Chapter 26 - Affair

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Juliet's POV:

"Did you mean it when you said you loved me last night?" Justin asked.

"I cant remember last night" I mumbled, lying as i started to remember.

"Oh" He said. "I meant it when i said i loved you, that your always on my mind and that your all that i think about, every day, every second of the day" He mumbled as he looked at me, both of us now laying down as i face him, leaning in to kiss each other, our lips just touching as there was a rather loud bang on the door.

"Justin open the door now!" We both heard Adam yell as Justin hopped off the bed.

"Where should i go?!"

"Rose must have told him you were with me so no where unless you want the cops to search for no reason, i'll sort it just sit there" Justin said as he walked up to the door and opened it.

"Where the fuck is she?!" Adam yelled, pushing past Justin.

"Woah calm the fuck down" Justin growled at him as Adam saw me sat on the bed, must have been the best impression to see my dress and bra on the floor, following up to meet my eyes, looking at Justin's shirt hanging on me, Justin in only his boxers.

"Nothing happened before you ask" Justin grumbled.

"Oh and you think i'll believe that"

"Hes telling the fucking truth! You left me at that club to get drunk! Leaving me with alcohol wasnt the smartest idea!"

"I felt fucking ill, i asked Rose to look after you, not him"

"Well he did look after me, better than you would have done,"

"How nice of you to steal my girl from me, yet again"

"Shut the fuck up Adam how many times do i have to tell you, we didnt fuck each other, do you expect me to just ignore him?! You picked Ibiza so dont start blaming your shit on me"

"Well if he looks after you so better after i've alway been there for you when hes fucked up and im pretty sure hes gonna do it again then stay with him! Be my guest! You know i actually thought you loved me" I saw Justin roll his eyes, i wanted to laugh but i couldnt.

"I do love you!"

"You had a choice to come back to me last night but you spend the night here"

"Only because he was worried about me! I needed someone that was going to look after me! A sick boyfriend wouldnt have been so great!"

"Fuck it, im done, you can find me when you've got some clothes on and then maybe i might forgive you he said as he slammed the door.

"This is all your fault!" I screamed at Justin as i jumped from the bed.

"Woah babe, talk to him he'll come round" Justin rolled his eyes.

"Dont roll your eyes at me!" I growled.

"Are you so fucking blind Julie?!" He asked, storming over as i walked backwards till he had me up against a wall "I love you, i will always love you and i love you love me too, you said it last night, when i kiss you i can feel sparks go off and i know you feel something too, stop playing it off because i know you cant help yourself because the truth is when i call you babe it makes your stomach go in to butterflies, when i make you smile i know that you love it and i know that you've missed it because trust me i've missed it too, your the best thing thats ever happened to me and i dont know your relationship with Adam but it seems pretty fucked up"

"You really wanna know the truth?!" I spat back "Your stuck in my head too! Every bit of you! I fucking hate you sometimes Justin but i cant help loving you, all the times you've messed up and theres me crawling back to you and it makes me feel sick, i thought getting with Adam would get rid of it but everytime he touches me i wished it was you, every night we cuddle, i just want your arms around me, your lips on mine, i wasnt that drunk last night Justin when i told you to fuck me i fucking meant it because i needed you, i wanted you so desperately, me and Adam get in to fights because of you, i can be just minding my own business and he can accuse me of thinking about you, like he can read my mind, nothing will ever be the same Justin all because of you all because you blew it and you fucked everything up" I growled.

It didnt take long before he smashed his lips against mine with force, picking me up as i wrapped my legs around his waist, not breaking the kiss as he laid me down on the bed. "Can Adam not fuck you like i do?" I shook my head.

"Hes so sweet and gentle and thats not what i want, i want you"

"Thats all i needed" He smiled, re attaching his lips to mine.


"Your fucking lucky it wasnt Adam walking through that door considering you left it unlocked!" I heard Rose's voice as my eyes slowly opened as i sat up, seeing her standing in front of the bed as i hit Justin.

"Ow fucking hell babe" He groaned.

"Oh Justin" Rose said as he quickly shot up, i pulled the covers round myself as Justin tried to cover his bottom parts.

"Its not what it looks like" Justin mumbled.

"Bullshit, Rose isnt that stupid" I growled at Justin. "Dont tell Adam" I whined.

"We'll stop" Justin replied.

"Right now" I shot back 

"It was a mistake"

"Funny how Adam told me you at least had some clothing earlier, you have some blow up argument and then you fuck each other?"

"Its because we love each other" Justin rolled his eyes.

"She loves Adam" Rose growled

"No, you expect me to love Adam, you know i still love Justin, the past years you've known that! You've been saying to me how Adam is the right guy and how i should forget about Justin and i cant do it!"

"I thought you were getting there until we showed up here!" She yelled back. "I wont tell Adam unless you either break up with Adam or end this thing with Justin, i'll see you, later, dressed" She said "Dont forget to lock the door next time" she rolled her eyes, leaving.

"Fuck" I spat. "I cant break Adams heart like that"

"Then how about you dont"

"Justin, i love you both, you know that right? Its just i love you more, i always have and-"

"Have an affair"

"What?!" I yelled as i turned to face him. "Thats even worse!"

"Look babe i dont like sharing you to be honest because your mine remember? But your such a nice person so your stuck in between us so i guess we're going to have to share you, its just Adam wont know, we still get to see each other that way"

"Fine, lets do it" I nodded as Justin held his arms out as i slid back in them "We've got two weeks together" I mumbled.

"Then we'll make them two weeks last baby" He smiled, kissing the top of my head.

"Lets make this clear, you wont sleep with anyone but me during the two weeks im here, and i wont apart from you and Adam, got it?"

"Clear" He chuckled kissing my temple.



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