" He stopped mid sentence but we both knew what he was going to say. "Im sorry i didnt mean to- i-"

"Its okay, your right though" I sighed.

"I'd love it if you'd help me" He smiled.

"Good because i happen to know she likes you too" I grinned.

"Really?!" He chirped.

"Yup" I replied, still smiling.

Before i could say another word i felt his lips crash against mine causing me to fall back on the sofa, he pulled away but hovered me. "Sorry its my way of saying thank you"

"I didnt mind" He laughed as i cupped his face, attaching his lips back to mine after a few minutes from our makeout session he pulled away.

"We need to stop" I nodded, in agreement.

"This, never happened" He nodded.


Oh no, not looking good.


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