Juliet's POV:

Next day at school.

Justin told me to come clean to Ryan and tell him that i didnt like him, so i did, i had too, it was on my mind and i couldnt do it anymore. I couldnt question what Chantel was doing with that boy but there was no way in hell it was bryce. I mean, Bryce had black hair but it was curly, he also had green eyes, definetly not blue like this, plus Bryce needs to wear glasses 24/7.

So i had no clue.

Chantel wasnt with me last lesson so i had to leave school on my own, sadly i had a detention, history this time, for not handing in homework, thanfully it was only 20 minutes. Once i was let free i grabbed my things from my lockers and began walking to the door as i was about to go round the corner i saw Justin, making out with a blonde bimbo, one of the schools biggest sluts may i say. If it was Chantel i wouldnt have minded but this is out and i couldnt say anything because i not even his girlfriend, Chantel needed to be here fuck it.

So i decided not to say anything and just walk past them and out the doors. "One sec" I heard Justin say to the girl, her name, May.

"Juliet!" He practically yelled as i carried on walking, stopping when he grabbed my arm and turned me around.

"Justin we made a promise! I even told Ryan today!" I yelled.

"Calm the fuck down i can kiss who ever i want, your not my girlfriend nor my mother so dont tell me what to do"

"You said you'd never kiss, fuck or do anything with anyone apart from me and Chantel"

"Well maybe you and Chantel cant give me what i need"

"Oh well how about you go find someone else to be your little slave! Because im done with it! All of it!" I screamed at him.

"I didnt fuck her! Your over reacting!"

"Well i dont believe you"

"Forget it, i dont need a girl with baggage anyway" 'Baggage'.

"You know what? Dont ever call me again or even speak to me, fuck you Justin" I spat and walked away from him, quick on  my feet, wiping my tears away. Why am i crying over a pathetic dickhead like him? He never cared, never, he does this to everyone.

Once i arrived home, i tried my best to wipe my mascara from my cheeks before opening the doors. "Oh hun," My mom said, hopping up from her seat. "Chantel's upstairs, she wanted to talk to you, shes in your bedroom" No, how are you? How was your day? Nothing.

"Thanks" I mumbled as i slowly walked up the stairs. Maybe she was just going to confess she knew. Who knows. As i put my hand on the handle i heard her voice from inside, she was obviously on the phone to someone so i thought i'd listen.

"You promised" She whined "I told you i'd repay you so get it done you smartass" She growled, not sounding very happy. I could only hear her side of the conversation so it was hard to figure out what was going on.

"I can deal with Justin, hes mine anyway, not hers, not anyone elses" She knows. "Fucking hell Bryce your such a pussy, i want it out by friday, your the only one that can hack in to everyones phones and do this, i need you, please Bryce, was our meeting the other night not enough?" I gulped.

I let out a loud sigh before opening the door, "Gotta go, bye" She said and hung up. I didnt know wether to confront her or tease her so i decided to go with tease her.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Oh, science partner from school, wondering when we can meet up to do our project, have you been crying?"

"Its just May, dont worry" I shrugged.

"You sure?"

"Yeah its fine"

"What did she want?"

"Just teasing me about guys and shit" I shrugged once more as i put my bag down and sat on the bed with her. 

"Guys? Why have you got a boyfriend?"

"I wouldnt really call it a boyfriend we're like friends with benefits" I saw her jaw clench as i continued.

"So you've fucked him?" She asked.

"Yeah, more than once"

"A-And when were you going to tell me?!"

"We're keeping it a secret, wouldnt you hate it if i let out one of your secrets?" I told her as she looked down and played with her nails.

"Cant you say who it is?"

"They're in our maths class, thats all you need to know" Her face went bright red, it usually does when shes mad, im not sure if she noticed but she tried to shrug it off.

"Are you talking about Ryan because-"

"Me and Ryan never existed, i'd never fuck him gee, hes an okay friend but i quite frankly dont forgive him for what he did to me in the past with Chaz and Justin"

"So you dont forgive Justin?"

"No but he tries making it up to me" I saw her fake smile.

"How nice" She said bluntly, then she got another call. "Oh! Its Justin, let me answer it" She said and grabbed her phone, tapping the answer button.

"Hey babe" She said so calmly. "Oh im at Juliet's house, is that a problem?" Is that a problem? Why would she add that on to it if shes trying to act innocent?

"How about us three go to the park?" I heard her say.

"Chantel i got homework to do, i look a mess so i should really shower" I told her as i heard Justin on the other side, his voice raised a bit. 

"No babe, just me and you, come to mine" I heard him say as i rolled my eyes.

"I promised Chantel i'd stay the night with her, shes really upset, she was crying"

"Chantel shut up" I spat at her.

"Please baby" She whined down the phone to him. "You can climb on to the balcony" No no no. "Okay see you soon!" She grinned, happily.

"Justin's coming over"


Oh no




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