Gabby's POV:

Justin invited me out for dinner tonight, thankfully my parents allowed me to go but they wanted to meet Justin. I couldnt keep lying to them and say i was going to Chantel's but i've told them Justin's a friend, plus i can tell him about the note i got earlier.

I was wearing a short black dress, it came up to mid thigh so it wasnt that short. I just decided to straighten my hair and put little makeup on before walking down the stairs.

"Hunny, you look amazing" My mom said before wrapping her arms around me.

"M-Mom" I said, struggling to breathe, she laughed and pulled away smiling. 

"Justin's going to be drooling over you"

"Mom like i said, we're friends, hes going out with Chantel"

"Then why did he ask you out for dinner?" I sighed as i bell rung, walking in my heels over to the door.

"Dont mess this up, dont say anything your not supposed, or accidentally do something your not supposed too" I spat.

"Nice to see you too" I sighed and pulled him inside.

"This is Justin" I said as he said hi and my mom walked over, thankfully my dad was still at work. "She knows we're just friends" I glared at her, looking him up and down.

"Well it was nice to meet you Justin" She said shaking his hand. "I want her home by 9, no funny business"

"Mom!" I spat, Justin just laughed.

"Its okay mam, she'll be home" I'd never told anyone about me being bullied, my mom questioned it a few times but i never coughed up, only me, Chantel and the boys knew. If i had told her she'd have Justin as far away from me as possible.

"Have fun you too" I sighed and pushed Justin out the door.

"Watch it babe" Justin growled as he got in the drivers side as i got in the passenger seat. 

"Where are we going?"

"To a restaurant"

"Out of town?" He nodded "Good"

"You look nice by the way, i was meant to say it when you opened the front door but after how you spoke to me i decided i shouldnt"

"Sorry its just my mom is over protective, thank god my dad wasnt home he'd have you empty your pockets"

"Well all he'd find is some fags, a lighter and a few condoms"

"Justin!" I screeched.

"Who said they were for you?" He joked as i glared at him, making it hard for him to concerntrate on the road. "Im messing with you"

"Well i didnt want to have sex with you anyway" I said and crossed my arms.

"Aw babe dont be like that" He replied.

"I have to be home by 9"

"Yeah what is that, we've only got 2 hours to fuck"

"Shut up Justin i'd rather chock on my dinner tonight than your dick" I scoffed.

"Oh really? Well we'll see about that" He didnt look incredibily happy after my comment.

"Uh Justin did you get a note today?"

"Not of what?"

"I found a picture in the door of my locker, it was us, i-in the showers and the note said something like everyones gonna see it soon" I stuttered, afraid of what he'd say.

"Well we'd better find the person behind this then, before it gets any worse." I was slightly surprised at his responce, but he was right, instead of freaking out, we needed to find this out.


We got a table for two, not in the quietest part of the room exactly but it was alright. We'd ordered and were wating for our food to arrive when i spotted Chantel.

"Justin why is she here?" I growled, putting a menu in front of my face.

"I dont fucking know this is why i went out of town" He said, sinking in his seat.

"Well she cant be here long" I sighed and got on the floor.

"What are you doing?" He spat, keeping his voice low as i slid under the table.

"She can see you here, not me."

"Get out from under the table it looks like im talking to myself"

"Not until shes gone!" I growled, i heard him sigh.

"Shes sat at a table for two, shes not looking this way so get the fuck up from the floor"

"Um is everything alright?" I heard a waiter say.

"Yeah my girlfriends just uh scared" I hit Justin's leg "Fuck uh yeah, shes fine, we're jsut waiting for our dinner"

"Okay sir, if you need any help, just um shout"

"Girlfriend?" I spat "Your fucking girlfriend is over there"

"Someones with her"

"Who?" I asked.

"If i knew that i'd fucking say" He growled "While your under there, make yourself useful" He said as his hands went down and unzipped his jeans.

"Justin are you mental?"

"Babe please were gonna be here a while" He groaned. "Im fucking hard can you help me out here?" He spat more harshly, i rolled my eyes.

"No, im not giving you head when my best friends in the room, she'd tell your moans" I spat.

"Then get the fuck up" He was clearly getting impatient.

"Do you not care that your girlfriends with another boy?"

"Im with you, arent i?" I rolled my eyes once more at his comment. "He looks familiar, from school"

"Well who does he remind you of?" I asked.

"A nerd, one thats in our maths class"




"I dont think so"

"Bryce?" He didnt reply.

"Slightly, does Bryce have a twin thats much cooler than him?" I screwed my face up in confusion as i peered my head over the table to see him.

"Fuck hes hot" I said outloud causing Justin to glare at me.

"Your lucky i didnt force you to suck my dick"

"Lets go, find another restaurant, i cant sit on the floor all night"

"Okay you go first" He said to me.

"No you, your the one standing up"

"Fine"  He growled as he swiftly walked away, i got up and followed, turning around to look back at this boy, he was pretty hot, he had yet black hair, pretty tanned, piercing blue eyes which i could just stare at all day.

"Julie" Justin growled in my ear as i saw the boy look over to us as i put my hands on Justin's chest and pushed him out. "He saw us!"

"He doesnt know us!" I yelled back.

Well i hoped Bryce had a twin brother.


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