Juliet's POV:

It was the slam of the front door that woke me up, signalling my parents were both gone. It wasnt just me that it woke up, it was Justin too.

"Morning beautiful" He mumbled, rubbing my sides with his hands "They gone to work?" He asked, still half asleep.

"Yeah" I mumbled and turned around so i was laying on my stomach. "Justin?"

"Hmm?" He said, opening his eyes slowly.

"Do you know what tomorrow is?"

"Uh March 17th?"

"Hm wrong"

"How am i wrong? If its the 16th today then tomorrow is obviously the-" I burst in to fits of laughter at how stupid he was being. "Whats so funny?"

"Its my birthday tomorrow you idiot" I giggled.

"Oh. Yeah" He looked down, laughing slightly.

"You forgot, didnt you?"

"No, i uh i've just had a lot on my mind, so what are you doing for a party?"

"I dont want a party"

"Your turning 16 and you dont want a party, whats wrong with you?!" I giggled at his comment.

I shrugged "Im not really a party girl and who would i invite?"

"Well you said you wanted to sort it out with Chantel so we can go see her today, sort it out with Ryan, Chaz can come round-"

"Woah? Here? My parents will be in tomorrow night, they remembered it was my birthday too, well my moms gonna be here, my dads at some buisness meeting and then hes staying round one of his mates because its like a two hour drive from here"

"Well we can always get your mom to stay round mine, they can meet each other at least and then it will distract Pattie from ripping my head off"

"What actually happened? Like between you two"

"Its really long, i just brought up my dad and she blew up" I sighed "I never told you about my dad, did i?" I shook my head.

"You dont have too"

"I want too," He paused "My dad wasnt a very nice person, not to my mom anyway, he done a few years inside, on and off, but my mom still forgave him for all the crimes he commited, even ones the cops didnt find out, but one day he actually killed someone and that someone was my brother, Jaxon."  gulped.

"Him and Jaxon got into a blazing argument, i remember it like yesterday, i was a wimp and i locked myself in the bathrom, my mom was actually visiting our neighbour, she ran in when she heard the shouts but i twas too late, my dad stabbed him, repeatedly, i dont know what was running through his mind, you see, Jaxon wasnt actually his, my mom had been with another guy before my dad and Jaxon was theres so he was like my half brother, he was only three years older than me though, i was,12 at the time, Jaxon was only 15" He bit his lip, trying to hold back tears. "I actually came out of the bathroom and walked downstairs, my mom trying to unlock the door desperately when my dad grabbed hold of me, but it was too late, i'd already seen Jaxon laying on the floor, blood everywhere, now on my shirt from the clutch of his hands.

"I didnt mean it" He said to me. But i didnt know what to think, as soon as we both heard the front door slam open he made a run for it and i havent seen him since then. My mom fell apart after that and i still dont think shes over it. All the trouble i get in at school, me getting angry, i blame him, sometimes i just cnat control myself and i wreck the house, shes even told me i remind her of my dad and theres no way in hell i want to turn out like him."

I was speechless, i didnt know what to say so i just wrapped my arms around him as he held me tightly "And i really dont want to loose you" He mumbled in to my hair.

"Your never gonna loose me, i promise" We must have laid like that for about 5 minutes but it felt like hours.

"You wanna get in the bath?" I nodded as he weakly smiled, scooping my up in his arms. 

"What are you gonna wear?" He chuckled and shrugged.

"I'll put on what i had on then i'll stop by and get some clothes" I nodded as he placed me on the sink counter as he put the plug in and started running the bath.

Justin came back and stood in front of me and i could tell he was upset, angry also as his knuckles were going white from squeezing the counter too hard.

"Justin - Babe- Listen-" I gulped, cupping his face in my hands, forcing him to look at me. "I love you so much, nothing you do or say can change that and you need to know that, you over react, you dont have too, you and your mom are gonna be fine, okay? What happened was tragic and i dont want you to blame yourself, i would have done the same, i love you, i really love you Justin, please trust me, your not like him, your not, and you wont be, im sure your dads not all like that too and im sure he loves you very much" He nodded as he released his grip on the counter and placed them on my hips.

"I love

you too" He mumbled before he pressed his lips against mine, i smiled in to the kiss as his hands found the bottom of my shirt as we pulled away so he could lift it over my head, next wiggling my shorts from me. "So beautiful" He smiled, kissing my neck, down to my chest as i pulled on the waist band of his boxers, he chuckled and pulled away, taking them off as our clothes piled up.

"Justin the bath!" I screetched as it was about to over flow.

"Shit" He half laughed, turning the taps off. "Its all good" I rolled my eyes as he helped me down from the counter, he got in the water first as i followed and sat between his legs, my back against his chest as he wrapped his hands around my body, pressing us against one another as he kissed my back and collar bone, leaving love bites.

"Justin" I moaned.

"If anyone tries to touch you they're gonna know your mine" He mumbled against my skin. 


Aw :) 


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