Juliet's POV:

The house was clean and the house was empty, apart from me of course. Justin wasnt answering ym texts or calls so i was getting extremely worried, but then i had to forgot as my parents came through the doors.

"Happy birthday sweetie!" MY dad said, involving me in a tight hug.

"Your 16 boo!" My mother squealed.

"Happy birthday angel" I pulled away from my parents after i heard the voice, blinking a couple of times to realise he was standing in front of me, "A-Adam?" I whispered, not believing he was actually in front of me.

"Its me" He said, just hearing his voice i melted, running forward as i wrapped my arms around him, his around mine as we just held each other for what seemed like forever.

"We'll give you two a moment" My mom said, taking my dad in to the kitchen.

"Its been so long" I breathed in, the sent of his clothing, bringing back memories.

"I know" He smiled down at me as i pulled my head out of his chest to look up at him, he slowly cupped my face, connecting my lips with his, just a quick peck as we stood staring at each other.

"I missed you Angel" Angel was a nickname he called me throughout childhood. I was never popular in school, not really out of school but me and Adam go way back, he was always there for me and i will always be there for him, not to mention he was 18, a whole two years older than me. We went out a few years back, but we said we were better as friends, he moved to atlanta, two years ago, that was really the main reason we broke up, just having him back in my arms again felt amazing, like i could forget everything else around me.

"I missed you too handsome" I giggled, burring my head back in his chest.

"You wanna go out and talk? Catch up?" I nodded as i pulled away, grabbing my jacket and phone.

"Me and Adam are going to the park! We'll be back later!" I yelled as we walked out the front door.

"So hows atlanta?" I smiled.

"Boring, thats why im moving back here"

"Your moving back?! Really?!" I yelped, jumping around.

"Yeah" He chuckled "Calm down people are looking" We both laughed as he wrapped his arm around my waist, we always used to do this, i was never embarrassed around him, he'd seen me at my worst and at my best, we were always like friends with benefits but then i guess i never had a boyfriend.

"I heard you got a boyfriend"

"Mhm, i do, you still single?"

"Yup" He said, popping the 'p'. "So who is this lucky guy?"

"Justin" I bit my lip "Bieber" He went quiet for a second.

"Bieber? The one who bull-"

"Yeah" I mumbled "But i forgive him, he said he didnt mean it" I felt Adam tense up against me.

"Y'know im always gonna be here"

"I love him, i love Justin"

"But i love you"

"I love you too, you idiot, just not the same way" I shrugged.

"Remember when we used to mess about and have fun"

"I do, we can still"

"It wont be the same, unless your willing to cheat on Justin" He chuckled.

"I kissed you earlier, didnt i?"

"Mhm, sneaky" He chuckled. "Your still as adorable as when i last saw you" He smiled.

"I really missed this"

"Even when you've got Justin?" I shrugged.

"He stormed out earlier, i dont know where hes gone"

"Well you've got me" He said, kissing the top of my head. "Love you" He said, stiking out his tongue.

"I love you too boo" I smiled, giggling. "Oh i forgot to say, welcome back"

"Glad to be back" He said, wrapping his arms back around.


Me and Adam were snuggled up in my bed, watching movies as i got a text, from Justin.

"Can i come round?x"

"Its late :(x" I said, looking at the time, 9pm.

"Pleaseee, im sorry and Rose is really annoying me x"

"Well okay then x"

"Who was it?" Adam asked.

"Justin, hes coming over" I said, getting up as i unlocked my balcony door for him.

"He climbs up?" I nodded, crawling back on the bed to lay in his arms. "Babe Justin will fuck me up if your laying on me when he walks in"

"More like me" I giggled "He stormed out earlier, i need answers from him so quite frankly i dont care, your my boy best friend and hes gonna have to deal with that" He smiled, kissing my cheek.

Once we heard the movement outside, we knew he was here, opening the door, his eyes immediately on us.

"Long time no see" Adam said to Justin.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" Justin spat.

"Where the fuck did you go earlier?" I growled back, staring at him as i sat up from Adam. "If you dont tell me im sure some slut is gonna brag about it"

"Calling your best friend a slut, h-"

"You slept with Chantel" He bit his lip and looked down.

"Your such a dickhead she doesnt deserve someone like you"

"Oh and she deserves you? Just leaving her like that? Great friend, right?"

"Your her fucking boyfriend, well your supposed to be"

"J-Justin" I mumbled, tears threatening to escape.

"Baby, i-i didnt mean -i-i was drunk a-and-"

"You went to fuck her, you know you have a girlfriend, right? You still remember? Your not fucking dating Chantel anymore! Your dating me! Or was it just lies you were telling me?

"Julie- i didnt-"

"Save your excuses, we're done, im sick of it, go back and see if Rose can fix you"

"Fucking hell, babe i didnt mean for it to happen"

"You never mean for anything to happen! We're over! At least until you can sort yourself out" Justin glared at Adam before he walked out my room, i sighed and laid back down on Adam.

"I love you" He mumbled.

"I love you too" I whispered back.


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